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Days like this…

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

So much and so little happening all at once.
First of all, I’d like all 5 of you viewers to entertain the idea of liking the Dharma Wheels Cyclery facebook page, HERE.

My teenaged IT/social networking advisor…..advised me go back to updating the shop page that people can like…not the friend page they have to be accepted into. “Too much social pressure” he said. “What about the pressure when you have to tell a family that a member has cancer you little shit?” I replied. Thats cool, my guy has no idea who the New York Dolls are either.
So, the facebook page will have more shop related things like builds, me teasing my mechanics, showing off, etc. This site will continue to have shit like this…

Alright, in cycling news, Fabian Cancellara had “nobody else in the picture” for Saturdays Prijs Vlaanderen.

straight up baller.

This weekend was spent performing top secret business down in St. George. Of course they had a race….the 50 miler called the true grit. In one of those rare AZ tornado/CA earthquake/etc moments, it rained constantly for the entire race.

I don’t even know if the race was called for the weather. So I ventured back a day early. There are bikes to fix this morning, after an hour of power in the powder.
Then maybe some handicrafts.


Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Milan -> San Remo

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

The 2011 Milan San Remo is in the books. My picks were Fabian Cancellara, Oscar Freire and Mark “the situation” Cavendish.
Looks like Matt Goss came through in the sprint.
Back in 1964, this is how the finish looked.

That would be straight up baller Tom Simpson, who would later succumb to amphetamines and “stress” on the climb of Mt. Ventoux in 67.
He had this to say about his win in 64….
“Came the last big climb, the Poggio, and Poulidor decided to throw everything into a climbing attack as he had done when he won the race in 1961. He almost surprised me, and I lost a couple of lengths but he couldn’t force it any more and I got him back, though Bocklandt and Meco were shattered by his second and third tries, and soon we were left alone. Apparently Poulidor thought he still stood a chance of winning the sprint, which is on a straight, wide road, the Via Roma in San Remo. I might point out that all I ate for the whole 180 miles were a few honey cakes and a couple of bread rolls with honey, and I drank nothing; in fact I threw out my two bidons of tea and oats and raisins in water. I attacked Poulidor at the entrance to the Via Roma, gained a quick couple of lengths on him, and then led him right in for the last 500 metres. At first, he tried hard to get by, but towards the end, realising he wouldn’t do it, and knowing there was no one else behind, he sat up and gave me best. It was chaotic, because I have always been popular in Italy, and the crowd went wild with joy, and I had to escape in a car for fear of being suffocated. I learned afterwards that I had broken the record for the event at more than 27.1 mph against the previous record of 26.6 mph. What did I get? Not a penny, though I won £400.”

Thanks to the DC folks for the link.

I hope you all had a great St. Paddys day. This photo of Sheldon made its way to my mailbox. A good man and the kind of mechanic I still wake up every day trying to be.

I’m sure you’ve seen this from Black Cat…

Many of you know that I don’t care for eastern European food, despite my ethnic roots….I do like the bikes and beer though.

Pure Blood 2011 from FIXIE Inc. on Vimeo.

Oh yeah, I told Hurl I’d post this. The event started 2 hrs ago….if you want, I’m sure you’ll catch up.

Happy St. Pattys day to you.

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Do you know what the Ides of March refers to? I bet you don’t. I’ll bet you can find out on the Wikipedia. Ides refers to the 15th….but its most famously known for the day Julius Caesar was murdered. You’d almost think I had a BFA. I don’t – I just remember a lot of shit.

You should see this.

A Hill in Spain from chris akrigg on Vimeo.

And you thought a Softride was well….soft.

Friday, March 11th, 2011

I heard about this. Thanks to Steve for the link.

The Ibis 29er

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

This from Chuck Ibis himself. I know…I’ve got 25 people who want to buy Ibis 29ers even if they are made out of balsa wood. Hold tight my friends. The Turner Sultan will more than get you buy for this season. For 2012, beware of the Ibis 29r.


We have made no secret that we are working on a 29″ wheeled suspension bike. As a result, there has been a lot of speculation about when we will release it and what features it will have.

With the Mojo, the Mojo SL, the Tranny and the HD we’ve set a standard that we feel obliged to meet or surpass with each new bike. With each new bike we release, we’re in competition with ourselves, a challenge we don’t take lightly. We want to produce the best bike we possibly can.

It takes a lot of time and effort to do this, and we don’t think that our loyal Ibis fans would accept anything less.

