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Christmas parties…….and the return.

Monday, December 28th, 2009

Jesus Fucking Christ…the parties of the season…
So much to do before the holiday trip to DET. Upgrade Ric’s bike
to this…
Then, 30 min to review the proofs for our $10,000 jersey order for 2010.
After that was out of the way, star team member Tom S. brought us over fine tequila hecho en mexico. Guess what, it goes great with grapefruit. It might be my new favorite thing in the world.
A few of those, and your ready for christmas…
After a quick flight to the motor city, we got down to business….
and remembered old times….
yes, that would be me and my brother with richard simmons, who is incidentally, really nice.
I rode my bike….even in the rain…and it did rain all fucking day on christmas.
isn’t it great when your bike ends up cleaner than when you unpack it from its travel case.
Hey, I found a pic of my first bmx bike….it was pretty sub par…the rainbow windbreaker I mean.
And, hey, I got to see many old friends!
before it was time to take my leave….

Ski Bikes…and hats.

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

From the last post, Mel asked me to post a warmer weather photo of the New Belgium Cruiser….here
Here is my bike….ready with the Bob trailer ski holder…both nordic and DH.
It was one of the busiest days at the office/shop ever. Seriously.
But at least I didn’t have to do this….

Just in time for christmas…..Dharma Wheels Cyclery cycling caps
Yes, that is a real skull. And no, the teeth were not knocked out from trauma. Thats the skull of a 10 year old girl…..who’s skull was dropped by generations of medical students at the University of Michigan.
Here it is not on the head of a 10 year old’s skull…
2 sizes…one size fits most….and XL.

Snow Bikes.

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

Finally, some beautiful snow outside. About a foot on the lawn. Nice.
Here are some snow bike pics.
#1, from Flagstaff AZ…
My ride…
So our shop computer bit the dust yesterday.
Those of you who know me know that I truely do believe that I have the worst luck with computers in the world. Seriously….
When my parents were gracious enough to buy computers for the home, they bought the last computer with a 5″ floppy drive before the now 3″ format came out. In college, they bought me a computer that was the last generation before CD Rom became standard. I used UNIX until I was a sophomore in college. Didn’t discover the internet until my Junior Year (1996). I bought the last black/white mac laptop before they went standard to color monitors. I bought the last 2.5K dial up modem before they went up to 56K.
As luck would have it….I did win out and buy an “art” computer from the U of M, and purchased an external cdRom to burn discs. I actually burned out the drive burning 1000′s of discs and they all sound perfect to this day (my PC buddies had gaps in the music when played on the cd player). In dental school, I paid $3,000 for a sony Vaio and bought the last generation cathode ray tube monitor before LCD became ‘standard’. It was the last generation PC with Microsoft Millenium Edition OS….the worst ever. Actually, we still have that CPU at the office. But, I did luck out and buy our office/shop fax/printer/copier on Ebay for $1 ($10 shipping) and it lasted until last month.
Our original office/shop computer was bought in Best Buy in CA and its always sucked. It worked great for 6 months, then stopped sync’ing (running in parallel in our network). Bought a Dell to replace it, and the orig. one they sent was broken in shipping. Props to Dell for next day-ing us a new one.
Speaking of office computers, I bought a tablet top for $1500 when I opened the office and the screen blew out. Found this local guy in SLC who refurb’s computers. Purchased 3 labtops, Windows XP, nothing fancy, and they’ve all been great – for $900 over the years. Fast, efficient, and – in fact one of those is what I use as the master home computer for the blogs, book keeping, etc.
So what the fuck? It was time to upgrade CPU’s at the shop…so we did. Man, $500 buys you a shit ton…son. Props to Windows 7, which integrated right into the network and recognized all the printers/devices. Get ready for cycling movie editing!… all of my free time.
For all the time I wasted on Saturday “Trying” to make shit work, that $500 was probably the best money I’ve spent on technology in a long time. Cheaper than therapy.
So, anyway, here’s the first thing I printed from our new computer.

Staff Party.

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

We had our staff party for the Dental Office on Tuesday.
Bronwyn was there with Jake
A Bomb was there
Kim was there
and of course, I got loaded
Seriously, I love the crew. And we do really great work.

Carnage in Bend.

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

There was action in Bend for the CX Nats.

Ice section….cruel, cruel, cruel.
I was home decorating the house…
And building a “Snowman”
Alright, have fun out there.

but not too much fun…

Nearing the Helladaze…

Friday, December 11th, 2009

Another fun day at the shop yesterday….sold another Moots Vamoots RSL custom. Moots has 30 on pre order and they are going to start fabbing Jan 2nd. nice.
Jersey orders still taking a lot more time than usual. Big thanks to Voler team apparel….doing team kits is 100% harder than it should be. But its worth it in the end.
Christmas orders have been pouring in. One item we won’t be carrying…

I was considering carrying Darth Vader masks…at the captain’s request.
Maybe I”ll ask santa for it.
santas lap
Dude, way to show off you XMAS underwear. I”ll go put mine on right now.
Well, I must say I am excited…I’ve got some art on the way from the Mayor….who had this to say.

More fun stuff for the weekend.

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

So much more fun to post funny shit then do my business banking……I’ll get to it…but not before this list of excuses why Dave fucked up last weeks cross race….
A) it too muddy.
B) it was not muddy enough.
C) I had put in a huge effort the day before.
D) someone got in my way and ruined the race for everyone.
E) I got tangled up behind some rookies who crashed and lost my hole shot.
F) Loudass spit beer in my eyes.
G) it wasn’t really my kind of course.
H) I over trained.
I) it was my second race and I ran out of gas.
J) I’m still recovering from the pig/bird/Llama flu.
K) (insert your own inane excuse here.)
L) all of the above.

Personally, I think it was the 12 beers and pint of Old Crow the night before…but what the fuck do I know?

And if you thought that was great….look at this.

Alright, bundle up….and go out and ride.

Cross Nats. Go Ali.

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

Cross Nats this weekend.
I wish I was. Alas, billing, ordering and repairing…maybe a little riding or skiing. It’ll be okay – I’ve got my big boy shorts on. So does Ali…

Who also had an article in Velonews.
I’d like to give props to Bunnys Boxer…with two rear fenders. I’m sure you noticed that too.
The king of road rage stories….here

More FOTPs fun.

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Big thanks to the Gnome for getting this up at the DC site….

Thats pretty much better than the shitty pic’s I have. All edited and with music…..yo.
But I do have a pic of one of the dudes from Durango who did the FOTPs on his Pugsley. Fucking Manly.
One of the best parts of going to AZ is hanging out in the old haunts I used to destroy in Flagtard….like the payntake.
and the downtown diner…
And here is something from the Mayor…