The Style of Our Shop:

Quite simply, the Dharma Wheels Cyclery is a small, traditional bicycle
shop.  We sell and service bicycles - mostly high dollar bicycles.

We believe in selling people exactly what the need to make their cycling
experience the best.  We have intimate relationships with our manufacturers
and spend many hours each year taking courses to stay as current as
possible with the newest cycling technology.

We work one on one with people in a very old fashioned way.  
The Dharma Wheels Cyclery
Established 2000, Park City Utah    2012 Santa Clara, Utah
"Are you accepting new patients?"
"Only if we like you" - Dr. Jon

Shop Phone (both Park City and Santa Clara): 435-615-6819
Its a cell phone so you can text the shop as well.
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1500 Kearns  #C203  Park City, Utah  84060       3176 Santa Clara Drive  Santa Clara, Utah 84765
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Official Motto: "Selling What Jon Likes Since 2005"
The Dharma Wheels Cyclery offers a collection of bicycle brands that represents the absolute finest
in what the bicycle industry offers.  
More important than any brand that we carry is the reputation and integrity of our business.
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The Dharma Wheels Cyclery Cycling Team and women that I can be proud of.
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How to Shop Like A Pro at Dharma Wheels!
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Park City, Utah
Santa Clara, Utah
PO Box 2339
Park City, Utah
PO Box 666
Santa Clara, Utah
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Hear the Dental Ad...its classy.
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The historic building in Santa Clara also contains our Dental Office.
When our mobile dental equipment is not being used on the Reservation, we
maintain a small, fully licensed/registered/etc dental office in a room of our
historic home/business location in Santa Clara.
The practice is VERY small, we see mostly Tribal Members, Veterans and
family friends, but if you have a need, give the shop phone number a call and
we'd be happy to see if we can help.
Here is some information about our shop to help you learn about us.

The Dharma Wheels Cyclery is a bicycle shop.  Quite simply, we sell bicycles and we repair bicycles.  We are open to the public.

Our shop is a boutique specialty retailer....meaning that we sell mostly very high end brands of bicycles and components.  Click on
our above links to view the brands we sell and you'll see that we are different than your "ordinary 7 day a week shop".

When we describe our shop, it usually goes like this....Dharma Wheels is a small, locally owned shop that is very traditional.  We
usually sell $7000 bikes, but we also sell $500 bikes and closeouts from our vendors.  Really, our goal is to provide excellent service
to our customers (whatever they are buying), and to turn a profit.  
We do mostly high end specialty service like fork and shock work, but we also can simply fix a flat tire.  People choose our shop
usually for one of two reasons.  One, because they want to support a local shop.  We don't price match, we are not the lowest price
shop around, and we don't cater to customers who threaten to take their business elsewhere if we don't match online prices or return
policies.  The Second reason people choose our shop is because of our reputation and our brands.  The level of quality seen on our
boutique and house brands is incredible.  Our ability to pair you with a custom frame builder is unmatched.  People in the bike
industry tell us all the time "if I had a shop, I'd want those brands."  It is a privilege to carry what we carry and you will see the
passion for what we do in our customer service.  If you have a Fox, SRAM or Shimano product, my guess is that you'll want it
serviced at the service center - which is us.  To be a service center, you have to earn it and maintain it - which we do.

Our typical customers are busy people who choose us usually to Outfit them.  Most of our people buy small items at larger shops or
online.  When it comes time for big ticket items like suspension, wheels, frames, new bike, etc - people choose us - because they
want our experience and guidance to get the job done right.

The shop is open EXCLUSIVELY BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  We have been open at 11pm on a Sunday, and at 6am on a
Tuesday for our customers.  Most of our professional people prefer evening appointments and weekend appointments - and we like
to schedule for efficiency to accommodate as many of you good people as possible.  

As you can see, we have two locations.  The Park City shop is the main shop and the Santa Clara shop is much smaller.  It doesn't
matter if you are in state or out of state, give our main number a call and tell us where you are calling from.

We are approaching our 10th year in business come 2015.  I've been in the cycling business for over 20 years and I've seen many
shops unfortunately come and go.  As far as our country is concerned, 1/4 of the
shops in business 10 years ago are OUT of business.  Dharma Wheels was founded to offer things you couldn't get at a traditional bi
ke shop.  O
ur shop has the power to get complicated work done quickly and correctly.  We have an incredibly small amount of warra
nty issues and they are handled in record time.  
Our reputation in town, and among the bicycle industry is impressive.  
Its been a pleasure selling bikes and doing service for our friends near and far - Here's to the next 10 years.
-Dr. Jon and Kim Kolon - The Owners

Hope that helps.  I am very proud of our satisfaction and performance.  As I said, our reputation is EVERYTHING.
Contact us and lets do some business.
If you'd like info on that, call the bike shop phone 435-615-6819
1500 Kearns Blvd #C203
(Next to Adolphs, Parking in Rear)
3176 Santa Clara Drive
Santa Clara, Utah 84765