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The Classics are here, so is Pugsleyfest.

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

First and foremost, the classics are here…
Looks like a short sleeve day in Ghent.

You can watch it right now HERE.
I”m watching it right now european style….in my bathrobe, smoking a cigarette and drinking wine while swearing in Flemmish.
And if that doesn’t get you excited, check out what Chris from Knolly sent me.
Big thanks to the fags at Pinkbike for a great photoshoot. I can’t even figure out my own camera.
What I can figure out is this. Big thanks to Stevil for the newest addition to our control panel.

The Handbuilt bike show is happening. Props to Mike, who found me this old school logo….

And finally, Pugsleyfest will be today. So that means I should go out and ski, since the only thing that will get a workout after the 11:00 hour is my mouth and my liver.

Project of the Day…

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Tim said March will be here in a week. He’s right. The Tour of Oman is being shown Sunday, and the classics start Saturday. We’ll be having pugsleyfest,and then I’ll be getting a bike fit that day.
Today was a good, long day at the shop. We had a bit of custom service that had a perfect result. So let me share it with you. This is a local person’s bike, so I won’t get too personal.
Anyway, a nice fella has a Hammerschmidt that needs to be installed. They are cool, I’d really like to put one on my DH bike. No chain problems, and you can shift under load…or while coasting. No dropped chains or chainsuck….I actually did a product review HERE.
So lets start at the beginning…with an XTR crankset and Bottom Bracket. And no, I don’t normally show repairs on the internet, but the odds of you folks having the $1000 in tools it takes to do this is slim to none.

I”ll take this opportunity to show you and laugh with you how high tech bicycle shops have become. We use computers…

and pda phones…or whatever the fuck you call them….

But more important than computers, Al Gore’s internet….or the google, is a bottom bracket chasing tool.

Because you get shit like this all the time

Now that the BB glides in with just a greasy hand, the ISCG mount has to be faced, and in this case the main pivot bolt as well to allow for flush mounting. And if that isn’t enough, the whole shell had to be shortened to accommodate the tolerance of the Hammershmidt.

After a little trial and error with spacers, everything lines up nicely…

Wouldn’t you agree?

Summer is here…well, at least the schedule is here.

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

There were a fair amount of bikes on cars yesterday, some work to do at the shop, and it feels like the buzz of cycling is in the air. Can’t decide if I’ll ski today or go for a snow ride….maybe both just to cover all the bases. Maybe I’ll just go to work. Anyway, we have a summer trip schedule almost set in stone. We’ll update the team as we figure shit out.
What we have figured out is that there will be a Pugsley fest on Saturday at high noon for snow bike and non snow bike people alike to celebrate cycling in the winter. There will be plenty of parking at the Ice Rink, so you won’t get a note like this….

We have a new product review, and I’d especially like to thank Chris for the guest editorial on the Larry snow tire that can be found HERE.
In Mafia news, I’d like to extend a big wet willie to Daniel Cheever, seen here taking a break from his demanding figure skating commitments for the Norwegian National Team to model Ted Nugents “intensity in 10 cities” stage suit.

and here he is in the throws of competition.

Anyway, Dan, who’s nickname after 27 beers is Staniel Montgomery Beaver, got really fucked up one night and left/had his bike taken somewhere. The details are hazy at best, and really at this point, unimportant. The joyous fact, my friends, is that the pink Surly Pepto-Dismal has been found.

Ah, the 1×1 with the Evil sticker and the One fucking speed sticker, V brake only – I think Chris P has my Mafia 1 x 1….maybe it’ll turn up at a bike swap too? We used to be kings….a thousand years ago.
And if you need proof, Troy Rarick sent me this this image from the Mafia’s take over of the 2005 Fruita Fat Tire Festival. You will see all the rockstars there…including myself as Ted Nugent.

Oh my, that was fun.

Success with Bible Study, The Dental Show, The Handbuilt Show, etc

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Lots going on for this update. On Thursday and Friday, our staff attended the Utah Dental Show.

