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a ‘normal’ wednesday

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

This is the first wednesday in two weeks where we didn’t have to travel. Its nice. There really is no place like home.
The aftermath of Interbike is still upon the shop. Today will be spent of course selling custom bikes, but also remodeling the shop (man, I’ve got some sweet ideas) and taking care of interbike obligations – orders and the like.
Speaking of interbike, I need to congratulate a couple of my colleges. Steve, from All Hail the Black Market (formerly of Swobo), Tim, from Mountain Velo and Chris, from Endurance Cycle Service for attending interbike as first time independent businessmen. In all seriouisness, top shelf. I remember my first interbike as the sole owner, employee and camino of Dharma Wheels. All I got with everybody I talked to was ‘What shop?”. My how things have changed. And I couldn’t be happier. That what gets me up at 4:28 in the morning to blog you people.
There is some good, wholesome reading HERE that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.
If you can be in Portland Nov 7th or 8th, you’ll enjoy this…

On a serious note, I’ve been getting Dharma Wheels sponsors on board. A new team kit will happen in 2010…….this suggestion came from Kyle

I think that kind of kit would go great with these bottoms…..

mmmmmmm…thats classy.
And now, from the Bike Snob NYC, the most espensive chopped bars I’ve ever seen…

Personally, I like the Tange sticker on the steel fork….bub.

Let the funny shit begin.

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

The week after interbike is usually filled with funny emails…’good to see you’s and the like.
This one is great from the snob…aka bikesnobnyc.
And yes, I do think its a little strange that you have all this time to read the personals…..fucking weird.
You were tall, had a beard, and were wearing plaid – w4m – 22 (Graham Avenue, Greenpoint)
Date: 2009-09-23, 2:56PM EDT

Hi. We keep seeing each other around our block, Graham Avenue. I ran into you at Variety and I saw you at Legion and once at The Richardson. You’re really tall, you have a nice beard and you are always wearing plaid shirts. You are exactly my type.. We’ve made eye contact a few times, but I’m usually too shy. You look like you probably like really great music like Wilco, TV On The Radio, or Death Cab For Cutie.

I have long brown hair with bangs, and big eyes, and I am usually riding my bike around Graham ave. I have a tattoo on my wrist.

If you think this is you, please write me back. Maybe I’ll say hi to you finally this weekend at Legion.
BSNYC: I feel I very well may have glimpsed the future. It is clad in plaid and powered by Twitter.

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Yes. I know. But I’m not angry. Do you think this person could tell me Jeff Tweedy’s band BEFORE Wilco? What do you think? And who the fuck is Death Cab for Cutie. I kinda like wrist tatoos….on strippers…but I usually find them on fat women.
More fun from Interbike land… Steve lost his camera. Great job my friend. I’m sure that’ll help now that your a ‘go to’ internet cycling guy. I still love you…Evil is Dead….Long live Evil.

And just in case you had to ask….after two tall boys of Colt 45, I couln’t spell violence…so I went with Hate…..It seemed like the thing to do.

Back from Interbike 09

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Well, the show was better than usual. And “usual” is usually a blast.
The bicycle trade show is in many ways like the dental trade show/meetings. Its full of cool stuff that Kim and I are interested in, we have friends and acquantences at both events, we are there to be educated, there are demos to see the new stuff, and there are reps and vendors to talk to/buy shit from/place pre season orders. In short, its a really busy time. So busy in fact, that many times, we don’t have time to see all of our friends there….or go to the after show events like CrossVegas or the Crit. Seriously.
Back when I just ‘worked’ for a shop…and had no responsibility…it was ‘how many boxes of powerbars can I get for free’ and ‘what kind of employee purchase program is the best’ and ‘who’s going to kiss my ass the most’. My how things are different when you are the one signing paychecks.
I”ll tell you whats funny…Kim doesn’t like waiting in ‘free beer’ lines. She (and maybe me too) doesn’t think any of the vendors owe us beer, and we certainly don’t need free beer from them to convince us of their coolness….its the product and the service that creates that judgment.
And Kim really dislikes all the shop rats cutting in line saying ‘he-he….free beer’.

