Dharma Wheels Cyclery
People always ask what brands we sell.  We sell boutique and non-boutique brands.  A boutique
bicycle company is one that manufactures the highest quality frames (or components) that can be
made without regard to price.  They offer the highest quality, detail, precision, frame components,
welds, finishing, strength and durability that is not matched in the industry because of price and
manufacturing limitations.  Boutique brands are rarely marked down, and hold their value in the
resale market.  These brands are the Rolex watches of the bicycle industry.  They are highly
desirable (call up any bike shop and ask them if they like my little list here) and framesets start at

Our Boutique Brands (in alphabetical order)

Ibis - The brand with the most soul in the industry.  Carbon only.  DW Link.  Magic.
Independent Fabrication (I.F.) - Setting the standard in handmade Ti, steel and offering a
lifetime warranty on their carbon lugged frames.  Best custom paint jobs in the industry.
Knolly - Simply the finest riding big bikes that you can buy.  All MTN and DH.
Moots - With me since 2005.  Handmade Ti in Steamboat Springs CO.
Turner - Simply the finest US made Aluminum mountain bike frames that money can buy.  26,29,
650B...DW link.  I've had people pay to refinish their 2005 6 pack.....when's the last time someone
did a factory refurbishment of their Stumpjumper?
Ventana - Hand crafted mountain bikes and tandems.  650B offerings.  Tandems.  US quality.

Our House Brands - Brands that offer similar durability and performance of our boutique brands
but with a budget in mind.  Most of the bicycles that you see in any bike shop are non-boutique
brands.  It is a privilege to carry these brands and they are selected for our collection because of
their quality.

Foundry - Like Surly, owned by QBP (the largest distributor in the world), Foundry offers carbon
only road, cross and hardtail 29ers.  A working mans...or working womans bike.  Sexy and
Tough....just like my wife.  10 year carbon warranty....your current bike has that right?  Their
component sister company is
Lynskey- Founded Litespeed....sold it...sat out the non-compete.  Now the go-to USA fabricator
for Ti from companies like Kona, Salsa, Foundry, Niner, etc
Kona - The long sweet ride.  An international powerhouse that stays true to its roots.  Excellent
quality bicycles, high durability and tons of style.
Surly - Utilitarian steel bicycles for road riding, mountain riding, touring, snow riding and bike
derbys.  Cheap and Tough...just like me.

Custom Frame Fabricators: If you would like a custom frame made to order, we can do that.  
Below are our friends that we have experience with.  The usual arrangement is for us to pair you
up with the frame builder....they do your frame, ship it to us, and we do the build.

El Camino - Emeryville, CA. Jason Grove is fantastic frame builder and we met in Fruita where he
built frames for EDGE Cycles.  The frames and the fabricator are solid indeed.
Coconino - Flagstaff, AZ.  I met Steve (owner, employee, everything) in 2000 when I lived in
Flagstaff.  He plays it straight and tells it like it is.  One of my favorite people in the bike industry.
Kent Eriksen Cycles - Steamboat Springs, CO.  Kent founded Moots and has led the industry in
terms of quality and vision of Ti frames.  A super great guy who makes incredible bike frames.
Bruce Gordon - Petaluma, CA. One of the people I apprenticed under in Ann Arbor got me
interested in Bruce Gordon bicycles in the early 1990's.  Bruce is one of the finest frame builders
on the planet and his bikes speak volumes.  
Rick Hunter - Davenport, CA.  Rick makes all sorts of durable and wonderful bicycles including
cargo and utility bicycles.
Independent Fabrication - Newmarket, NH.  IF has production bikes but each one is really a
custom.  The finest paint in the industry, and the finest quality to match.
Curtis Inglis - Napa, CA. Curt is a great guy and can make you anything from a Track bike to a
Full Suspension trail ripper.  Retrotec curves or straight up performance - take your pick.
Moots - Steamboat Springs, CO.  Moots has been with us since 2005.  They were the first brand I
sold.  And they are still one of my favorites.  Besides their production frames, their custom work is
incredible.  If you live in a mountain town, support a mountain town builder.
Peacock Groove - Minneapolis, MN. My favorite thing about Erik Noren is that he believed in my
bike shop and helped give me the courage to start it.  He is an incredible builder with a wild
imagination and endless creativity.
Richard Sachs - Warwick, Massachusetts.  Richard Sachs - one of the top three framebuilders in
the word if you ask anybody.  No nonsense, no shortcuts, no compromises.  The legend.
Soulcraft - Petaluma, CA.  Sean has been making frames (and stems) for a long time.  Working for
years at Salsa with its founder, Ross Shafer (who coined the term "Ride and Smile"), Sean's bike
are bomb proof and stylish.
Strong Frames - Bozeman, MT. Carl Strong is a great frame builder.  His bikes are beautiful and
durable.  Really a great custom builder with loads of experience.
Don Walker - Buckner, KY.  Don Walker, father of the NAHBBS, makes some of the finest
frames out there.  Don is one of my go to people with difficult bike questions and his passion for
the bicycle is inspiring.

Our Favorite Components and Accessories: Our customers usually schedule an appointment and
we usually order multiple items at one time.  For example, someone says "Outfit me in a few Club
Ride pieces, Kali pads and lets do some Sock Guy Socks"  We shop together and I can save the
consumer a couple bucks compared to just buying online.  

Chris King - The finest headsets, hubs and bottom brackets that money can buy.
Club Ride - Riding apparel that is supurb....and looks good.
Enve - Hands down the finest carbon components you can buy.  Wheels, handlebars, stems, forks,
Fox Racing Shox - The finest US made suspension you can get.
GoalZero - Solar Generators in all sizes.  Get a little extra juice for your cell phone or get enough
power to run your RV or home in a blackout.
Hammer Nutrition - No refined sugar/no additive products to boost performance.
Kali Protectives Helmets, Pads, Gloves - Stylish and high tech helmets.  Smooth looking pads and
Lazer Helmets - High performance and stylish helmets.
Shimano - Drivetrain Components, mineral oil brakes, the only shoes we sell, electric shifting.
Sockguy Socks - because everybody needs socks and SockGuy are the best.
SRAM - Drivetrain Components, DOT fluid brakes, Rockshox Suspension.

Buying from our shop starts with an email or phone call.  We will run you through the sales
process for what you are looking for.

Our shop offers traditional service and repair of bicycles.  One thing we do differently than many
shops in town is that we meet with you for 5 minutes with your bike in the stand to go over what
should be done.  Because for everybody, its different.  We go through your bike and match up
your expectation with what it takes to get it there.  We are a
certified service center. That means that my mechanics attend classes every year to be updated on
the repair of these products by the manufactures.  There are fixed services for things like
fork/shock overhauls, but tune-up labor is $2/min...becuase sometimes it takes 5 min to fix your
bike....and sometimes it takes 30.  

Find out more on How to Buy a Custom Bike from us.  
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