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Clawing my way back to functionality.

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Well, no ride yesterday and 6 hrs at the shop. Not a single repair done. Don’t worry, Mrs Dr Evil is not hiding all sharp objects in the house….just yet.
The 3rd operatory looks great. And its almost done. Many thanks to my chief contractor Verl, for making it happen. Many thanks to MDE (Mrs Dr Evil) for helping me out. And, finally, many thanks to Best buy, who diagnosed our computer and gave us a solution. And guess what bitches, I backed up everything from the shop computer so it’s 100% safe and will be reinstalled when we get our new OS up and running. And in the meantime, as in Tuesday, when the shop is open next, I”ll be able to make the magic happen on the shops fancy schmancy netbook.
Let me take this opportunity to say how once again baffled I am about the technology it takes to run a custom bicycle shop. Never in a million years did I think I’d ever have so many computerized gadgets, or how smooth those gadgets would make the work day.
I never thought I’d run disc brakes ever, either.

I’m sure its been a while, so check out Steve’s Blog.
Sometimes, it’s time to just suck it up. While I was setting up the chair yesterday I kept saying to myself….this is the last time I’ll ever have to do this….this is the last time I”ll ever do that. I was reminded that Big Jonny is most likely saying this about his final year in law school. Last time he’ll have to report for a fist day of school….there is strange comfort in ‘the countdown’.
Anyway, a 10 year celebratory kit will be available…I recommend buying one for the home and for the office.

And finally, I’d like to show you a very manly Andy Wheeler rocking the Dharma Wheels Winter Jacket in the thunderstorm, hail and rain yesterday at the national abilities centers’ century. Those jackets are expensive, but $133 is a small price to pay to be warm on your ride. Me, I was at home cuddling with my cat in the basement hiding from the thunder crashes.


Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Well, the shop computer didn’t work for all of yesterday. Not the end of the world because we can take peoples money with the dental office computers. But kinda a pain in the ass because I can’t do any of the shop stuff that I like to do on fridays or answer the 50 emails that I get from both good and bad people. What do you mean, you ask?
Good Email: I’d like to buy a bike, how do I contact you to leave a deposit and get the process started? These are mostly my team people, return customers, and in general, people I love.
Bad Email: I’m looking for a deal, don’t have any money, and “I’m sure you can understand my position”. I actually don’t. I myself saved up for years before I bought my last touring bike, so go fuck yourself and don’t waste my time.
So anyway, it was kinda nice not having to deal with any communications yesterday. I do have a feeling that our shop computer will make the scene at Best Buy, where their Geek Squad can have their way with it.
In exciting news, the Vuelta starts today.
Oh, here’s a great quote for all the people who think that bicycle manufactures or retailers make big bucks….
Cervélo owners Phil White and Gerard Vroomen decided late Tuesday night that the increasing costs to run a top-flight team undercut their goals and ambitions for the brand. On Wednesday, riders and staff were told of the decision and the team issued a statement Thursday.
No shit.

Can you feel the love tonite?

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Yes, I can….all the way from Flagtopia.

I only wish I was at the Pay and Take with you clowns.

Instead paying bills online. Any by paying bills, I don’t mean watching porn. And by paying bills, I mean glad the businesses have the money to pay the bills…including my own paycheck.

Thursday, be at White Pine at 6 for a ride. Mrs Dr Evil and I will have the tandem, and will be 1/2 in the bag by the time you get back from your intermediate or expert ride. So there.

Big thanks to my family for being out here for the past week, my office and shop staff for keeping the businesses rolling while I was out, not riding – ironically, and just hanging out. I”ll be back Friday and we’ll be at full power.

TOU PC Wrap up

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Big thanks to all who came by the tent yesterday. Great to see everybody. Really, I must say that I absolutely love seeing our team, our customers and our patients at events. You guys really are the best. It always kinda bugs me a little, and I do get rude at industry reps who barge in on my little party to tell my why Dharma Wheels should stock their no-name product because the markup is 50 points. Yeah, how many of those do I have to warranty a year?
One thing that I did talk about a lot was the Ibis Mojo HD. Here is one in action…

Here is how the operation looked….

We even offered baby changing services for my brother and his son.

Overall, a great time.

Let me leave you with THIS, from a very insightful young lady.

Get your TOU on, Park City style

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

George may be out of the Tour of Utah, but he is still a rockstar
I’d add a picture, but I’m not a fan of pics of riders down. I’d rather show you this…

Alright, don’t try anything without my consent. And stop by the Dharma Wheels booth at the Tour of Utah. Just follow the smoke and the screams.

