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The Official DWC Interbike post. Part 1…social hour.

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

Young musicians are always coming up to me and asking how do you know when you’ve made it. When you can spell subpoena without thinking about it, that’s when you know you’ve made it. – David Lee Roth.

Okay, lets talk about interbike. Despite all things that you may have heard, MrsDrEvil and I use interbike to 1. become familiar and updated with the products we sell to our team customers. 2. attend the seminars to help us be better business people (both bike shop and dental office) 3. Look for new product. 4. give feedback to our fabricators/vendors. 5. see our friends and have a little fun. And I’d say that we had a VERY productive interbike. So productive, in fact, that I’ll put my photos up on this entry, and tell you about some lines and new additions to our store on the next….mainly because I’d like to have breakfast and then go ride…

As you’ve all heard, Interbike is suppose to move to CA in the month of August. If this does happen, we will not be there. It is physically impossible to leave during August because the shop and office are too busy. Its just that simple. Since I am the Tour of Lake Mead Supermodel, I’m going to see if I can throw my weight around with Andy and petition for a September or Oct interbike.

So I just downloaded my pictures from my phone….sorry guys, the 100 pictures I took with my real camera didn’t turn out because I left out my 8G memory card. No matter, my 2011 bike of the year is all you really need to see. The 29lb, 6″ Knolly Chilcotin.
Pink bike has the best reviews.

Noel, dishing out fine whiskey at Knolly’s whiskey night after-show event.

I’ll get more to the product point next entry, so let me show you some pictures to entertain your sunday…
We have Troy at the Knolly whiskey party…

And as troy will tell you, the secret to a good whiskey party is to have a whiskey bottle in your pocket.

Simon was seen at the show. Good to see you old friend…

Nick Fucking Sande was there too…

I’d now like to show you the strangest picture I have. MRSDREVIL pointed out that one of the manikins had D cups…..And the vendor was a rack dealer. We had a good laugh over the fact that this poor humanoid display was most likely used at the interbikini before our little show arrived.

The food was rather disappointing…the cost and the quality. We did get a great (and yes, expensive) meal at Dos Caminos in the Venetian. I liked it because the wall coverings were skulls.

And lastly….and certainly leastly…..the Peppermill party was super fun. I had actually never been there. I’d say that as far as ‘on the strip’ places go, this place is the best. The drinks are reasonable in price, the service is excellent, they have usually very good music playing on flat screen tv’s, there is plenty of seating in couches, the barmaids are very friendly and people like this show up.

So there you have it…the social events of our Interbike….after I get the paperwork done, look for a real tech update.

The “business papers” of my mind.

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

Came across this picture of Ed from the Tour de suds….standing in front of Chris’ beautiful Ventana Tandem.

And in true Steve Smith fashion…well, almost fashion, I have found that the many pictures I took never made it to my cameras’ memory card….because I had left the memory card in the computer at the Venetian.
I know that you expect nothing but perfect execution from me.

In entertaining news, $30 has purchased me a new boot disc for the shops “new” old computer. I’m guessing that it will have no effect on the system. We’ll see.

In more entertaining news, David has once again made his site look good by including the sexyest of all team members….me.

Now that Mrs Dr Evil and I have safely returned from “the city of (luxor) light” it is time to unwind from the week of seminars, blowing dust and expensive drinks. I hope to have a very interesting and educational post tomorrow, complete with pictures from my phone and a renewed excitement for all things bicycling. And with that, I”m off for a massage with Scot Ericksen.

Enjoy this..,.from MN

The other Tuesday Interbike post

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Funny how technology helps you. I always whine and joke about computers in the shop (which I thought I’d never have), high speed internet for the shop, tracking systems for inventory and sales…..mediaphones….blah blah blah.
But it makes the human experience better. I’ve had to keep my phone charging at all time here due to the barrage of contacts from friends at the show….and you know what? The day has been even better because of all of your contacts and interactions. Isn’t that cute? And you thought I was such as hard ass and stuff.
Well, I still kind of am….Tim reminded me of my interbike schedule, which looks like a Franklin Covey mockkup of how your planner should look.

The problem is that it is all true.
Its funny. I always used to laugh at my buddy Troy that he came to Dirt Demo and didn’t ride. I have become that. The only bike that I rode was the new Knolly Chillcotin…and thats because it was unveiled yesterday. The rest of the time I”m being surprised by old friends who come out of the woodwork….usually with a beer for me in hand.
I do love it. And Mrs. Dr. E does too. The bicycle industry has brought together some of the best people on this planet. Its funny….its tuesday, and people are still showing up for the big dance.
Back to PC news…
Big props to Andrew, who made me look good at the Tour de Suds on Sunday.

