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Homie in the house.

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

If you are anywhere near MN, show up to this. Get really drunk in the woods, stand around a lot….and have a fucking awesome time at the homie….maybe you’ll fall in the fire?
Foamy Autumn Aufroad Classic

October 30th at High Noon

What: Singlespeed Rally. Bikes, Buds and Barley!
Where: Meet at Trails – to be discloses 24 hours prior the event.
What to Bring: Single speed, beer and the proper attitude. Costumes strongly recommended.
Bikes with gears will be met with sneers. Cable cutters will be on site.
This event is about riding, not leaning your bike against a tree and standing around.
It is a mass start lap event. The number of laps is up to you. Safety breaks between laps are strongly recommended.
There will be a prize for the biggest Whiner, not the Weiner!
Fabulously shitting prizes will be awarded to other categories such as best crash, safest rider, and most unsafe costume etc.

Awesome. This will make you want to kick a politician in the ballz

Get out there and ride.


Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Welcome to the first, and maybe only wedding cake topper showdown in dharma wheels history.
We have in the left corner….the Runyan topper…

and in the right corner…the Smith cake topper….

Let your conscience be your guide…
And let photoshop make your friends laugh…

In somewhat sad news, I”d like to offer my sympathy to my former bicycle industry bosses Dwight and Vickie. Farrell, Dwight’s father recently passed away. A good man, lots of spirit, VERY kind and loving.

Alright, the witching hour is upon me, so off to work I go…Hurricane Fat Tire Festival this weekend…it be 75 and sunny in HU, Jersey orders are due (see team page)….make me look good out there.

Computer is fixed….lost the website.

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

Well, “Chewy” sent me all these awesome photos of SSWC’s in NZ…and they are on the other computer and I can reload them. Done trying after 30 minutes. Thats all you bastards get.
There is plenty of other nooze….
1. OTE has announce the dates for the 2011 Fat Tire Festival. “16 gets you 20″ my friends.
Sixteen Years since the dawn of the Fruita Singletrack awakening. We want to invite you to join the fun at the 16th Annual New Belgium Brewing Fruita Fat Tire festival – April 28 to May 1, 2011 – always marked by the last Friday in April since 1996.

2. Here is “Rad” Ross in NZ….this is the best pic I’ve been sent so far.

As far as the event goes, let me give a shout out to Damon. A beautiful man with the thickest Australian accent I’ve ever heard…and don’t forget 1000 aussies roll in to work at Deer Valley in the winter time, so I get an earfull. Damon, you are the man, and when MDE and I make it to AUS, we are going to your shop….after OTE Melrose (Troy).

3. The OTE Hurricane Fat Tire Festival is this coming weekend. I’d recommend the travelodge because its close. BBQ fri night at OTE HU. Saturday, we’ll be going to Gooseberry (I think everybody really is). South rim = hard….North Rim = intermediate. Party at the sports ‘bar’ T and A’s after. Brings pads for the ride. Sunday = Little Creek = hard. Or, we’ll do Goulds/Jem/Hurricane Rim. After party/Spook alley on the 31st at the house here 7-9pm.

4. QBP/Surly sold out of their pugsley snowbikes in about 7 minutes flat. Man on man. We got a couple….good form to you fine folks who preordered.

Alright, computer is back online, weather is kinda crappy…might throw on the fenders and ride to the shop…even though we are closed today….to install the other computer and change some burned out lightbulbs. Sit back and enjoy the day…like BRose and Carter…seen here somewhere in the great midwest.

And a shout out to Stevil and DeMonika!

The breakfast of champions

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

During holiday time, our dental specialists sometimes drop off goodies. I don’t eat candy or candy corn or lollipops, or things like that….but I do eat doughnuts. And Utah is definately missing doughnut shops. That one thing that I miss about the midwest….doughnut shops. So here’s what I downed 5 minutes ago.

Its good to have vices…which is a perfect lead in to the DWC quote of the summer from one of our team members regarding their vices…
“Do you remember those fireball hard candies from when we were kids? That’s how I treat my vices…smoking, alcohol, cocaine, weed….I figure if I just roll it around in my mouth a bunch from spot to spot I won’t get burned” And you thought all we had were pro racers. Shame on you.
Forgot if I posted a pic from Steve’s shop. This is Manzo, me and Gullo getting Tom’s bike ready for the trail.

Here is another pic Steve took that is beautiful….

Good luck to all today and tomorrow for this.

And with much luck, the Eben/DrJon best bar end competition has ended in a draw…

honorable mention…


Alright, go out there and ride…..before it rains/snows.

Getting a jump on Halloween…

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Getting a jump on halloween is Capt. Tom, working on his Jon Kolon costume at Casa de Colon….complete with bike industry sweatshirt, glasses, DWC hat and a ponytail…its actually mine that is being mailed off to Locks of Love. Isn’t that cute?