We attended seminars to better our business….and its funny. 99% of the information transfers straight into the dental world too…and I’d guess any other small business. One thing I”ve always felt sad about is the fact that very few owners and managers attend these clinics. My co-owner buddies say “They don’t know about my business – what do they know”. And hey, Kim and I have snuck out of many seminars not meant for a studio-shop, but we’ve also found some gems. And in the middle, there are crappy seminars that have a super awesome pearl of wisdom tucked in the middle…and if you walk out… your going to miss it.
I do think general shop attendance to the show was down. But I do think effort from the vendors was up. My favorite vendors of the show, in random order, were… SRAM, Magura, Moots, Ibis, Turner, Titus, Hydropak, Chrome, Surly, Shimano, Fox, Knolly – those are the ones that come to mind right off the top of my head as giving the best effort of the show. Support those brands this year people – they supported us at the show.
So now its back to work. We actually had the shop partially remodeled while we were gone. So, Sunday was an all day event at the shop re-arranging and moving. Fabricating and testing counter heights, pegboard positions, etc. Its nowhere near done, but when it is, it’ll be sweet.
Maybe we’ll have to hire more staff?

And, Big Jonny sent me a little poem from his law school cubicle in AZ. Jon…I felt the same way each and every day in dental school.

“Men with Popped Collars”
I am surrounded
by men with popped collars.
Burberry, Polo, and Lacoste.
Fear not
I am near them,
not of them.

Also, there is a pretty short and accurate review of SSWC09 from C-Man.
Cameron M.
Subject: SSWC09
Hey drunkcyclists,

Thought I’d write in about an event that combines drinking and bikes quite nicely: the Single Speed World Champs that just went down in Durango. So here’ my little report:

Rolled into town Friday night, parties going down everywhere. Somehow I missed the main event out at the skate park, but judging from the hangovers of riders the next morning at the econolodge, it sounded off the hook. Saturday morning was the main event. I was too absorbed in the wacky costumes, cross-dressing, cute girls, and general weirdness to be nervous. The gun went off, and after riding through downtown the pace went off. Eventually the 1,000 plus riders hit a big hike-a-bike, which got completely clogged. For those who couldn’t be patient, this was torture, but to me it was simply part of the experience.

This led to the most technical trail I’ve experienced in a cross-country race, and people were going down right and left. In fact, the leader at that point, Travis Brown, went down and possibly broke his leg. (don’t know for sure) I managed to get through with no problems, although I did get doused in beer by
screaming fans dressed up as pirates. The second half of the race took place on Durango’s buttery smooth singletrack, where fans offered up beer, bacon, and verbal battery in equal measure. All and all, the coolest race I’ve done, and the most fun. The after-party was at a beer factory, nuff said.

The organizers put a huge amount of creativity and effort into this grassroots event. This is the true irreverent spirit of mountain biking at work. I just might have to fly to New Zealand for next year’s event. Way cool.

And, lastly, Cadel Evans (who I have raced with back when I was fast) is the new world champ.

Back from D9

Monday, September 21st, 2009

It was a nice trip.
And many have called/emailed to ask how Single Speed Worlds was….
Here is a perspective from the Durango Herald, which is pretty much it.

I’ll have more of an indepth review later. We are knee deep in a shop remodel…and interbike is this week. Ride N Smile. Oh, and SSWC’s is in New Zealand next year…and I don’t know if I’m going.
Oh, and for those wise souls who check where I”ll be via the blog, I’ll be in Las Vegas on Wednesday afternoon.

Its different this time.

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

My last trip was really fun…I was just thinking of it.
And also thinking about how this trip is UNLIKE my last couple of cycling adventures….
I”m fully rested, and have a new car to drive. And for those of you who have asked, we purchased a Honda Pilot….and here is a pic.

Its all stickered up and ready to roll. Thanks to Alpine Signs of Park City for the fast turnaround on the sticker service.

Some of you know that I was working on a Hedwig costume for world champs…but alas it did not materialize.

And let me take this time to officially bitch about how hard the course is. Not just steeps (of which there are), but fucking dangerous ridgelines and such.
And while I’m bitching, let me say that any single speed hipster who makes a RAD movie reference will get a charliehorse. I’m fucking serious. Love cycling, be independent.
Pics will follow, but I will be the official lifeguard of SSWC09. Yes, its an important job – and I can wear a chamois, helmet, gloves and mouthguard.
So my last couple of road trips with the bicycle started out 6 or 7 hrs late. Today will not be that way. I’ve got my costume lined up, cycling shit organized, MP3 player full of stuff…and my gold tooth.