Interbike update…of the day.

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Its great to see everybody.
A little hot, but in Winston Churchill fashion we made it out to the dirt demo yesterday bright and early at the stroke of Noon. Not because of the night before…but because of the work of the day. It was great. My camera batteries are dead, so I am unable to retrieve the photos on the HD of the camera….which are awesome. Maybe they are lost forever….so it goes.
Big thanks to Ibis for dinner. You guys are great.
Here is Aaron, in the darkest restaurant in Las Vegas.

Then of course, after a good nights sleep I see this guy at my favorite event, the tour of lake mead.

The TOLM, or the hangover ride as it was once knows is great. It is a chance to ride with old friends. I haven’t ridden with Hurl in years. I saw Jon Cariveau from Moots

TJ and Joe from RAGBRAI – just to name a few

and had the Mavic support vehicle behind me the whole way.

I don’t think they had a 135 9 speed sram 35C wheel in their lineup. No matter.

More love

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

In the same vein as the mustache salute and the interbike photo…..I was reminded by our friends from Carlsbad who the dragon sock was modeled after.

Let me remind you all who the tattoo was modeled after.

Alright, the shop is ready, the house is safe. Our new fridge is in, the bags are packed. All that it left to do before vegas is to attend the start of Tour De Suds. I hope to see you all there.

In super important news….our Princess Di trail day happened yesterday. I can’t thank enough our super hard working crew. It was a great success. For those possibly interested in our next trail day…here is how it goes.
1. You show up at 8:15 and drink PC coffee roasters coffee.
2. We get to the trail at 9ish and work until 11 with back breaking speed and efficiency. The Amigos working up there are stunned by our production and the amount of earth we move.
3. We go eat at el chubasco.
4. We all say “wow, we got a ton done, and there is still plenty of time left in the day for everything.

Here is how it looks.

Note the before….

and after

And with that, I’m off….Look for show updates.

Poster Child

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Many of you know that my favorite thing to do at Interbike is the “hangover ride” or newly named Tour of Lake Mead. And you know where this is going.
Its warm, you get a police escort out of town. Its peaceful. Lots of old shop owners do it.Lake Mead is beautiful. Etc. Its awesome…and I love it.
I love it so much that poeple tease me about it. Most/all of my drinking buddys get plowed Mon night and wonder where I am when the sun goes down. I’m tucked away in bed dreaming of sunshine, blue water and red rock. So, a couple of years ago, I was feeling no pain at the show and told Andy (who has something to do with running the show) how much I loved the TOLM. The next year, a little thumbnail of me was in the interbike program guide promoting the tour. I got ribbed by my friends and colleagues.
Let me show you all the back of the interbike badge…the paper that everybody who goes to interbike gets mailed…….I should learn to just keep my big mouth shut.

Enjoy this from Matthew Duffin…

And holy shit, somebody made a movie about Stuporbowl….

And I see Jeffrey from Bike Jerks is in there being gay and shit.

Alright, its trail maintenance day, so off I go….then ride later….but you’ll all know the details because you follow DharmaWheels on twitter….and shit.

Prepare to laugh your ass off

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Stevil Kinevil. Fuck you – you r awesome.

Team member “Some Guy named Tom”

Laugh till your teeth fall out….

Then party…

Thats better eye contact than a porn star blowjob.

The Dish as in Mark Cavendish

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

Football is not exciting. Maybe it is and I’m not seeing it on TV. I’m okay with that. If any of you out there want to see pure sprinting excitement, and how a sprint is led out perfectly….and, how a powerful sprinter just rides away from another powerful sprinter, take a look at the vuelta. HERE IS THE YOUTUBE LINK BECAUSE i CANNOT EMBED THE VIDEO.


In fun demo news, Ibis will be at Over the Edge in Hurricane.

I’d like to thank ‘the punk’ for putting 9-11 in perspective.
On September 11, 2001, Schwinn Company, its assets, and the rights to the brand, together with that of the GT Bicycle, was purchased at a bankruptcy auction by Pacific Cycle, a company previously known for mass-market brands owned by Wind Point Partners.[46] In 2004 Pacific Cycle was, in turn, acquired by Dorel Industries. Pacific and Dorel produced a series of low-cost bicycles built in Taiwan and the People’s Republic of China, which were badged with the Schwinn nameplate and sold in large retail stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, and Costco. From its preeminent position as manufacturer of America’s most successful bicycles, the Schwinn name had become a marketing tool, now affixed to the product of another country.
Support your favorite brands and shops….without your support, they WILL be gone tomorrow.

