Clawing my way back to functionality.

Well, no ride yesterday and 6 hrs at the shop. Not a single repair done. Don’t worry, Mrs Dr Evil is not hiding all sharp objects in the house….just yet.
The 3rd operatory looks great. And its almost done. Many thanks to my chief contractor Verl, for making it happen. Many thanks to MDE (Mrs Dr Evil) for helping me out. And, finally, many thanks to Best buy, who diagnosed our computer and gave us a solution. And guess what bitches, I backed up everything from the shop computer so it’s 100% safe and will be reinstalled when we get our new OS up and running. And in the meantime, as in Tuesday, when the shop is open next, I”ll be able to make the magic happen on the shops fancy schmancy netbook.
Let me take this opportunity to say how once again baffled I am about the technology it takes to run a custom bicycle shop. Never in a million years did I think I’d ever have so many computerized gadgets, or how smooth those gadgets would make the work day.
I never thought I’d run disc brakes ever, either.

I’m sure its been a while, so check out Steve’s Blog.
Sometimes, it’s time to just suck it up. While I was setting up the chair yesterday I kept saying to myself….this is the last time I’ll ever have to do this….this is the last time I”ll ever do that. I was reminded that Big Jonny is most likely saying this about his final year in law school. Last time he’ll have to report for a fist day of school….there is strange comfort in ‘the countdown’.
Anyway, a 10 year celebratory kit will be available…I recommend buying one for the home and for the office.

And finally, I’d like to show you a very manly Andy Wheeler rocking the Dharma Wheels Winter Jacket in the thunderstorm, hail and rain yesterday at the national abilities centers’ century. Those jackets are expensive, but $133 is a small price to pay to be warm on your ride. Me, I was at home cuddling with my cat in the basement hiding from the thunder crashes.

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