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Sunday, November 28th, 2010

I barely believe this…
“Michigan masters racer suspended for EPO use
Neal Schubel, a 45-year-old masters racer from Saginaw, Michigan, has accepted a two-year suspension from competition after the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency found that he had purchased and used synthetic erythropoietin (EPO).

According to a USADA announcement issued Wednesday, Schubel’s suspension began on November 18, 2010, the day he accepted the sanction, but his results have been negated all the way back to August of 2006. Schubel readily admitted the violation when confronted with evidence in the agency’s possession.

Under UCI and USADA rules, Schubel is also required to return any prizes earned over that four-year period, but a review of his results posted at USA Cycling’s website suggests that he needn’t worry about that aspect of the Doping Code.”
Here are those stellar results…
Race Results for Neal Schubel
Racing Age 45 from Saginaw, MI

Place Name License Time Bib Team

05/29/2010 – Tour de Frankenmuth | Road Race | | | 35-99
44 Neal Schubel 198628 2:40:43.8 638 MPI/MAINSTREET RACING
05/09/2010 – Tour of Kensington Valley | Road Race | Masters | 35-44 |
DNF Neal Schubel 198628 728 MPI Main Street
05/17/2009 – Tour of Kensington Valley Road Race | Road Race | Junior | MR | 35-99
30 Neal Schubel 198628 02:09:44 742 MPI/Mainstreet
05/04/2009 – Cone Azalia Classic Road Race | Road Race | Junior | MR | 35-99
DNF Neal Schubel 198628 218 MPI-MAIN STREET RACING
07/20/2008 – Big M Cross Country | Cross Country | | | 40-49
DNF Neal Schubel 198628 DNF 493 CYCLE FIT CYCLING
06/22/2008 – Superior Bike Fest | Omnium | Junior | MR | 35-39
6 Neal Schubel 198628 0:35:05 541 cyclefit sports
06/21/2008 – Superior Bike Fest | Omnium | Junior | MR | 35-39
12 Neal Schubel 198628 2:38:13 541 cyclefit sports
06/20/2008 – Superior Bike Fest | Omnium | Junior | MR | 35-39
12 Neal Schubel 198628 0:32:00 541 cyclefit sports
06/08/2008 – Tour of Cedar Creek- Dan Cihak Memorial | rr | | |
17 neal SCHUBEL 198628
05/24/2008 – Tour De Frankenmuth | Road Race | Junior | MR | 35-39
4 Neal Schubel 198628 119 CYCLEFIT SPORTS CLUB
05/19/2007 – Tour Of Kensington Valley | Stage Race | Junior | MR | 35-99
16 Neal Schubel 198628 9 602 Cyclefit Sports
08/06/2006 – Big M Cross Country | Cross Country | | | 35-44
07/01/2006 – Stony Creek XC Marathon | Cross Country | | | 35-44
DNF Neal Schubel 198628 539 HEALTH DELIVERY GIANT
05/07/2006 – Cone Azalia Classic | Road Race | Junior | MR | 35-44
7 Neal Schubel 198628 20:45:52 202 HEALTH DELIVERY
07/29/2005 – International Tour de Toona-Series Race | Road Race | Cat 3 | |
51 Neal Schubel 198628 1:46:29 723 Health Delivery Inc.
06/08/2003 – Tour of Cedar Creek – Dan Cihak Memorial | Road Race | | MR | 35-44
15 Neal Schubel 198628 746 Team Revolution
08/07/2004 – ADA Criterium | Criterium | | Master |
99 Neal Schubel 198628 343 Team Revolution Racing Inc.

Alright! doping to finish midpack at a masters 45 race. Dude, this guy totally needs a $15,000 bike from my shop.

