You are welcome to follow along with our shops' blog.  It is in fact written
by the owners, and is meant to show the world what we do here.  You'll
also get a lot of music, culture and personal experiences that go along with
a passion for cycling - thats part of what makes us unique.  Our small
business is an extension of who we are - and you'll see our values and
commitment in posts we write.

Some shops care about facebook likes....or yelp reviews. We care about
doing things the right way and with integrity.  
The Dharma Wheels Cyclery
Established 2000, Park City Utah    2012 Santa Clara, Utah
"Are you accepting new patients?"
"Only if we like you" - Dr. Jon

Shop Phone (both Park City and Santa Clara): 435-615-6819
Its a cell phone so you can text the shop as well.
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1500 Kearns  #C203  Park City, Utah  84060       3176 Santa Clara Drive  Santa Clara, Utah 84765
You are here!  The World Headquarters and Website of...
"Selling What Jon Likes Since 2005"
The Dharma Wheels Cyclery offers a collection of bicycle brands that represents the absolute finest
in what the bicycle industry offers.  
More important than any brand that we carry is the reputation and integrity of our business.
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Updated 02Mar2015
Park City, Utah
Santa Clara, Utah
PO Box 2339
Park City, Utah
PO Box 666
Santa Clara, Utah
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Hear the Dental Ad...its classy.
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The historic building in Santa Clara also contains our Dental Office.
When our mobile dental equipment is not being used on the Reservation, we
maintain a small, fully licensed/registered/etc dental office in a room of our
historic home/business location in Santa Clara.
The practice is VERY small, we see mostly Tribal Members, Veterans and
family friends, but if you have a need, give the shop phone number a call and
we'd be happy to see if we can help.
Greetings and Welcome:

The Dharma Wheels Cyclery is a brick and mortar Bicycle shop with two locations.  We sell bikes
in and
out of state
, we service, repair and upgrade bicycles and components.  We perform specialty service for
the public as well as other bicycle shops.  
We are open to the public - and open by appointment only.

What kind of shop is Dharma Wheels?  We are an outfitter and a specialty service center
.  What we do best is match up customers with products and services based on our expertise in the bicycle
industry.  Other bike shops use us for shock and fork service so they can focus on what they do best.

We all live in a world where online commerce dominates retail.  Our customers are professional people
who value a professional service.  Retail cost, free shipping and return policy are not their #1 concerns.  
Our customers come to us usually with a referral, and if we have not done business before, it is customary
for us to arrange a purchase agreement before we share with you 25 years worth of bicycle industry
experience and knowledge.

People choose us because of our brands and our reputation.  If you'd like to spend $4000 on a set of
wheels, we're your shop.  Would you like to be paired up with a framebuilder that matches your desires
for a project?  We can do that.  Would you like factory service on your Fox, SRAM, Shimano or Chris
King product - we are trained and updated by those companies - not by youtube videos.  Many of the
boutique brands we carry are also carried by online stores.  The prices are the same - if you'd like to
support you local bike shop/actually know the person who builds up your bike - we're your place.

Thanks for reading our landing page.  If you're the kind of person who'd like to do business with us - give
us a call or email.  As my old friend Ross used to say...."Ride and Smile" - The Owners.

If you'd like info on that, call the bike shop phone 435-615-6819
1500 Kearns Blvd #C203
(Next to Adolphs, Parking in Rear)
3176 Santa Clara Drive
Santa Clara, Utah 84765