So what? So lets party.

Via con Dio amigos.

Falling into place

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Getting ready for SSWC’s still. All the repairs are done. The people are almost fixed. Good news, Blackie is going to have her favorite cat sitter keep her company. They get along really well.

For those of you who have been bugging me all day….I will be arriving in Durango, coloRADo before the 5pm ride….and before the 7pm party-thing. So chill the fuck out. It will not be disclosed where I am staying – and no, there is no available room to ‘crash‘.
Lots to do….Our shop is being remodeled while we are away. A costume needs to be procured. Kim has to ship a bunch of things out. We’ll make it.

So much is happening.

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

So much is happening so fast. People (friends, fuckoffs, etc) are in Durango). I’m working you cocksuckers.
We’ve got crowns to cut, people to fix, bikes to fix….
Speaking of Durango, check this out.

And yes, I’m going to buy a set of these….and yes, they are a little gay.

Chad has asked if I’d play on his new, all gay bike polo team. How could I say No?

We’ll see how I make it after the Bon Scott party…….lord have mercy.

The Countdown to D9

Monday, September 14th, 2009

The countdown is on. Should have rode this morning, but I was too excited and there was too much to do (we are going in early at the office/shop too).
The countdown to D9 is on…

And thats exciting.
What is also exciting is that we have a new team car here at Dharma Wheels. The 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee had a front end gradual failure that resulted in our a determination from Kim and myself that our truck was no longer safe while driving around Salt Lake at 6pm on Saturday. We’ve been planning (and saving) for years for a new car, so now we are the proud owners of a Honda Pilot. Big deal. I will say, that buying a car from CarMax was not a bad experience…and they gave us $600 for our truck.
What is very exciting is the race coverage from the Park City Point to Point race.

Kid Rock says Hi.

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

Actually, I didn’t manage to meet up with any of my buddies in DET. Thats okay.
Nor was I able to ride any trails. Thats okay too, It was nice to see the family.
And it was strangely nice to do some urban riding around 8 mile. Strangely satisfying.
Bicycling is a truly wonderful way to see a city. Even Detroit, a place I lived for 25 years.
Our gal Carrie is down, but certainly not out….just without health insurance/lots of money to pay for an expensive reconstruction. Send money.

From the FlagFag crew of days of yore, the Husky Midge has make it to 32…..without having sex with another person….just himself.

And on a sad note, Doug Roether has expired. He died from cancer. Good man, he was truely a person who did a lot of AZ cycling. Here is a note from Doug near the end while he was in the ICU…
“My time here on this earth is coming to a close. I have fought the good fight & now it is time for me to rest.
The doctors have run all their tests & have told my wife, family and friends that there is no recovery. The non-treatable cancer has spread to my meninges & brain stem. I am resting comfortably in the ICU & my family is gathering today to help me on my new path.
Please honor my beautiful wife’s request for privacy at this time & check back for further postings.
I love you all. Each and every one of you has a special place in my heart. Words cannot express my gratitude for all your thoughts, prayers and love & most of all the bonds I have shared with each one of you. This is not good bye…I’m just going for the long ride.”
Your a fucking rockstar Dougie.
Read more at the Coconino Cycles blog here.
And then go out and ride & smile.

The only ‘after party’ I will attend in Vegas.

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Thanks to my man Sean for sending this. Matt, your my man too. Wilbur….your on you own brother.

And let me complain about Interbike. Well, not interbike, but the bicycle industry…another fantastic industry party where ‘we’re cool – your not’ is the attitude. Just like fucking orthodontists (not Dr. Jeff).
But seriously….the best cycling party of the year shouldn’t be for the industry assholes at Interbike…it should be for ALL cyclists. Fat tire fest – open to everybody. Moab – everybody. Follies/homie fall fest/slick50/ride the rockies/ etc……open to everybody.
So, if you work for the industry, support this party…If you don’t you’ll live and have a great time doing something else that evening.