In very important news, Mr. Andy Wheeler (AKA Millhouse) has crushed LOTOJA. They are going to need to repave certain sections because they have been blown to bits by Andys power.
To the victors….go the spoils.

Great job!

Here is Scot Nichol of Ibis asking Andy for an autograph at our Ibis demo at the High West Distillery.

Alright, watch this, then go ride.

Nearing the new year.

Saturday, September 11th, 2010

September is a special month. It signals Interbike, the bike industry trade show. A show that means many things to many people. To Mrs Dr Evil and myself, it means lots of good things. A chance to ride in warm weather, a chance to catch crossvegas, a chance to see many old friends, a chance to make our business stronger by attending seminars and of course…a chance to check out the 2011 product lines to make our customers happier cyclists. And just FYI, all 2011 product is officially available for you shoppers out there.
One gripe I have about the show is that it is not open to the public. Its because the response would be huge for the single event. In DET, the auto show was always open to the public for part of the week…but I guess the auto show was a traveling carnival, where interbike is just one opportunity….unless you count Outerbike.
Yes yes Outerbike. Take a look at the link HERE.
Let me wholeheartedly endorse Outerbike as the opportunity for the retail customer to feel special (outside of the warm feeling that you get buying a bike from us), get swag, and participate in a demo ride environment. Western Spirit said that they are going to cap the event to GUARENTEE 40% more demo bikes than riders. So, if you are in UT/CO/AZ/CA/NM….or if you are cool, let me recommend outerbike.
MDE and I will be there and you should too. And don’t bitch…its $165. The event doesn’t pay for itself, and tacking that on to your $6000 bike is just peanuts. As a matter of fact, I’ve just decided that I will take the outerbike price off of any bike purchased at DWC because you test rode it and loved it at Outerbike.
Okay, on to the good shit. Big thanks to team member Andrew who sent me the biggest air I’ve ever seen…(at the end), and a stellar clip in general

I’m shocked, and I’ve seen it a million times.
For those industry people who will be in fabulous las vegas for interbike, you should check this out…because MDE and I will be driving home that evening.

In the “best dropout bottle opener” catagory, the award goes to our man Steve Garro, of Coconino Cycles in Flagtopia, AZ.

And finally….lastly….and unnecessarily, allow me to thanks Capt. Dave of Team Evil for sending me this. You should all go ride now…or watch this over and over realizing that this chimp and humans share 99% of the same DNA and despite the E News, Opra, NAFTA or Mensa….we are all mammals.

Oh, and to all who are killing it today in LOTOJA, keep it on the rivet!

p2p in the books.

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

And thats just what I’ve heard. Why, because I was out riding yesterday, without a care in the world.

There was wildlife…

Our computer problems are over….for now. It was not without pain. I installed an old CPU from dental school days and it was 90% perfect….and very slow. Thats cool, it only took 3 hrs to set it all up and install the OS and all the software. Thats cool, I’ll prolly shoot it up with my revolver…maybe I’ll youtube it?
Ironically, I then installed our old “home computer”, a lovely dell laptop. Truthfully, its not as fast as the DharmaHomeBase computer system, but its plenty fast for the shop, considering all I do there is look up parts/diagrams, and enter stock and bills. It’ll do…and it does have the triple monitor setup.

In other business news, and why it seems like I’ve been hiding in a hole, more so than usual, is because we have installed a new operatory at the office. Its called the Bete (say beatie) chair since 1/2 the funding for it came from a gift from my late grandmother. For those of you who have not been to the shop/office, its the chair that is closest to where the bike shop starts, hence the Paula Pezzo frame on the wall. Maybe if your lucky, you can get your chompers fixed up there.

Big thanks to our staff dentist, Raechel and her husband Dennis for taking ownership of the phoenix chair. And big thanks to Dr. Bob for donating the phoenix chair to me – it got me by for 5 years and is going strong.

Top shelf to all the Dharma Riders who took part in the seasons events, here is Tim killing it.

And, lastly, in RAGBRAI withdrawl mode, allow me to post some pics from Belvis.
First, Steve and Jay on the Ibis tandem…

Another sweet tandem

Party in IA

Belvis, Jay and Steve after the party is over.

Lt. Steve showing young Jay what it means to be on team Evil.

Then, its time to for the black train of death to embark.

And with that, its time for me to embark on the days XC ride. You should do the same.