In very impressive serious news, I forgot to tell you all that I attended a pro triathlete party in Colorado Springs during my time there. Let me tell you how it goes. First of all I show up 4 non utah beers into it. Then, while everybody enjoys their Michelob ultra, my compadres make sure that I don’t have a hand without a beer or glass of wine in it. Everybody reaches the same level of wastedness after about 2 hrs….then we all watch Pink Floyds the wall while I drink tequila and the other party goers drink 12 glasses of water so they can sober up enough to drive home.
You may think this is gay, but I did ask the very serious question of “is it more important to have aero wheels or lighter wheels for your average road course/hilly road course”. Do you know the answer? Well let me tell you, every single person at the party answered correctly….Aero. And without hesitation. So, poke fun if you wish, but they are all faster than you.
Alright, you may need MSDREVIL to translate, but all I have to say is listen for the car alarm (chirp chirp) at the end.

Let me also say that the Flight of the Pigs happened on Friday. And I was not there. I hear it was a bit cool. Here is the 2009 video that honestly I’m AMAZED that I’m not seen in. Jesus, I was loud, intoxicated, riding with Lance/Freedom Crew/Durango crew. WTF?

The STU Post.

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Man the site had a lot of hits yesterday….and I didn’t even post anything funny.
This is funny…..

Allow me to give you the official SRAM STU post to the Angry Owner.
Backstory- As you may/should/may not know, Dharma Wheels is the SRAM service center for our area. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? It means that for almost a decade I’ve been attending a class in Colorado Springs that explains to me in complete detail how to service SRAM products. From routine service to repair to warranty claims. Drivetrains, Avid brakes, Truvative stuff, Rockshox forks/shocks. Because I do like to brag, let me say that I attended the very first STU. And because I like to give credit where credit is due, let me personally thank SRAM (too many friends to name individually) for the program, QBP for putting up my tuition, Ange and Brian for housing me and finally ChrisP and Nate for attending the class with me. Let me start out by saying how proud I was that our little “Park City” group really set the curve for class performance.
Getting There – So Chris, Nate and I decide to go to STU. Mrs.D.E is out of the country, I like to ride bikes, Nate has a race in Ft. Collins….so ChrisP and I leave early to ride in Moab before our journey to the Springs. It was awesome. Its honestly been 10 years I think since Chris and I have had a chance to take a bike trip together…just us. Wow, it was great. As many of you know, Chris guides for Marty, and has intimate knowledge of the Moab area. Other than the 24hr course and Burro pass, I don’t know shit because I always pass up Moab to go to Fruita to get liquored up with Troy.
So here are a couple of pics from Moab. We rode the Soverign trail and the Baby Steps/Klondike Bluffs trail. Awesome.

Front Range – So we leave Moab, coast into Fruita on fumes…

, stop for lunch in Fruita at Fiesta Guadalajara, and continue to Denver. There is a snow storm on independence pass. We slide a little, but make it there safely. Troy, who has just returned from Australia, wants me to go to the Avalanche game and sit in Gordon’s box. That’s cool. Great game, great meal….thanks you guys.

Then off to the springs, with STU in the morning.

SRAM has a classroom and a lab area where you learn, then perform.

Here is ChrisP, getting ready to perform…

Class content is excellent. Usually, the classes are full. I’m a little pissed that many people bagged the class last second (most likely because they didn’t have any financial loss associated with canceling). There is always a wait list for people to attend too, so its crummy for SRAM to have to not run at full steam. I’d expect nothing less from amateur shops…thats cool.
So there is theory, then you move to the lab and start bleeding brakes and taking apart forks. Its pretty easy to see who has taken apart a lower before and who has not. Let me give credit to our QBP folks who attended the class and stepped bravely into an area of service that was not what they were used to. They all performed fantastically. In all seriousness, I would trust any one of them to rebuild my Reba over any other shops in town here (except Dharma Wheels and Endurance of course). Its pretty funny, after about the 8th shock, the group gets a little cocky, then you move to a bled damper Vivid. Even I have never had to bleed a Vivid damper but I could if the need was there now. Last, but certainly not least is the Boxxer. An incredible fork that kinda shakes it up for people once they have found a new comfort zone.
So big thanks to David and Gregg….and Chuckles….our instructors. Well, Chuck rolled in on the last day and just provided ‘extra moral support’ for our shock overhauls. Thanks to you guys (and QBP) for the meals, the drinks, the stories, and most importantly, helping us to be even better mechanics.
Alright, go out there and ride your snow bike, your rollers, or your skis. Eat some Turkey, Drink some beer. Maybe some of you went out last night on ‘the biggest bar night of the year’. I used to. Me, I was in bed after a movie at around 9:30. You, I’ll bet you were partying and have an F5 Hangover.