Tour of Utah

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

It on. And its even on the news. The Tour of Utah is happening.
Here is a little piece on our friend Burke.
And another.
And a recap of Stage 1.
Thats a lot of embedded links. Any my audience is sometimes way too lazy for that…so here’s a cool picture I didn’t take.

And here is sometimes what happens when you ride plastic parts…

Ooh, kudos to Chris Fox for his ‘outfit’ and dollar bill handups at the TOU.

In closing, a salute to RJD


Sunday, August 15th, 2010

36 degrees at the start of Leadville yesterday.

According to Dharma Wheels Corespondant Travis Brown (aka Brownbeard)

Levi takes the lead about 45 min into the race. I’ll bet he’s still pissed about the TOC.
What a beautiful day for Leadville, the crowd’s seemed into it.

And thats good, because the course is brutal.

These men are strong.

Almost as strong as this man..

Travis: Dr. Jon, Did you know that Neds here?
Dr. Jon: Jesus Christ, is there anybody left in Durango to run the town while everybody is away racing their fucking bicycles?
Travis: Tell me again why you aren’t here?
Dr. Jon: I’m fat, lazy, didn’t train, having too much fun downhilling, have two business that are going gang-bang-fucking-busters.
In all seriousness, Ned, you are still and always will be a mentor, idol, yada yada. Kim and I love you man. I hope you slay people out there brother.

Back to the race. Just seeing powerline at 80 miles into the race makes my legs hurt. I still do just wanna skip breakfast and cliimb to the crest trail…..hows that for getting fired up!

This is what it looks like on one of the 4 false flats on powerline…

Brutal, even for JHK, who has been ripping a hole in the sky all fucking day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God-Damn, look at these pics, Here for example is Todd Wells, deep in the pain cave, and still going 10mph up powerline.

Gotta include a pic of Matt Shriver, who won the race here at the Canyons last week.

Good on ya son!
Holy shit. That is fast ladies and gentlemen.
1. Levi Leipheimer @ 6:16:37.2 (1st in his division)
2. Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski @ 6:25:21.4 (2nd in his division)
3. Todd Wells @ 6:30:31.1 (3rd in his division)
4. Dave Wiens @ 6:33:54.1 (1st in his division)
5. Jeremiah Bishop @ 6:33:54.4 (4th in his division)

Wow, now thats what I call intense. Big thanks to TeeB’s NutZ for updates and photos. I owe you a soy latte the next time I see you.
Go out and ride. And like me, enter the lottery for Leadville next year. And just for those of you who follow my tech update, If I get in, I’m haveing Moots put a disc tab on my old Rigor and I”ll be riding that. Check out pez and velo-snooze and see how many hardtails there were out there.

Oh, here are some quotes too….
Levi – That was just ridiculous. I don’t know if I’ve suffered that much before,” Leipheimer said moments after crossing the line in downtown Leadville, Colorado, elevation 10,200 feet.

Read more:
I agree, that whole event is a day in the pain cave. Not 2 hrs……..a day.

Its on.

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

Riders have have been racing in Leadville for 2 hrs. They’ve been lined up at the start since 5am. Here is Snake’s number plate…

Leadville is all about training your ass off, wasting a whole summer doing mongo rides to prepare for a super hard event, and then basically gambling for 9-12 hrs straight at over 10,000 ft. As silly as all that sounds….I must say I do miss being there. Leadville gets under your skin. It keeps you up at night. It makes you happy. Good luck to all the friends and Dharma Wheels people out there. You have my permission to melt peoples faces.
Speaking of climbing mountains, here is a young, and non bald Marco Pantani.

Fear the media, and take a look at this.
And now, see this.

EMBED-Door To Door Atheists Bother Mormons – Watch more free videos
Enjoy your day…

I wish I spoke Flemish…

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

So I could understand what they are saying here…

One thing I do understand is Zeke’s photo stream from RAGBRAI…

Its pretty sweet.
In cycling news, Lance Armstrong chooses not to start Leadville. I hear it. If I fell going 30mph in the tour, I’d be out. What is great is now it is going to be a battle royal at the front. Personally, I’m rooting for Dr. Jeff….and Jeff… then Snake.
Here is some Bingo for your gaming pleasure.

IN more news, I”m excited for the tour of utah. You should be too.

More info HERE.

And finally, I”d like to thank MrsDrEvil for helping me with our god-damn-fucking-god-damn computer this morning. She’s sharp…..I’m about as sharp as a cotton ball.

I think 650B and I are going to have a tent out. THat means whiskey in the morning for all you race fans out there.

One from Friday.

Monday, August 9th, 2010

This made it to the shop wall of fame friday afternoon…forgot to post it on the site.