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I love Tyler.

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Big props to Tyler for a stage win in the Tour De Suisse. W is for more than winning. It makes me think of Joe Hill, who by the way said that he wouldn’t be caught dead in Utah, where he was executed by firing squad….so they cut him up and a buried a little piece in every state…but Utah. Hills final words “don’t mourn….organize.” BANG.

Good on ya son.
The riding in Orange county is….well…at it always is. Lots of cars on the roads, dry trails, Eucalyptus trees. Nice to get in climbing rides of over 2500 feet with not a ton of difficulty…maybe I’ll be okay for LOTOJA?
Here is a reference picture since I didn’t feel like taking my camera out on day one…then the battery died after the camera spent 10 hrs searching for a signal at Dana Point. This is Sean.

Of course, the Wizzard staff world championships happened….it went down like this…

Here is Steve, a day late and almost a dollar short.

And Zeke

Who also opted for the Sunday version. Sweet.
I’d like to share with you the boston bruin bar tab…..the $100,000 bottle of booze comes in an 80 lb gold bottle if your wondering why its so expensive.

I love hockey fans…

Crusher in the tusher countdown….RAGBRAI countdown….DEALER CAMP countdown….and Ibis demo countdown…more sooner than later.

Dirt Burger Report…

Friday, June 17th, 2011

First of all…
well, hey, its opening day at DV…Hoo Rah…my DH bike doesn’t even have the frame faced and chased.
First of all, if you live in northern utah, you should attend the trailside bike park opening. Tomorrow, Saturday…11-5. DWC in the house 2-5. $5 donations for whiskey shots for MTF/Basin Rec.

Alright….we need to talk about the Dirtburger.
Lets start with it founder. Skippy and I used to take long hot showers together, and in between handholding sessions, we talked about the future of cycling events….as single speed worlds was becoming more and more popular…and really the only super large event left that you can really have fun at whether you are out for a family fun day with the kids or just want to see naked people in an IA cornfield at 3 in the morning is RAGBRAI.

but back on track….The desire is to ALWAYS create more local and fun events. I know what your thinking for a bike dream destination…..Park City, Fruita, St. George/Hurricane, Flagstaff……Decorah IA….right? Where the fuck is Decorah? google map it HERE. Decorah has wonderful trails, great people and lots of taverns/eateries to eat. They don’t care if you camp under their underpasses, build a huge bonfire for someone to fall in super drunk, or smoke weed in their cemeteries. I don’t know about you – but that’s how I define destination cycling.
So the dirtburger exists in Decorah in June…..its been around for 3 years….thats enough time for it to grow and for the intellegencia to ride the tide higher until it becomes the Sea Otter. Anyway, Chewy send me this report.
So you show up on Friday, maybe set up camp….then go to a tavern to meet your friends/people who will become your friends.

One in every 3 attendees works for QBP, so they may bitch about working for ‘the man’. It is always at this point that I enjoy telling the young-ins that I in fact am also “the man”…and didn’t see it from “the mans” side of things until I opened up my brick and mortar shop 6 years ago. Good times – show me your ipad so I can spill beer on it.
Then you camp…..and get up the next morning and ride…

There is bucketball in the afternoon…

stock car racing in the distance…


and entertainment…

With Beery ghost stories as well as tales of conquest until the fire goes out…

I’ll be there next year for sure….you should too.

Spring is in the air

Monday, June 13th, 2011

And that is because, lo and behold, the flowers are up…

Never in my time living in Park City have I seen such a late summer, such a large snowpack, or the trails this far behind.
Besides working on getting peoples bikes built up and forks serviced, I actually rode this weekend. Friday was a dirt flavored day. Flying dog was full of wet spots…and people. Good to see people out there, little hard for me because I could spend all day out there shooting the shit…if I had all day. Oh well, nice day for a ride.
Speaking of dirt…the Dirtburger happened. I know its late to post…but hey, its in IA….and those of you in MN already knew about it….so fuck off.

Next year that sucker will be in the crosshairs…because I most likely will not be doing RAGBRAI three years in a row…unless I win the lottery and hire two more people at the office/shop. You pick the odds.

Saturday was a lovely day to visit one of my favorite places. Wolf Creek Pass. The snow was very Gavia…to say the least.

Sunday brought another great day of riding….this time on the touring bike….tackling the 15% short grades and gravel of Silver Creek. One of these weekends I”m going to see if those backroads can get me to Tollgate.

Alright, prepare your livers….

Should be a blast….with the training diet/etc I”ve been sticking to, my staff will be two cans high while I’m asleep on the couch.

NOTE: Trailside party to celebrate the opening of the bike park. SATURDAY, 11-5. DWC tent and Bon Scot bar 2-5.

This is a big one…like a 777 landing on an aircraft carrier

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Yup, this is the one that you’ve finally been waiting for…so start with this…

Then, find the honesty in this…

Lets get a few very important things out of the way.
#1, Jed has made it happen….in front of a crowd….with a camera on.

Nice, huh. Well sit back…..have a few beers….

And here is the big news
We’ve launched an update to our webpage to show our new southern Utah shop…..I know you are proud. look for more after we get the scorpions and the cockroaches exterminated.