The Style of Our Shop:

Quite simply, the Dharma Wheels Cyclery is a small, traditional bicycle
shop.  We sell and service bicycles - mostly high dollar bicycles.

We believe in selling people exactly what the need to make their cycling
experience the best.  We have intimate relationships with our manufacturers
and spend many hours each year taking courses to stay as current as
possible with the newest cycling technology.

We work one on one with people in a very old fashioned way.  
The Dharma Wheels Cyclery
Established 2000, Park City Utah    2012 Santa Clara, Utah
"Are you accepting new patients?"
"Only if we like you" - Dr. Jon

Shop Phone (both Park City and Santa Clara): 435-615-6819
Its a cell phone so you can text the shop as well.
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1500 Kearns  #C203  Park City, Utah  84060       3176 Santa Clara Drive  Santa Clara, Utah 84765
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Official Motto: "Selling What Jon Likes Since 2005"
The Dharma Wheels Cyclery offers a collection of bicycle brands that represents the absolute finest
in what the bicycle industry offers.  
More important than any brand that we carry is the reputation and integrity of our business.
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The Dharma Wheels Cyclery Cycling Team and women that I can be proud of.
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How to Shop Like A Pro at Dharma Wheels!
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Park City, Utah
Santa Clara, Utah
PO Box 2339
Park City, Utah
PO Box 666
Santa Clara, Utah
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Hear the Dental Ad...its classy.
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The historic building in Santa Clara also houses our mobile dental office.
Our dental office provides basic dental care.  We do exams, film, cleanings,
fillings, crowns and extractions.  If you have other needs, we can refer you to
our specialists.  We expect payment at the time of service if you have insurance
or pay privately.  

If you have dental insurance, we will print a claim and show you where to mail
it for processing.
Here is some information about our shop to help you decide if we are right for you.

The shop is busy and we are running
EXCLUSIVELY BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  There is nothing that would make me happier
than selling you a bike or doing your repair.  Please call us 435-615-6819 or email us at  for availability.  Our
shop sells about 100 bikes per year, and we sell both in state and out of state.  We also sell to people within the bike industry and are
hired out by bicycle shops (to do their fork/shock service and to build wheels) and by bicycle fabricators as professional mechanics
for their events.  Our mechanics take over 30 hrs/yr of education classes and tech seminars to stay current with bicycle technology.

We travel between our Park City and Santa Clara shop every month and our shops are only open when the management is in town.  
This is not incredibly convenient I know,  but we always find solutions to people when they are in a pinch.

As far as what our shop does, we mainly do sales of new bicycles/components and specialty service.  We upgrade a lot of bicycles
and do a lot of fork and shock service.  In fact, we do more shock service than flat tire repairs.  Usually our customers use a "7 day
a week" shop for basic repair, and then use our shop for comprehensive, or big ticket items.  You may not care who you buy an
inner-tube from, but that set of Chris King/Enve wheel had better come from a reputable shop.  Or those new brakes.

Once again, our shop is open by appointment only.  This allows us to run efficiently.  If you'd like to browse around for fancy bikes
on a Sunday afternoon, let me recommend
Wrenchscience or Competitive Cyclist.  You may also visit one of the local shops in
either of our towns that are open 7 days a week.  Many of our customers browse elsewhere, and then choose to buy from our shop
because of our experience and knowledge after they do their shopping and internet searching.  

Dharma Wheels is not the kind of place that I expect people to do all their shopping at.  If you need a chain on a Sunday, go to the
local shop that is open.  If you need one single tire, Amazon has it for the same price I pay.  Use us for our knowledge, but please be

The true strength of our shop is in our relationships to our manufactures and fabricators.  I've been in the cycling business for over
20 years and our shop has the power to get work done quickly and correctly.  We have an incredibly small amount of warranty
issues and they are handled in record time.  I knew long ago that I would never be a world class bicycle racer - but I did know that I
could have a world class bicycle shop.  Our towns already have large, traditional bike shops....they don't need another.  But they
don't have a small shop that can perform custom builds and specialty service.  That, is where we shine.

Hope that helps.  I am very proud of our satisfaction and performance.  As I said, our reputation is EVERYTHING.
Contact us and lets do some business.
If you'd like a dental appointment, call the bike shop phone 435-615-6819
1500 Kearns Blvd #C203
(Next to Adolphs, Parking in Rear)
3176 Santa Clara Drive
Santa Clara, Utah 84765