Very authentic. He even mustered up a bad attitude, medium funny jokes and vast knowledge of 1990′s bicycle racer trivia to complete the costume.
I’d like to thank Gary and Nancy, both excellent team members, for sending me pictures of a burro and a dental office sign in Moracco.

Cyclocross season is here and I have yet to even hop on a cross bike. 3 cheers to Capt Dave for his excellent beer handup and devilishly handsome looking wolves of portland cross kit.

And kudos to the CSU cycling team….and their fans….who say “Ram it hard”….They’re the rams you know.

The new fashion in cyclocross is to show up with a fucking livingroom set and hang out all day and smoke pot. Man, I wish I was back in college….or maybe I dont.

You will need to see this….look, these guys wear the same pads as Wayne!

Alrighty, if you are in the Park City area, better go ride before the rain this weekend….go out there and KICK ASS!


Sunday, October 17th, 2010

The riding is excellent. And I know the shop was safe yesterday….

And thats good, because Mrs. Dr. Evil was out riding….in full pads.

She was leading me out at Gooseberry Mesa….it was beautiful.

And after a quick trip to the AZ strip district to “window shop” for fat tire beer, we headed back to go to the sports bar in Hurricane. They don’t serve liquor, but they do serve Zion Brewing microbrew.

Oh, by the way, Steve Garro was 100% right, the main street cafe in Hurricane has the best breakfast in the area….and I can tell you that compared to todays Travelodge breakfast, it was heaven. Too bad that they are closed on Sundays…as most businesses (including ours) is on Sundays.

Alright, its time to ride….watch this.


Saturday, October 16th, 2010

The speed of the internet connection down here at the Travelodge cannot keep up with my update power.
Does that make sense? It really doesn’t matter – does it?
For all my Detroit Players……Thunderdrome happens today. You should be there. I actually wish I was there. I guess I’ll just have to go and ride Gooseberry with Mrs. D. E instead. Our best wishes to the participants…..I hope you light up Dorais. When I was a younger cyclist in Michigan, we would sit around, drink Old English 800 on porches, and dream about rebuilding the Detroit velodrome, which was built for the 1969 USA track nationals. Wanna know how I remember that?

Iggy rules…but don’t take my word for it.

I would like to offer a report of the Pines to Mines, which I occurred a week before I was in Flagstaff. Maybe next year boys…..
Mark has informed me that Jim and Kim are once again putting on the FOTP 2010…This is a great event, and I highly recommend it.

Alright, go out there and ride some, son.

Firing on All cylinders.

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Today I am dangerous. Well rested, motivated….excited. I was actually laying awake at 6am just waiting for 6:30 to show up so I could start the day….
So, let me first begin with a wrap up of Interbike. As many of you know, I have been in communication with Andy T, who is largely in charge on interbike and lobbying for moving the dates of the venue to after Labor day….and on a personal level, lobbying for it to stay in LV. I’d like to thank QBP and SBS specifically for polling their customers and to Interbike for making a change. I’ll be booking my room at the Tuscany this month.
Read more HERE.
Let me wrap up 2010 interbike by saying this. 2011 is one of those years where many companies have made significant changes in their technologies. 2011 will be a good year to buy a new bike or components. Let me recommend the thousand other websites that have more professional coverage of interbike – they’ve got more time and money than I do. Mag sites, velonews, NBDA, pinkbike….you name it.
Let me say this though. Kim and I spent over 10 hrs in seminars learning about product….like shimano shoes. There were people at the show who didn’t spend 10 hrs being sober.

Take a look at shimano’s $1000 display. Everyone was walking by, pointing and saying “thats cool”. I actually had Dan the Man talk to us for 30 minutes about why shimano shoes rock. They will continue to be the only shoe we carry at the shop in 2011. And thank you Dan.
In 1000 years, when Kim and I pay off the office, we are both buying CoMooters. They retail for about $9500, and are badass.

Maybe I”ll put a basket on the front?

And lastly, I’d like to thank Stevil for picking the Peppermill as a venue….and for posting this flattering pic of me at the peppermill…

So, to recap…..Interbike was fun, we’ve been updated on the 2011 product. Come and pick our brains.
Bathroom break, more coffee, back in the saddle
Lets talk about Moab and Outerbike.

Yes, a glorious day….and a fun after party at the Gonzo Inn.

Outerbike turned out to be a success according to our sources at Ibis and Turner. People paid good money to ride bikes, got to ride both around the venue and on the porcupine rim. Man….what a deal.
Don’t start sharpening knives if you missed it….there will be a 2011 demo tour and a Dealer Camp that the public may attend. Alright, pictures….This is the top of the whole enchilada.

Here is Tom looking very manly at the trailhead.

Isn’t Warner Lake beautiful?

Look at these rockstars at the Hazard Co. trailhead….

