Still like to ride…..

Another early post. It just goes that way.
Many readers, especially the younger ones, think that if you work for a bike shop, that you get a sweet deal on everything…..or that you just get to ride bikes for free.
Let me tell you, I’ve had mechanics spend more than their paychecks at the shop buying stuff “employee purchase” price.
I’ve played in bands where we drink more then gets paid out and we actually have to pay the bar at the end of the night. Those are the bands I always seem to find ‘creative differences’ with.
And in my 5 year tenure of owning a bicycle shop, I’ve paid $90 for a DT rim just to get it over-nighted for MY big trip, bought plenty of parts at retail prices from shops while I’m on vacation, and recently paid almost $300 for winter cycling shoes because we don’t carry that brand…
You get to a certain level with dedication and realize its about the experience, not so much about the price.

I’m always thinking of little sticker slogans for Stevil. One that I enjoy is “I sell bikes that I can’t afford”.
Let me recommend buying some stickers, not just because they are funny/cool, but because his cat just needed another bowel obstruction surgery which runs more than a dental implant.

But back to the bike industry, Kim was talking to me and she said that though she saw that I really do like to ride, but that at the end of the day, it was truly selling bicycles and goods that fired me up. She might be right. It’s too huge of a topic for what few brain cells I have left to understand completely. I reminded her of my friends in the bike industry, some that go back 20 years, and the associations that those people put on my experiences…… well as just seeing somebody get the bike of their dreams. After all, people like the crowns I do, but you should see the smiles that happen when they get that custom Moots finished off just right.

Big News! Citizen Pictures has sent me 2 DVD’s of Race Across the Sky.
Just in time for Sundance/Bikedance. Should be sweet.

For many posts now, I’ve forgot to do a link to The Fucking Bike Club of St. Louis. Those cats seem to have a good time.
They may give Dharma Wheels a run for their money, but don’t worry, Team Evil takes them to the woodshed. Our fans are better too.

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