I wish I spoke Flemish…

So I could understand what they are saying here…

One thing I do understand is Zeke’s photo stream from RAGBRAI…

Its pretty sweet.
In cycling news, Lance Armstrong chooses not to start Leadville. I hear it. If I fell going 30mph in the tour, I’d be out. What is great is now it is going to be a battle royal at the front. Personally, I’m rooting for Dr. Jeff….and Jeff…..an then Snake.
Here is some Bingo for your gaming pleasure.

IN more news, I”m excited for the tour of utah. You should be too.

More info HERE.

And finally, I”d like to thank MrsDrEvil for helping me with our god-damn-fucking-god-damn computer this morning. She’s sharp…..I’m about as sharp as a cotton ball.

I think 650B and I are going to have a tent out. THat means whiskey in the morning for all you race fans out there.

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