Here’s a little bit of information about our process:
After we decide among ourselves what kind of a bike we want to build and how we want it to ride, Dave Weagle of dw-link fame is consulted on the suspension requirements. This is a big and important step in and of itself. From there we develop gestural drawings with Roxy, our designer. Then we bring those sketches into a CAD program and develop them further with our engineer Colin and Roxy working together. When we’ve got a lot of that work complete, we go 3D. Colin and Roxy begin to work with our ace CAD jockeys and refine, optimize and beautify over and over, until we get the functionality, performance and aesthetic we demand.

In the case of the Mojo that came out in 2005, this was a three year process that cost us half-a-million dollars, and 1900 hours of time on the CAD machine. We’ve gotten better and faster, but it’s still by no means a fast process.

When we began development on the 29er over two-and-a-half years ago, we decided we wanted to try some things that have never been tried before. The frame is going to be very lightweight and will have some revolutionary features. It will be the most technologically advanced frame we have ever done.

Here’s what we can tell you right now. We hope you understand and we appreciate your patience.

* It will not be ready this riding season.
* We hope to have the first prototype by Eurobike (Sept 1ish).
* It’s going to be carbon fiber and dual suspension.
* It will be very lightweight.
* It will feature the dw-link suspension.

We’re stoked so many of you have expressed an interest in our upcoming 29er, so we wanted to let you know where it stands. We won’t have you riding it this season, but stay tuned–it will be worth the wait!

DHing Rules

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

For all of you out there who don’t think Downhill Racing is cool. Watch this and weep.
Then come in and buy a Knolly or a Turner.

VCA 2010 RACE RUN from changoman on Vimeo.


Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

People ask me all the time if I’ll do a youtube promo for Dharma Wheels.
I don’t really see it in the near future. I’d rather just sell/fix bikes and scratch out my dollar for the day.
Here is a neat one. from our friends in Portland.

21St. Avenue Bicycles Tour from James Wilson on Vimeo.

I should also post this….

Surfin For the Ugly Broads’ intro from Bone Deth Video WasteLand on Vimeo.

There have been a lot of calls at the shop asking if we’d do builds for frames and gruppos that the customers already had. Its been a little hard, but I’ve been firm about NOT scheduling anybody for builds if they bring in foreign parts. Mainly I’m concerned about the parts not fitting the bike. The person having a tapered steerer fork and a 11/8 headset…then getting pissed at me when their bike takes an extra 3 weeks to build because Chris King is out of stock on Orange 44mm headsets for tapered steerers. The other big reason is that I want people to go back to the old school way of supporting their shops. My friends at Ibis have turned me on to preventing de-valuing of bike brands I care about. What is devaluing you ask? This is from the interwebs…
Fuck you ScRAM!
To those of you out there that prefer SRAM products, I ask you why?
I’m not going to get into the warranty thing, or how many “known issues” this shit has, I just want to point something out.
I put a full XTR group on my Enduro a month or two ago and have been trying to get ride of the SRAM group that came with it. The group is barely used and is high end stuff. If you were to buy it at retail the parts would go for $1500. Unfortunately, you can buy just about any SRAM product that you want, at below cost on the internet. And I’m not just talking about a few sites, I’m talking the market is completely flooded with this crap.
Case in point, you can get a set of Elixir CR for $159, the set retails for $450. Cranks, forget it.
I just want to point out, that all of you who have called me a hater, may want to consider this fact. I’m apparently not the only person out there that doesn’t want this shit. Everyone is selling something that is ScRAM… In the same time that it took me to get extremely frustrated looking at SRAM brake prices, I searched for Shimano. There is only one set of M980 brakes for sell and they are at retail. Everything else is an older model and still holding a descent price.

Fuck you SRAM!
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Now, I”m a SRAM dealer and service center for Northern Utah. I sell Elixir CR’s for $220 (each). I do lose sales all the time to wrenchscience or and it does piss me off a little. People come back for quality and to be taken care of. I see this at the dental office…some people leave to save $10 on their cleaning….but then come back because we do it better.
OK, I”m off to go sweep the shop floor before the Captain arrives.

The Truth Hurts

Monday, March 7th, 2011

The Truth Hurts my friends….

Harden the Fuck Up….
Or I”ll send Jake after them….

Never too late for a Saturday Morning Post.

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

I know that you all think I was shreading the “packed powder” or perhaps on an epic 25 mile Pugsley ride. Not really. This morning was spent cleaning the house in preparation for Mrs Dr Evil’s return from her week in Copenhagen….for work…and by work I don’t mean either of her two jobs that she does with me.
What did I do besides work while my better half was 6000 miles away.
1. Read Bikesnobs book.
2. Watched Smokey and the Bandit.
3. Recorded some Folk music.
4. Got the house cleaned up.
5. Watched the Wings loose to LA and SJ.

But there is lots to do. I believe the Salt Lake bike swap is today. If your into that, I’m sure that your already there buying a $500 mountain bike that will cost $1500 to fix. Thats cool.

