Gavia is a go.

Stage 20 of the Giro is a go for today.
“The organizers of the Giro d’Italia have determined that avalanche risks atop the race’s tallest climb are low enough to allow the inclusion of the Passo Gavia in the 20th stage on Saturday.” Those men are hard.

I’ll be working on my pump track today….

Titus is in town. We’d like to thank Mike for bringing up the demo truck to Glenwild on Thursday. Titus will be in Sandy today, and as much as we’d love to be there to educate people on why they should buy an excellently built bike from their LBS, we’ll be working.

Funny story from the shop. On a bike that our shop built, another shop in town claimed that “we” did not have the crank spindle seated all the way in the bottom bracket. I took the crank apart to show the customer that the white area was not in fact the spindle, but in fact spacers to make everything line up when it was fabricated and they can tell their goddamn fucking goddamn other mechanic to go fuck himself and never doubt me again.

Let me all advise you to keep the rubber side down.

Get your Trek 950 on HERE. And for those of you who don’t know what that is, don’t worry.

I’m really excited for Ragbrai. The plan so far is to go to MN and stay with Mr. and Mrs Rose a day or two before. Actually, I will be leaving RAGBRAI a day or two early for Dealercamp, which will be at Deer Valley. I think Souix city is excited for RAGBRAI as well.

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