All I got today.

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

Tired, from a week of being out of town. This comes to us from ChrisP.

More later….maybe.


Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Battening down the hatches. Saturdays Post.

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

This is from Saturday….sorry…..kind of.
There is a 65% chance that I actually may come close to getting all my shit done before I leave for Moab this afternoon. I”m excited, I haven’t done a cycling trip with ChrisP is years…did you hear that? Years. I’ll see if I can let you know how it goes.
Take a look at this….and before you Poo Poo Boulder and say “doesn’t anybody work around here?”, see what an impressive number of people show up for “practice”.

Wednesday Morning, Boulder from jamie kripke on Vimeo.

Hurl sent me THIS….you figure it out.
Check out the meeting.

I do have Homie photos….which were sent to me since I was not there….

And for christs’ sake, watch this.

Follow Me – the Teaser from Anthill Films on Vimeo.

Inside out.

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Enjoy this little snippit from PDX’s finest racing team….

Ironclad Performance Wear Cycling Team: A Summer Behind Bars [TEASER] from Will Walle on Vimeo.

I went out there and raced last Saturday. First cross race, great field, Tomas’ birthday, no training….why not?
It was fun.

You could hear the evil thunder all the way in Costa Rica

The race was won however by some superhuman athlete.

And just in case you were wondering, I finished both DFL, and most intoxicated. Jesus…..I use to win these things.
001 ASHBRIDGE Ryan 905 Revolution 11/06/2010 Andy Ballard Equestrian Center, Draper
002 PITKIN Bo 908 The Church of the Big Ring 11/06/2010 Andy Ballard Equestrian Center, Draper
003 BURTON John 913 Joyride Bikes 11/06/2010 Andy Ballard Equestrian Center, Draper
004 JOHNSON Christian 911 11/06/2010 Andy Ballard Equestrian Center, Draper
005 WASMUND Steve 903 Cutthroat Racing 11/06/2010 Andy Ballard Equestrian Center, Draper
006 DEAR Jess 912 RMCC/Cyclesmith 11/06/2010 Andy Ballard Equestrian Center, Draper
007 ZENGER Joel 925 Racer’s Cycle Service 11/06/2010 Andy Ballard Equestrian Center, Draper
008 SUNDERLAGE Rick 901 Adobe 11/06/2010 Andy Ballard Equestrian Center, Draper
009 RASMUSSEN Eric 926 KUHL/Specialized 11/06/2010 Andy Ballard Equestrian Center, Draper
010 SAFFELL Bob 915 Revolution 11/06/2010 Andy Ballard Equestrian Center, Draper
011 HESTETUNE Brian 930 Joyride Bikes 11/06/2010 Andy Ballard Equestrian Center, Draper
012 STAINNER Tom 929 Dharma Wheels Cyclery 11/06/2010 Andy Ballard Equestrian Center, Draper
013 HUTCHINGS Dan 904 UMB Cross 11/06/2010 Andy Ballard Equestrian Center, Draper
014 KOLON Jonathan 928 Dharma Wheels Cyclery 11/06/2010 Andy Ballard Equestrian Center, Draper
Alright, I’m almost late for my massage. Here is Ibis’ top secret coating for 2012….they’ve been doing intense research with Fox for their new Sashami coating…

And Burke, nice ride!


