Silver Creek Dental
Common Sense and Excellence in Dentistry
Dentistry is about wins and losses.  We have a better record than
Lance Armstrong, Michael Jordan and Eddy Merckx (greatest
cyclist in history)...combined.                   Here is why.

First, our team.  For sure, we have the best dental team in the
town.  Bronwyn and Adrianne are all stars.  They do a great job,
and are gentle.  Kim, my wife, and co-owner of the office is
incredible.  She's better at dental insurance than people who work
for insurance companies.  Other offices call her for advice...what
does that tell you?

Our patients are the best.  It is expected that patients will take
excellent care of themselves and follow our instructions when it
comes to dental care.  Our office has intimate relationships with
specialists, and together we achieve high levels of success for our
patients.  Our patients accept conservative care, and head off
problems before they blossom.  

We no longer accept/maintain patients who don't take great care
of their teeth.  We also no longer treat 'project mouths'.  Your
best bet is to find a young dentist who can see you many times in
a week.  Lastly, we no longer see people who 'just want it done
their way'.  No hard feelings.  Our office has shifted from being a
problem focused office (which is really not fun - ask any
endodontic office) to an interceptive office.

We are providers for PPO insurance plans - not that you need
them to come in and see us.  Look us up and see if we are on
your plan.  Though we participate in insurance plans as a  
provider, we should not explain a damn thing to you about your
plan.  Kim will I bet, because she knows more about your plan
then the people who answer the phones at the insurance

Lastly, I know we're busy so call early and call often.  Check the
main web page for the calender of days we are scheduling
Mapquest map here.
How to get to Silver Creek
Exit 2 (Silver Summit) from HWY 40.
Turn Right and go toward the Chevron.
Turn Left at North Pace Frontage Road and pass between the
Chevron and Burt Brothers.  Turn right at Summit Honda.  
That is North Business Park Loop Road.  There is a Silver
Creek Commons sign there.  That street, if you go straight, puts
you in the parking lot.  Look for Craig Construction, Resort
West, my office/shop, Clockwork Cafe.  If you see Roger
Strands trucks and such, park there and walk over.
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