As all of you know, the handbuilt bike show was last weekend in Austin. Many people have asked for my deep thoughts regarding the show.
I don’t have any. I like that ‘the public’ can go. I like that people can meet framebuilders and become more intimate with cycling. Thats about it. I don’t care how people dress, if they look like hipsters, or how many times the word “awesome” was used. I did enjoy the fallout from the show. Eben had THIS to say…scroll down past the Seattle shit.

Steve sent me this, which is the funniest and most original material I’ve seen regarding the show.

Well , the big handmade bike show of 2011 is over and all the builders and bikes have left Austin. The awards have been presented and the next show location has been announced. I didn’t get to see the show and I was too busy and maybe too broke to be part of it but that doesn’t mean I can’t come up with my own take on the whole experience…….back a few years ago I was maybe one of the biggest proponents of this show-I exhibited my work, I played two times at the big show parties in a band and I also had seminars at all three shows that I attended. I do know this show from the inside and I appreciate all that it is.
That said, I have my own awards that I came up with for the show. I hope that all who read this will see the humor in what I am implying and won’t get too offended. There will be some truth in what I write, even if it might seem more than a little sarcastic. I assume we are all adults and can get through this without any major shit storms.
Here it is, your 2011 overopinionated framebuilder awards:
1. Greatest disparity in orders vs. wait list award. This award is given to the builder who has the longest waiting time for a frame while having the least actual amount of frames on order.
2. Best spousal income. This award is presented to the framebuilder who’s spouse has the highest paying job , along with best benefits that allows the builder to operate without having to actually make a wage.
3. Most complete disregard for structural soundness in pursuit of aesthetic appeal. This most coveted award is given to the builder who succeeds in making a striking work of art that will no doubt disintegrate when ridden off even a very modest curb.
4. Best imitation of last years ‘Best in show’. -No explanation needed for this one…..we have all seen it every year.
5. Finest application of paint and graphics to hide shoddy workmanship. This award is pretty much the ‘bike that fooled most of the people almost all of the time’ certification and there are few entries that get by the keen eye of the folks at the show , but every once in awhile……
6. Bike that starts yet another annoying trend. Not easy to get, this one. A true visionary is needed to create a piece of work that makes the inner conformist moron come out in all of us.
7. Builder that has disappointed more customers but is still highly regarded. To be frank, I have to tip my hat to the person who takes this particular trophy home-I have to be accountable for what I do……I don’t know how they get away with treating good meaning customers like disposable garbage.
8. Best ‘Spin’ award. This prize goes to the builder who can sell literally the ‘sizzle’ and have no ‘steak’. I guess it could be the honorary ‘ Snake oil salesman’ award, but then that would be unfair to the snake oil trade. This could also also be called the: “Excellence in pandering” award.
9. Most prohibitively expensive townie. I always though that the ‘townie’ would be the cheapest bike in the catalogue……….boy, did I get it wrong or what ?
10. Bike with the least structural integrity. This award is very much in the spirit of award # 3 except for the chance that this builder didn’t particularly have aesthetic or structural concerns for his/her entry . This would be the classic ‘Concept bike”-Ironic in that the builder might have no concept at all of what a bike really is.
11. Boldest display of questionable ‘innovation’. Here’s the medal presented to the original thinker……..too bad he/she has little to actually think with.
12. Most cryptic and mysterious dialect. This is awarded to the builder who can speak at length about his/her craft without anyone having the slightest clue what the hell he/she is talking about.
13. Most merchandise in booth that have nothing to do with bicycles and/or the show. This prize is given to the builder who mistook the handbuilt bike show for a garage sale. Hey, it costs to do the show……I gotta make some money here…..interested in some pre-1955 cranberries ?
14. Highest price/lowest value bike. The winner of this award would have to be nothing short of a genius-that is, if the bike actually sold.
15. First/last award. This particular prize goes to the builder who devotes 100′s of hours to making a truly remarkable and special work of bicycle art that he/she will probably sell at a horrendously low price and realize that such an undertaking was not worth the time. Upon realizing this the builder decides to stop building altogether. This could be called the : “I should have been a plumber” award , named after a builder who told us all that he really should have been a plumber…….I for one am glad that he is not.
16. Mr./Mrs. Omnipresent. This award is given to the builder who is literally in everybody’s shit on the internet. It could be 3 a.m. and you are posting a way to true hole saws in your lathe when some guy/gal immediately posts a way that they do in their shop that is so much cooler. This person would probably post a way to use the methane from a cow’s ass to fuel his/her torch , eliminating costly acetylene tank refills of $ 30 every 6 months. ”

My personal winner for best MN accent is Erik.