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“Outta the frying pan and into the fire”

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

But in a good way.
I have returned from RAGBRAI. Very smooth event and very fun. I’ll try to get an organized post going on Sunday or even Monday, but let me just say this. The roads are closed to traffic, Everybody in IA goes apeshit for the event, there is beer every 2 miles, there is Mr. Porkchop, Farm Boys Breakfast Burritos, Margaritaville, and best of all, there are just groups and groups and groups of the best cycling people in the world who converge for the event to make it the best ever. With that, let me thank the other members of Team Evil/Team Marley/Team Ass Clown/Whatever you want to call us for an incredible experience. A big thanks to everybody for making my vacation smooth, stress-free, enjoyable and FUN!
Back in Utah, we’ve got many friends in town for a bicycle industry event.

And don’t forget this tomorrow.


Monday, July 26th, 2010

Greetings from Algona, IA.
What I can say briefly, because my self supported internet is slow…is that its true.
RABGRAI truly the best cycling event in the world. I found this out about 10 seconds into RAGBRAI.
There will be photos, stories…of which I can guarantee at least 60% of will be true.

Have fun in Iowa!

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

As I check out all the bike people and dental folks, they remind me “Have fun in Iowa”. I’m sure I will.
And for those who are checking. I will be in the MLPS 612 area on Friday night…at Grumpys….getting drunk.
Speaking of MLPS people I will undoubtedly see, GeneO had this on his blog site.
Jul 13, 2010 – 6:01 pm
WOW! What a weekend last was! I know it’s Tuesday.., it took me that long to get over it. So if I go backwards from Monday I think I can remember it all. Last night ended with deep conversation about NAFTA, Clinton, Reagan and the demise of manufacturing in the USA. Then on to how the media really never tells the real story. Like how most people at Penn Cycle think we are a shop for all the hipster fixed gear riders. Really? All I really know is that we sell a lot of service to all the hot ladies in town…, at least thats what they say about us over at Freewheel Bike.

But then according to the guy that came in at 5pm.., he only had $4. He wanted the $25 handlebars, he only had $4. He rode his bike here from Las Vegas, he only had $4. Where he came from they mostly bartered, but here, he only had $4.

You know I used to race bicycles back in the day? Yeah, i did. I went to Flanders Cycle paid retail for the first bicycle. Went to Kenwood Cycle paid retail for the 2nd bicycle. Started working at The Alt, paid 20% off retail for the 3rd bike. I got pretty good at the racing and then got a bunch of free bikes, parts, clothes, food, booze, lodging, drugs and girlfriends for the next 10 years. Still paid for some stuff too. See where I’m going with this?

Ever work on a 30+ year old english or american 3-speed? It will cost you about $30 to get it running good. Not $200 like what she was told by that other shop out west.

And for all you people who think that everything that apple makes is gold….check this out.

Its a good one. I still like my nano though.

So, on that note, a special thanks to my old cycling coach Joe BZ, who worked with me 1000 years ago at Campus Bike and Toy in Ann Arbor, to whom I promised I’d do RAGBRAI to 15 years ago. Your the best coach!

The bike is ready…

The stoner supplies are ready

I’ll be digging out the S and S case, my sleeping bag, tent and charging up my waterbottle ghetto blaster.

In Team News!, don’t forget thursday the 29th there is a White Pine ride that our shop is throwing in $$$ for to buy you all food and beer. So make the ride, or make the BBQ at White Pine. 6pm ride, easy, med, hard group, BBQ at 7-8:30….pump track session at the house at 9. Then dealercamp all weekend long. Ibis demo at the High West Distillery on Sunday, aug 1 st 11-4.

If I can find a computer I may “try” and update you all from ragbrai. You can always go to to check in, see what awesome band is playing or maybe even who needs to be bailed out of jail. Be safe out there, and don’t do anything stupid when I’m gone…

And check this out from David.

My cousin Vinny

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

Levi said that the tour would be peloton shattering. I think he is right. Lance has that same look I have at the office sometimes……”damn, this is hard”.
Performance-wise, one of the best breaks I’ve seen in a while…and a victory goes to Alexander Vinokourov. Look at the happy guy.

I know that he’s a past offender….banned, then back in black. I know he absolutely turned himself inside out less than 24hrs ago and “amazingly” enough, he has the ability to destroy the peloton….but hey, I’m not pointing fingers, and I don’t care who is on the sauce.
I’d like to thank the captain for showing me how Ironclad gets their motivation going during races. Maybe I”ll stand out there on the frontage road in my skivvies.

Dave also had some recon for some bike ads while in Europe.

Chasing down the points competition never felt so good.
In somewhat accurate news, US MTB Nats (or Nads) were this weekend in ColoRADo.
Durango’s finest, “uncle” Ned (the lung) Overend showed up….and won. I think Ned was born in 1902 and still kills people. When Ned passed (as in lapped) me in SSWC09 in Durango, all he said was “Kinda rocky up here, huh Doc”. I couldn’t even gasp out a ‘yep’.
You are the man sir, and drinks are on me at the Irish Embassy.

Rounding 3rd base

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

I would like to start the post with this, sent from the SS Drunkingham….

Wasn’t that entertaining? Of much lesser quality, here is what I do when people ask me if I’ve been riding…

I know that doesn’t add much value to my site…but shit, what do I care.

