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Choose your weapon….

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Lots to talk about….and lots to do.
The local weather is, well, less than ideal.
If you are looking for an event to attend this weekend, let me recommend the following…
1. The Fruita Fat Tire Festival…complete with the ninja/bear/cowboy world championships in Troy’s garage. Yes, its true.
2. The Whiskey, in Prescott. Brought to you by the alcoholics at Epic Rides.

I will not be attending either, because Kim and I will be working on our new bicycle shop. Here it is folks, the first picture to leak of “Dharma Wheels South”.

We’ve got a lot of work to do…

Hopefully we didn’t make a bad decision…

Its cool, because we like to party…

One for the weekend.

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

And I know the weekend is not quite upon us…but I will be without lightning fast internet, which is not the most fun for the blog.
This is kind of a neat piece from the days of yore….just in case you think being gay is a new thing…

Being a hipster may or may not be a “new thing”….I’ll leave it for you to decide…

Perception IS reality.

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

So much to say, and once again, so little time. Another busy day in custom bike land…and I do have to work on people all morning. I’m glad to have the work.
Perhaps in the next weblog entry, I will expound the new and secret project that Mrs.DR.Evil and I have been working on. Lets just say that if you live in the Park City area, you should buy a Garmin 800 and study the following site…
Go to the trails area, select St. George….and learn. You’ll also want to know where the One and Only Bar is located, Wing Nutz, and the strip club….more later.
Speaking of events, the Fruita Fat Tire festival is approaching.

I’ve been asked to comment on an article in DC.
My answer is simple and the same as its been for years. Bicycles and components have become rather expensive because there has been an increase in the production costs and the manufacturing quality associated with said items. All I have to say is that margin in a bike shop is 30%… engineer at SRAM makes $25,000 a year if they are lucky….and there is more technology in a Fox (or any other high end brand) fork than in a motorcycle fork.
I recommend that people support their local shops and pay retail even if they have worked in shops. As a dentist, do I get my teeth cleaned or fixed for free? Fuck no! Does a retired airline pilot get free flights for their years of service? No, though they may think they are entitled to it. Do I get VA benefits because I served in the PHS? No.
The industry has many options and price points for people. You can’t see a fancy triple clamp fork and expect that it won’t cost you over $1000. There are many people out there who are in the grey market of cycling, and they hunt for deals and pressure shops to give deals. Thats cool….I think it is the responsibility of the shops to police themselves and to know whats fair. Owners, share with your staff exactly how hard it is to stay in business. I know that I was in the dark until I hung out a shingle. Don’t give your products away. Look at the business practices of shops that have gone out of business and LEARN.
Besides, if you live in Flagtopia, your loaded…

Hey, here’s a picture of my buddy Dave, who ran the sales floor of the old shop I used to work at.

In riding news, the season is full on upon us for some…

Which bus are you going to hop on this year?

Be safe out there…

And let me know if you need a new bike.

And just in case you are laughing….I used to sell these – no joke…..thats how old I am.

Sometimes things just fall into place

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

They do sometimes.
Quote of the Paris-Roubaix, Fabian Cancellara “Fuck the peloton, if I would have stopped for coffee in the middle of the race, the whole peloton would have stopped with me”
Just in case Jens Voigt wasn’t already your favorite european rider, take a look at this….

I’ve been informed that te new evil jerseys have arrived…..They are being “prepped” for mailing.

I’m sure they will find their way into responsible hands…

Its a nice day out there, go and ride…

Or maybe hang out and wear a funny hat.

Doesn’t Floyd Landis look like Kid Rock?
Its a wild world out there…especially if you are a hipster…

And hey…..keep it real…

Lots of big news.

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

There is lots of big news out there. And being an “industry highroller”, the social and intellectual equivalent of the queen bee in a junior high school cafeteria, I”ve got much to share today….and next week.
First, I hope you all watched the Tour of Flanders last weekend. Paris-Roubaix is this weekend. Get your cigarettes, pomme frites, and Belgian beer. Look out for Tom “cocaine is my ally” Boonen….maybe he’ll let your see his s-word.

Alright, in super top secret news, the people at the bike company that starts with an I and ends with an S have a prototype for their 29er. That means that this could be the 2012 29er…..or everything could change.

Very rad. The weather has been unsettled here. When this happens for more than 24hrs the locals start getting Seasonal Affect Disorder. We all dream of moving to Tuscon to ride with DeeJay.

But there are lots of things to do indoors when its pissing rain and snow outside….
You could get a tattoo…

Catch up on some TV…

Work on your hair…

Hang out

Work on your bike

Read up on the Lance doping arguments and then take sides

Or, listen to some classics….

Who knows, maybe your sitting around “doing the dance” instead of really trying to find a job? I hear this story 25 times a year, and no, I have never once allowed anybody to use my bike shop as a reference for the unemployment office so that they can fuck off all week without having to prove that they did an interview somewhere.
“In other not-so-related bike news…I lost my job. My unemployment was approved so that was a relief. I have all my days and nights and weekends to just ride bikes, go to dinner, and chill with good friends. I don’t think I have eaten dinner out this much in 5 years.
That’s (buddy’s name deleted, as well as photo for privacy). She keeps me busy when I am freaking out about what to do with the hours and the days. We lift weights, ride bikes, and eat a lot. I even clean her apartment while she is at work.”

2011 Tour of Flanders

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

…is today 4pm eastern time, Versus….also known in the cycling world as “The Religion Channel”.

I’ve already been told that you can watch it right now on the french and Flemmish channels….but alas, I don’t know how to stream.

My pics for the top spot go to Tom Boonen and Fabian Cancellara. Its going to be a battle out there.
Take a look at Eddy on the Mur……total baller.

Clown Day 2011

Friday, April 1st, 2011

It seems nobody remembers clown day in Park City. April 1st, or Clown Day as it was known used to be legendary….back when Park City had a Rugby Team. Those who were “dedicated” enough to the scene would take the day off from work, dress up in funny outfits (hence, clown day), and congregate around the sunny ski runs of PCMR and Snowbird, ingesting large amounts of drugs and alcohol. On the season pass for the Bird, there is still a clause in there that if you are found disorderly on clown day, you will loose your pass and they will never issue a season pass ever again….thats how rowdy it used to be.

Well, days/months/years pass, friends move away/go to rehab/die, and clown day mellows. I’ll be at work today in custom bike land. Its nice out….there will be a ride….and “The Alamo” later. My old business partner is in town….and you never know who might show up.
For 650B, I give you, the sticky hand tattoo.

For MrsDrEvil, the devil…..he’s German……obviously.

One of my “Coastie” friends who has a mustache sent me this…

And lastly and leastly, enjoy YOUR ride today.