Saturday, November 6th, 2010

First of all, get pissed and read this.
Then send a steaming box of dog shit here…
Judicial District Attorney’s Office
Mr. Mark Hurlbert, District Attorney
955 Chambers Rd.,
P.O. Box 295 Eagle, CO. 81631
(970) 328-694 7; (970) 328- 1016 fax

And if that doesn’t get you going, read this Letter to a Whiny Young Democrat.
Jesus, I’m glad I’m a libertarian. Or at least kinda a libertarian. Let me remind you of a slogan that my party endorses…
TANSTAAFL = There Aint No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
Wanna Join?
There will be a cross race today in Draper.
Let me recommend attending for the following reasons.
1. Its fun to race…or just stand around a drink beer watching the race.
2. Its fun to drink beer….or just stand around after racing 2 laps.
3. You could ride corner canyon.
4. You’ll want to witness my “beer handup” to a stranger in the crowd.

Let me show you some cross crusade photos of our Captain, Dave.

As the sad clown…

Winter is nearly upon us….the weather service says it arrives in waves starting on Sunday night.
Benson is ready….see.

Oh, and snobby said this is happening. I won’t be there, I just like the flyer….The funny thing, I don’t even know if that IS a picture of ‘the situation’.

Another Day, another 1/2 dollar.

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Unseasonably warm weather round here this week. Looks like my kind of weekend for maybe doing my first cross race of the year…..I’m sure I’ll place well.
Maybe I’ll get met with this…

Thats cool…since my bike kinda looks like this…..

That picture was sent to me with the quote…”tell me next time your in town”. I wasn’t there….and my traveller has a front rack and no drunkcyclist sticker….yet.
In important race news, the 25/6 hours of Frog Hollow are in Hurricane this weekend. You should go. I hear Troy Lupcho will be there…and that is a sign for sure fire good time entertainment…and fast riding. ChrisP and Nate will be rocking it. I’m still trying to decide if they get the Dharma Wheels tent….or if I will set it up for the cross race.
In cycling business news, QBP has announced a store to get smaller parts and whatnot to the customers…its called the shopatron….and here is the link

Check it out.
I’ve been asked…am I scared? No. We’re going to be a fucking testing center for Pugsley shit God Damn it!
The site is designed for smaller, not often stocked items and clothing…so that if you don’t want to wait 4 weeks for me to get a $1000 order going in the winter time to QBP just so that you can have a $2 Surly sticker, the you can just order direct.
Check out the dealer locator, type in 84060 and see who the top dog is in the state of Utah….bitches.

Oh, by the way, Evil Codename: Decorah had this sent to give people the ‘starting info for the homie”.

Jesus, you have to be a doctor to figure that shit out…

Me, I’d just ask BRose.

Alrighty, as GeneOm says…Bicycles are freedom….Get Some….and enjoy the 60 degree day out there….I will.

Post Halloween Update.

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Just in case you forgot, the biggest holiday in Park City is Halloween. It is. And we are fortunate to have the best halloween party in town right next door at Dars/Leslies. Its great. Huge. The best haunted house for the kids, the best people show up, and its always a rockin’ good time. Thanks to all who made it happen…sorry we didn’t stay later….glad nobody got arrested.
First, you have to pack up your shit and get there. Its kinda a long flight. But these guys are tough….and drink a lot.
Before I get a chance to put some Hurricane pictures up, let me put up some NZ SSWC’s photos. Though I was not there, I can narrate DeJays photos….

NZ has its own culture and its cool.

Chewy has “arranged” the accomodations. He’s actually able to sleep in this position, balancing a wine glass perfectly.

Of course, the place has a pool/pond.

You get to fool around a little bit, because after all, you ARE on vacation.

The riding kicks ass and the course rules!

There is horsing around.

and drinking…

Good times had by all.
This in from Jay (from RAGBRAI)

And don’t you wish that you had stuff like this show up in your inbox every day?

Alright, back to work I go.