Let me set the record straight. The show is kinda fun because there are a lot of 70 year old retired Utah dentists that I seem to have a lot in common with and whos company I enjoy. We end up spending a little money, and there are seminars about how to be ‘better’. And whats funny about that is so many other dentists there are looking for the magic bullet. The band aid for their practices. I go in looking for the process. There was some good information exchanged. It was a net gain.
We all get to eat at the red iguana for lunch one of the days….

By the end, we are ready for a dive bar for a Salt Lake appreciation toast…

Thats the pose that Mrs. Dr. Evil struck when “Fade to Black” came on. She maintained it for the entire song. Its impressive.
So anyway, at the show, I see lots of dentists who just go through the motion. At Interbike, I see lots of people who just go through the motions.
For those of you not familiar with ‘going through the motions’, this is what I mean…..

Thats awesome. I really fucking hate reporters and news in general. No integrity. Speaking of integrity, I’d like to thank the captain for posting me up on our team site here…it was last weekend, so you’ll have to scroll down to see me. Go out and buy some evil shit. Tell the captain that I sent you and that you absolutely hate his fucking guts!
Study club was fun Thursday night. We’ve established some ideas for trips. There will be a St. George trip 3rd weekend in march, a trip to Steamboat Springs, RAGBRAI, Ride the Rockies, and maybe the firecracker in Brek. I’ll look up all those dates after 14 beers this evening and plan it all out.
Many of our bike fabricators are gearing up for the Handbuilt Bike Show.
Someone other than me is still riding to an fro in PC this winter….

This is from a bike NOT in pc.

And this is a bike in MN…

Alrighty, go out there and ride….

Then pose like Big Jonny

“Bible Study” tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

The most important news….show up to “Bible Study” tomorrow at the shop. Hear opinions…mostly my own….on what rules/what sucks. I may let other people talk. Use the back door. 5:15. We have the dental show tomorrow to contend with.
I may show up in costume tomorrow…

You can too. Maybe you can ride in with a friend. Ahh, days of hazing yore from the pitch.

As many of you know, I’m know for getting tattoos at the dental convention…when it runs in conjunction with the SLC Tattoo convention. Maybe I”ll get Liz Hatch this year?

Or maybe I’ll save up for the leather U lock holder, to match your Land Rover and Orvis outfit. This is even too much for the custom shop.

Well, tomorrow is sure to be a party….all of your friends will be there…

All the news….in fits.

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

Thats a play on words from Jan Wenners Rolling Stone…’all the news that fits’.
First, some updates for the shop. becasue it took me so long to write up.

February Events….
Thursday, Feb 18, 5:15-6 at the Shop – Use the back door….Study Club…or Bible Study. A chance to meet with other team members, our fit expert Tim, our mechanics and me to talk cycling. This is your chance to talk about the products you are thinking about for the season, ask about what fellow team people are riding, talk about trips and destinations, compare notes…..and brag about your bike…or maybe how fast you think you are. We will try and do this once a month. Please, come with all of your cycling questions – no question too big or small. This is a chance to learn about cycling and hear stories about what has worked….and what has not worked from your fellow riders. There is a tremendous amount of knowledge in our team – this is a chance to test the waters and learn without making mistakes along the way.
Saturday, Feb 27th, High Noon, Ice Rink Parking Lot….PugsleyFest February. I think KSL is going to be there at11:30, so if you want to see yourself on the news, show up early. We are planning on a ride, so bring your bike if you want. Snow bike or Mountain bike. If your lucky, maybe one of the pugsley crew will let you test ride one of their bikes. No more than a 2 hr ride. Moderate pace. Snow or Shine…or Shined Up. BYOB.

Shop news…
Thanks to those who have picked up their kits. PLEASE, for the rest of you, come on in and pick up your kits in a timely fashion.