The tour this year looks brutal. And like many silly americans with too many material possessions, I’ve been able to capture it all on TiVo and watch it over and over on my HDTV. Don’t worry, I didn’t go into debt to buy that fancy stuff, I went into debt to start the dental office and bike shop.
For the 2 of you without TiVo, here is “the headbut”, as it will be forever referred to.

It really is exciting…and dangerous. I’m reminded of my brother, Chris, watching the 2000 summer games and “Party” Marty Nothstein destroying people on the track and throwing headbuts. Even my brother was impressed with the carnage of the track.
Check out my idol in action. The first event is the flying 200. Just for reference, my best time was never under 11 seconds…..which is about as slow as if I were walking my bike.

So go out today and don’t walk you bike.

Its that time again…

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

We’ll start with some poetry…

Not because I give a shit too badly, but here is my idol Miguel Indurain putting Lance in the woodshed and beating him like a stepchild with the devils red hair.
It was the 1994 Tour de France, the stage 9 individual time trail from Périgueux to Bergerac. Miguel Indurain started two minutes behind Lance Armstrong and beat him by a whooping 6′23″

There is all this Lance is done….and Lance sucks….from the patients in the dental chair and people at the shop. It doesn’t matter. In all my years racing, and even more truthfully, in my 10 years playing Dr. Doolittle – where every day is a Kermis, its not how you win….its how you loose. Take today. I could bitch and piss and moan that its going to be 80 and sunny all day, and I’m going to get to ride home at 7pm, 4 miles for the day on the rail trail. But no, it will be a pleasure to ride those 4 miles on my cross bike, and the $15,000 worth of shit that has to be sorted out….well, at least it’s all sold…..better sold than collecting dust as inventory. So, life ain’t bad.
In funny news, here is OzTv’s reaction to the “fight”

Its busy here at Dharma Land…

And I”m still selling XO Gripshift on fancy custom Titus FTM’s…

In travel bike news, here is a quote from Surly ( regarding their travelers check.
We didn’t have to pack our bikes for the trip from Nagoya to Kurashiki, but as we disassembled them in the parking lot of Farm in preparation for the flight to Hokkaido, it was apparent the process was once again becoming familiar. Packing the Travelers Check can sometimes seem like a chore. However, once you have it down it takes 30-45 minutes either way – building or packing. That’s a small price to pay for riding your own bike anywhere in the world – a bike that fits you and is outfitted the way you like.
I agree, nothing like riding your own bike. Kim and I have taken our to Jamacia, FLA, DET, AZ, SLC.
With that fine post, let me leave you with this picture to carry you to your weekend…

Let the good times roll

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

So often I am riding to work…or riding the lift and I have a great idea for something that SIMPLY MUST go in the blog….and then I forget it when it comes down type.
I do want to say a big thank you to all of our customers….and patients for that matter. Its really been a great summer of builds and service. I know I get pissy sometimes at the shop….but you all really make it worth while. I really can’t imagine doing anything else.
On more exciting news, I had the pleasure of stopping by Endurance Cycle Service yesterday. So wonderful to see a small business growing and doing so well.
The tour enters the alps today. I’m excited. I don’t care what anybody says, I”m still rooting for Jens Voigt….not to win anything…just to be a badass.
This is how not to be a badass….

Watching 2 pro cyclists “fight” is like watching a bed being made. Get off your fucking bike, take off your tap shoes, and for god’s sake, put the wheel down and pick up a baseball bat with a nail in it.
In more impressive news, RAGBRAI approaches. I think Brian is ready

I”d like to also show you the most expensive bike you’ll ever see on ‘north shore shit’

Evil D, you are the man. This should be your next bike.

Enjoy this…

Read about the joy of riding a bike here. Don’t get too angry….
And last but not least, let me post a shot of the old crew from 1000 years ago that Dave sent me.

Yes, thats me in a CRC shirt…back when “Hurl” made white ones….by hand(job).

Monday feels like a sunday

Monday, July 5th, 2010

After a little 48 hr vacation from the computer and the cell phone, I am back…..can you tell.

Take a look at this, because it is fucking awesome.

Hans Peaty MacAskill Highlands from on Vimeo.

I’d like to cancel my RAGBRAI flight and book one for Scotland right now.
Just kidding, for those of you who need to know, I will be arriving in MN on the 23rd, and will be leaving RAGBRAI the morning of the 29th for Dealer Camp. That is all of the ‘industry’ news I will put in this post.
Lastly, I sincerely hope that cruizer nation was a success…..

Tour Time Today!

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

I’d like to start the post with a soft hit from the 70′s.

Wasn’t that nice. And you thought spoken word was dead.
The tour starts today. Being a 20th century man, I”ll Tivo it so that I can go to work/work from home and then watch it while I”m falling asleep at 8pm.
Finally, its time to put Brads IF 29er up because it really is nice. Let me recommend one for the home and the office

The Sram XX gruppo is excellent. Fast, smooth, light. Just like I used to be.
In other social news, old friends were in town and thank goodness there was a little time to catch up over a BBQ at Tims. It was nice.

I still need to get my ticket to MN, so that I can do RAGBRAI. Here’s a pic I”ve been saving for Sov, from my last trip to AZ.

And lastly, I’ve been informed that I made it to the surly blog. Click here, and then burn out your mouse roller by scrolling down a couple of days. Yippie. I has a suspicion that I was on there because whenever I get nation-wide exposure, my # of stupid shop calls to tell me how cool I am without me selling anything increases.