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Let the radness continue

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

There was bike riding last weekend….I can prove it.

Somebody brought whiskey to go with the beer…

It was nice.

Very nice. Those folks at Independent Fabrication make a hell of a titanium touring bike. Not as fast as Tom’s or Andy whips, but man, all the comfort of a lazy boy…and it hauls beer.
Speaking of beer, I’d like all you team evil people to drop your cocks for a minute, I have a RAGBRAI plan.
Yes, tickets have been purchased. I will be flying into Omaha on Friday, July 22nd. Assembling the bike at the Crescent Bar in downtown Omaha…Bill, the owner has room for bike cases if you faggots need storage facilities. I’ll be dirty bagging Friday night to Council Bluffs….getting down to Glenwood on Saturday afternoon for the expo. I know you all hate this so I’ll include it – so I’ve paid up the $25 to do the day ride on Sunday. Yes, I actually don’t believe in poaching festivals or rides…let your conscience be your guide….then….Monday- bright and early, I’ve got to get back to Omaha. Its 65 miles due west. There may be wind…..there may be a cab. Back to the Crescent to unbuild a bike, buy more beer and food…then fly out at 6…because Dealer Camp is the rest of the week.
Hopefully, Cheever makes it.

Alright, its time to go down south…its still too wet to ride up here…

Its been a while….

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

It has, because I had to take a trip to the home of Robocop and Beverly Hills Cop, Detroit. Kid Rock says hi, Ted Nugent may run for president…and you can still buy a house south of 8 mile for $1000…as long as you can afford $15,000 a year in property taxes. By the way, here is the mural at the Delta SkyMiles Club…

But its good to be back in utah, where you see this…

or California, where you see this…

In local news the fabulous people of the Mountain Trails Foundation have published their trail report…HERE.
In fun news, its bike to work day on Friday, but Kim and I will be in Santa Clara working on the shop.

With the help of team captain Tom, we discovered the Santa Clara Margarita. Those of you who know me are aware that I don’t care for sugary drinks. Not just because of the dental side effects, but because it just doesn’t make me feel great. So, you’ll never see me order a margarita out at a restaurant because the odds of them having a sugar free mix is a million to one. So the Santa Clara Margarita is…Two shots Tequila Herradura – which can be found on the top shelf of the liquor store tequila section. Fill the glass with ice, then Crystal Light to the rim….no salt. Garnish of lime optional. Your other hand is free to hold a beer. And that is that. Light, refreshing, plenty of booze, and no sugar. Yes I know, yellow 5 and all the additives are not exactly healthy…but do you think I care?
Here is another picture from The Zen Trail…nice huh?

On the trail, its important to watch for rattlesnakes, but occasionally, you find these cute little guys out on Barrel Roll.

Alright, that is all. Get down south this weekend….77 and sunny bitches.

Defcon 5

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Well, its THAT busy, but I”m not worried. Been a great week with lots of hard work. This will be a short blog since I do not have anything important to say except man, the (bicycle) industry is sure backedup/soldout/behind this year. And I don’t mean that in a judgmental way….the industry is more high tech than anybody in the consumer public realizes and is infiltrated by people of low potential and production. And you wonder why Bruce Gordon is so grumpy?
Riding season is upon us….kinda. Still tons of snow in the mountains….there is still a patch of snow in our yard.
Thanks god for southern Utah.
But if your out there, be safe please….I really don’t have time for shit like this…

I’m burning the candle at both ends…

Its so lonely at the top…