The reorder process – If you would like to order more team stuff, and I don’t blame you because it looks great, and the material is incredible, here is the process. Unless we get a HUGE amount of requests, the reorder is planned for the Fall. If you would like more items for you and/or your wife/husband, contact me or Kim with your request, we’ll take payment and you will be added to the list. To give you a ballpark, items are going to be about $80 each…shorts, bib shorts, jerseys, long sleeve.
I can tell you all right now that the hot item that everybody wishes they either ordered or wants to order is the $115 thermal Jacket. I’ve been seeing them around the nordic center and they are awesome. I’m going to buy another one because they are so awesome.

Is your bike ready? Things are VERY busy at the shop. I have only a couple of sales spots left for those of you who desire a new bike for this season – so don’t procrastinate. We are planning on getting in demo Turner 29ers, Titus full Carbon racer X’s and Rockstars (their 29er). If you need shoes, clothing, helmets or other accessories, let me know and we’ll do a private sales meeting to make you look good.

Get a Fit – Tim from Mountain Velo is ready to fit you. Contact him

Dharma Wheels has partnered with Endurance Cycle service to handle your service needs. Its booked out pretty far at the shop, so if you need your bike in a timely fashion, contact ChrisP

We are planning a trip schedule for this summer which may include a trip to the Moots factory in Steamboat, the Fruita Fat Tire Festival, Ride the Rockies, a trip to Vernal….etc. I’ll keep you posted,

Sad news from Flagstaff.

On a happier note, and a week behind…StuporBowl photos are up…
like this one of Zito

the rest HERE.

In rad photo news, check this out…
rel="attachment wp-att-528">

and this…

and, most impressively, this…

CyclingPlus Interview.

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Big thanks to Rob from CyclingPlus for a great shop interview. Seriously, a very fun, and professional experience – which is exactly what I try and provide at the office/shop. Here is some commentary for all of you…
Big thanks to fellow mechanic and fellow bike shop owner ChrisP, who incidentally DID have a filling done moments before this shot. And by the way, if you don’t know, these are all staged. The poses, that is. The GF Pezzo frame is not staged. You can stare all day at that if you are in the chair Bitches!
Rob liked this shot because the mural is in full view in the background. Stevil, I’ve still got a couple of white walls for you – just don’t paint any naked ladies and shit….I still see a few kids every now and then.
Then we adjourn to the shop. Yes, those of you mechanics will know that there is no 4mm adjustment on the fork crown….as I said, its staged.
Kicking back in the sales area.
Thanks for the big grin ChrisP…I hope the anesthesia has worn off by now….
A fist bump.
I also do want to thank Tim and Katherine (they were actually doing a fit) for being photographed. Nice goniometer.

Its all about motivation

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

Big props to Team Member Nick, who hit the podium at the Frozen Hog race.
Frozen Hog 2010 3rd place age 30-39 largest sport class.
Clearly Nick got the pep talk

Here at Dharma Wheels, we are in charge….of everything….including where your plane flies…
DWC on the stick
Don’t worry, we are the definition of ‘auto-pilot’.

The North American Hand Built Bicycle Show is in Richmond, VA, Feb 26-28…….because many of you have asked. I used to not know…and now I do.

I”m guessing that you will not see a bike like this…
ferrari built a bike

And it was beautiful…..

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Pugfest was fun. We’ll do that again in February…which is this month.
6 more weeks of winter..I’ll take it…I can ride my Pugsley more, bitches.
Here are some pugfest participants on their pugsleys.
And your fearless leader stayed behind to man the fort….
Thats okay, I”m sure there were hazards on the trail.
saguaro problem
Good times. On to older news….the foul weather of two weeks ago yielded some awesome pics….
Tornado in HB?
HB Tornado
Damn, don’t take out the oil rigs! AZ didn’t get left out…
az tornado
In other news, the PDX Tweed ride happened. I’d like to do one this summer. I hear it was fun.
If you are in MN, you’ll want to do the Stuporbowl. Really

Or maybe you’ll just stay home and play with your computer….or computers.
Enjoy the people at I feel like we are on the same page.
That is all.