The modern retail experience now gives customers many diverse purchasing choices.  Gone are the days where bicycle shops were all things to all
people and the only place to gather expert information.  If you want to connect to the relationships that our shop has with our vendors and
manufacturers - our shop is for you.  If you want the job done right, and don't want to waste time with wrong answers - shop with us.
How to Shop like a Pro at Dharma Wheels
The Dharma Wheels Customer:

People who choose to shop at our bicycle shop usually
pick us for their larger ticket bike, drivetrain
worn out, brakes ready for an upgrade....wheels.

100% of our customers shop online and many buy from
the used or greymarket and that is okay.

When its time to sort through the wrong information on
the internet, make an appointment and come in to see us.

Note:  We still reserve the right to refuse any service for
any reason - for example, we will not assemble any dealer
direct purchase or substandard carbon frames that were
not purchased from a bicycle shop.  Bring your receipt.
The enjoyment of one on one service.

The bicycle industry is complex.  And I'm actually glad because thats what keeps us in business.

Wheel size?  Frame Size?  Tire Size?  Shock Spring Rate?  Sag?

There are many ways to get your bike serviced or upgraded.  Ours is the old fashioned way.  We sit
down one on one and figure out what you need with our almost 25 years of experience.

You can become closer to Shimano, Surly, Moots, Ventana, Turner - and the rest of those brands
because when we call in the order - the companies know us by name.  We attend their tech seminars,
in the case of Fox and SRAM - they come to us every year, and you have the ability to take
advantage of that.
A job done right and the support you need.

My friend Dave (The Gnome) calls each custom bike he sees a
Hot Mess.  And he's right.  No two are exactly the same.  When
you have a bicycle built up, or modified, one of the things that
you get from our shop is support.  

We usually have under 5 warranty issues a year from our
products and I'm proud to say that we excel in rapid solutions
for our people.  Once again, our relationships with our vendors
allows us rapid completion of warranty service and front of the
line service since they know, respect and desire to make our
shop happy.

We do sell quite a bit out of state and many of our customers
have a great local shop that doesn't have experience doing
custom builds or has the brand that the customer is looking
for.  Those shops call us all the time to tell us what a nice spec
we picked out for the person and how nice and easy the bike
was to work on.

At the end of the day, for a large purchase or a small one, if
you desire reputation, excellence, style and experience, give
our shop a call.
Go with experience.

As it says above, bicycle shops use to be all thing to all people -
and for the first 8 year of my career, I worked in a college town/do
everything shop that had been there for 75 years.

As the technology of bicycles and components evolve, we
encourage you to stick with a shop that has experience.  Want a
set of Enve wheels, we sell 20 a year - talk to us.  Electric shifting
upgrades - same thing.  Chris King components - we sell more
than any other shop in Utah.  Custom bicycles, we do more than
shops with 5 times our annual sales volume.  Kids bikes?  They
are cool, but I'll send you down the street to White Pine Touring.
Be afraid of Technology

Do you know what one way bleeding is?

If you don't, and you haven't bled 100
IceTech brakes this season, then leave it
to us and don't feel bad about it.

There is such incredible technology out
there in the bicycle industry that it really is
a commitment to stay tuned in and

Try as you might, you are not going to be
able to match what our shop does by
reading on your lunch break. is not going to teach you
how to service a FIT damper either.  When
you need professional service, use