And for your education, the col over Andy’s right ear is where we came through.

Take a look at the google earth view.

Well done team, great ride, good times. Thank you Moab.
On to the southern Journey…
So I went on a cycling road trip that started with me driving to Hurricane last Thursday night. The weather was crappy at the start of last week in the west with tornadoes in FLG, hail in Phoenix, and rain in UT. The JEM trail was legendary…tacky and smooth from the rain.

So, then I make the 4 hr drive to Flagstaff, and find Mark, Steve, Barry and Tom all assembling Tom’s brand new Coconino.

I had to get a pic of this…

Here is Steve showing me how frame alignment works….

Then off to the Pay and Take…where I locked up my folding bike. And by the way….there were no parking spots even close to the Monte V (hotel), so I parked blocks away, and shuttled my bags in with said folding bike….that thing is worth its weight in gold.

And here it is in the hotel room.

Speaking of hotel rooms, let me remind you that they are all named for famous people who stayed there. I stayed in the Robert Englund Room.

Allow me to thank Mark, Luke and Annie for a beautiful ride through the pines….it was a little slow since I had the 34lb Chilcotin…but worth it for the downhills.

And of course, the ride ended where the suds were.

It was a pleasure attending the Runyan wedding in Gilbert. A pleasure to make it back to the MV to see Shindagger, a pleasure to see Kim and Joe Murray. A pleasure to see Smiddy. Pleasure to see Benson.
Then, in the morning, you realize that things never change…like hippies working on their cars at 8am outside of the MV..

I paid my bill, and put a nickel with Jimmys Angel.

THen I went to ride the AZ trail on the Kaibab plateau (that would be what makes the grand canyon).

Then, back to Hurricane…where in the morning, I rode Gooseberry Mesa. One word…awesome.

And then a 4.5 hr drive back to PC.
Hows that for a hell of a trip. Anyway thanks to all…hope you enjoy the pics.

Flag….in the books.

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

“Dude…..nothing is fucked……….”
And if you can read that aloud to yourself in a John Goodman voice and not crack up… shouldn’t be reading this blog.
I have survived Flag……but just barely. Friends of mine had to post bail last night. I had no part in that (posting the bail that is).
Here is me at Casa Coconinio

Sometimes when we touch, the honesty is too much

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Someone has a cross race going on today…I’ll be packing for Flagstaff.
we will be at Willow Creek Park, which is off Old Ranch Road off SR224. This is a great race to be ready for Weber this weekend. I’ll have the course setup by 5:30pm. We’ll have 30 minutes of warm-up and practice. The first race will start at 6pm and the second race will start 6:30pm.
Here’s the Season Schedule:
Race #2 Oct 6th Willow Creek Park
Race #3 Oct 13th Trailside Park
Race #4 Oct 20th Quinn’s Junction Sports Complex / NAC
Race #5 Oct 28th Park City Park
Race #6 Nov 3rd Finals – TBD
These races are not licensed, sanctioned or even permitted, so ride at your own risk.

This makes me laugh…

What makes me smile is my old friend that came to visit. I had a Ibis made a long time ago when the old shop I used to work for carried Ibis. Built it….rode it….raced it….stripped it…then it sat around in a box. We’ll, even when your the custom shop, you still get a few parts laying around…..eventually enough to build it back up as your sunshiny townie. Enjoy…I’ll prolly post more pictures because this bike is awesome!

Let me remark on our Moab/Outerbike trip. It was great. Thanks to all who made it…it was kinda like interbike….except without the weekend after to recover…..
I’d like to show you what humor looks like in the medical setting, since I try to use it every day to take the edge off people. Our man Scot had a strange tumble which gave him lesion that turned into a beautiful smiley face…top shelf nursing staff – your hired.

I, on the other hand, over padded, but had a blast.

It is at this time that I have a special thank you. Or set of thank yous. Knolly bikes, Over the Edge Sports Hurricane and Tom and Andy. These people facilitated our shop (for this trip, basically me) being able to have a demo Knolly Chilcotin to ride in Moab for The Whole Enchilada. Seriously my friends….thank you. You are why I am in this pain in the ass business.
And rounding out our fun pictures, our shop recently added Dahon to our lineup. Folding bikes you say. Yes. They are more fun than you even realize.

Standard gearing, 20″ wheels, and the capacity to fold it down to a storable/packable/whatever size in 30 seconds. I’ve got one of the shops in the car right now. Mrs D. E. has to go to work today. I put the Dahon in the car last night (and by the way, it would fit in a trunk) so I wouldn’t forget it. Fenders, racks, kickstand, etc. I’d ride Ragbrai on this thing. I’m taking it (along with the Chilcotin) to Flagtard with me. It even fits Milhousen!

And with that, I’m off to sell custom bikes….I”ll try to do another update if I get my shit done…if not, it’ll be from the Pay and Take.