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Its good to have role models.

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

In Bicycle news, Eurobike is going on as we speak…or as you read this…or as your not reading this. Ibis has leaked this.
And Sherwood released this from our friends at Ventana USA.
And just in case you’ve been on Mars, This from Surly.
I”ve got to go out there today and get some miles in. Lotoja is in two weeks you know.

I’ve got to quit this fucking around…

And staying out too late…

My bike is tuned up…

I need to keep a level head out there…

because I am also “no longer in showroom condition”.

Oh, and thanks to Rick Hunter for his use of Lee Marvin in his ad.

Partially….the Leadville Post.

Friday, August 26th, 2011

A big thanks to WPT for the post ride BBQ and to all who showed up to make the scene….like Dar…who you also should know, is my neighbor…

In bicycle industry news, the big dance in Las Vegas next month is starting to have its rays peek over the horizon. Let me say, as I do every year, that I hope either Interbike or Dealercamp be the first to allow the public to attend, perhaps, the final day….so that the people who actually buy the goods can feel just as cool as the people who work at shops. Take it from me, the poeple who TRULY bust their asses in the bike industry don’t ride nearly as much as the customers we so happily service. Walking around the Sands slapping hi-fives and saying “sweet” and “sick” and “awesome” a lot is cool….but riding your bike is much cooler…”man”.
So lets talk about Leadville.
Former/Current/Forever Flagstaff Mutant Member Jake Rubelt completed his 10th Leadville. Jake is a badass. Fast when I was in Flag, Fast after I left Flag, Fast after he left Flag, Fast after I became washed up, you get the idea.

Leadville is a special place. I”ve been to the mountain, and believe me….it wasn’t the hardest part. It truly was the mental part…for me walking the bike for almost 6 hrs at 1 mph on trails that I knew I could ride if I didn’t have 700 of my closest friends in a conga line in front of me…don’t worry, after powerline…the crowd thinned a bit.
But take a moment to read Snake’s Post…its worth it.
I”d also like to congratulate Fatty for an excellent finish, and a stunningly handsome photo.

Watch the Vuelta…because I need to work and train.
Lotoja has been locked in the sights. I’m only slightly over ideal weight now, haven’t been (that) hungover in a week and can actually climb mountains without hyperventilating….my only question is….can my ass handle 206 [sic]miles?
I’ve done crazier things….

The DealerCamp post…and other assorted nonsense.

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

So much is happening ’round these parts that much gets pushed aside. And like much of the nonsense posted here, time is usually not a large factor. Here is the update.
First and foremost, MrsDrEvil will be leaving her gainful employment with FLS at the end of the month so that she can devote more time to the shop….and to herself. This is a wonderful thing, because….

1. She has not been on a bicycle type ride since Feb.
2. All of our precious few “vacations” and trips have been punctuated with calls from the office for the past 3 years.
3. Number of concerts seen this year = 0, Number of town events attended = 0, Number of parties/weddings/formal gatherings attended = 0.
4. Number of surprise Copenhagen trips that fucked up the office/shop for a week = 2.
5. Hrs MRSDREVIL works per week (avg) = 84.666 (maybe the 666 is made up).
6. Number of books/recreational readings/etc done this year = 0.

Now don’t get me wrong, There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch….I know. And overall, I’m not going to complain about impressive position that MDE has achieved in FLS through her incredible hard work, her interpersonal skills, and her raw ability to perform. Its impressive. But each and every day, or every week/month/year, its a good idea to sit back for 2 minutes and evaluate the position you are in, and make choices that will affect the future. The time has come for a transition and the bets have been hedged out to the point that NOT making a change would be foolish.

So as of Sept 1st, there will be a change in the shop. Kim is going to add more soft goods and specialty merchandise to the store. We will also be adding gear and stuff that you won’t find at our competitors stores, nor on the internet. Lots of little things to make the cycling experience better based on what is available in the industry. Dharma Wheels will have the capacity to do more browsing type business rather than having to schedule a 30 min block if you just want to buy a helmet. Get excited…we are.
Alright, so enough words.
Hey, happy birthday to Flagstaff’s finest John Benson

Lets talk about Dealercamp. So its the last week of July in Park City. Its an event for bike shop people (employees, buyers, mechanics) and was much bigger than last year. Still, the crowd was small (I only attended a single day because it was busy, MDE = 0 days) but we had a great time – making new business arrangements.
Our friends at Ibis participated….we helped to get their demo fleet ready to rumble…

The fine people at Ibis were kind enough to send me out one of the 7 SLR’s that are in existence for me to take a little spin on – friends let me say this….its awesome. Really the best carbon cross country bike you can buy for this area.

A lot of technology went into this machine….

I must say I felt a little bad that while I was drinking beer and riding across Iowa, Scot was putting in a 10 hr day at the shop getting the bikes ready.

So, at dealercamp, we touched base with old friends, and made some new ones. For example, we are going to be a demo center for Crank Brothers Wheels for 2012.
We also picked up ClubRide Apparel.
Here is Andy at the Club Ride booth making it look good.

Lazer has also been added to our lineup.

Of course, at any bicycle event, there is swashbuckling…

HB was there…


Scot once again, posing by a bike he made me 20 years ago…

Ms. Ruthie Matthes, a world champ.

Lastly, I will present to you the greatest picture ever taken of me. “It captures my essence.”

Party at the Roaster

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Park City Coffee Roaster, Tuesday the 16th, 5pm…or 5:30 if you have to work until 5 like me.

Also, all hail Fishbone. I”ve loved them since I was 10. Their shows in Detroit brought together more people than all the civil projects I’ve ever heard of. White kids teaching black kids to slam dance….black kids tying rags around white kids heads. Harmony.

No Title.

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

I”ll leave you with this…

Friday, August 5th, 2011

Something old…

Vive le tour! from Bear Thunder on Vimeo.

and something new…

because I”m going riding.

Don’t forget to look at all the RAGBRAI photos posted…

Maybe get a project started for the weekend…