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Well, nobody’s perfect.

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Want to hear something funny? if you go to my main page and “email me”, it says on the page (my proper email), but it links you to……my old email that I’ve been trying to phase out for a decade. For years I’ve wondered how so many people got my address for their bike questions etc. The riddle has been solved. I’m not smart, I’m just in charge.
But in all seriousness, if you’ve sent me an email to the email, please resend it to the email (the link is even fixed now). I tend to just delete all my emails so forgive me for my….self.

On to bike stuff.
Are you ready for winter?

I’ve said it before….if you’d like the ultimate winter bike, do a pugsley. They are fun….so much in fact that I rode mine around the trails this summer….it was a blast!

This just in from a friend of mine who prefers same sex, sex.

Hey, the vending machine at the shop has been restocked…

I voted for a classy beverage…

That would be “white trash”.com for those of you who done hablo.

Alright, its time to rock – there are bikes to build.

The SSCXWC’s Post, FOTP’s, and the lost camera

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Well folks, its back to work time after 2 weeks of running around. First, let me sum up the SSCXWC’s held a mere 10 days ago in San Fransisco.
I was excited to go to SF. I had not been there since I was an adolescent with my parents, and the most recent exposure I had to it recently was over 10 years ago when I was a resident at the U (…of Utah Hospital for you out of state people) and heard a million stories from the many people receiving support from the Ryan White Program. Anyway, the people in charge of the event, including the fabulous Sheila Moon, guaranteed a good time for all. Plus, this event is going to be so huge next year, I’m not sure if it’ll be on my list (kinda like SSWC’s after the Napa event). So after working our asses off all week, we take a red eye to the City by the Bay and check into our little motel in Chinatown.
Friday was a nice day. I like chinatown. Its inexpensive, friendly and comfortable. Its also close to the wharf, which was important because we had to catch a ferry to Oakland to go to the Friday party.

It was fun to ride the ferry. SF is setup nicely to be bicycle friendly. We did get rained on a little bit, but MrsDRE kept our secret directions dry.

The SealLine dry bags are worth their weight in gold. They are inexpensive, and keep your shit dry.
So we get to Oakland and the Garmin takes us through a rather shady part of town to get to the Sheila Moon HQ.
After a meal, some New Belgium beer and hi fives to friends not seen in a long time, we departed. At Jack London square, a cop car ironically pulled up right next to the bench we were seated at, and the spot was quickly designated “the safest place in Oakland”….as long as the cops were watching and not texting. Anyway, another ferry ride and bike ride back to our abode, and it was time to call it a day.
Saturday began bright and sunny, and my “tour” group was scheduled to meet at the Mojo bike shop and Cafe at 8:30.

Me being me, I hopped in with the wrong group, which included some of my acquaintances, so I was then beaten with a car antenna and told to wait until the next group while they handed me a pabst.
The tour was the best part of the trip. Local guides took groups of about 12 out to see the city. We rode up steep hills. I tried my hand and grabbing a cable car up California in the financial district – to which the attendant firmly told me “Dont Even Think About It Sonny”. Damn. We went to Chinatown, the Wharf, under the Golden Gate Bridge, to the Beach. Wisely, there were feats of strength to separate the fast people….from people like me. Granted I had a courier bag with beer in it while the rest of my group wore skin suits and agonized over their gearing for the “event”, but still there was a distinct separation between the A racers, and the Everyone’s A Winner group. More on that later. Wisely, there were professional type photo people to help you remember your trip. Here I am making my mother proud. She does actually read this blog don’t you know.

So we finished up our lovely ride, the steady rain started, and there was a party at the Sports Basement that evening. Dinner, drinks, Cheever…

Racing for the last 10 spots in the “fast guy class”.

So it pretty much rained all night, and being made of salt, I made the command decision to simply have a leisurely breakfast with my dear wife on Lombard St, and see what came next. The rain subsided at lunch time, and we headed toward Golden Gate Park long after the “fun” race ended, and at the end of the “real” race. We then adjourned to a nearby bar to say goodbye to our friends that we don’t get to see often enough, people who may be our friends, and people who annoy the shit out of me. Oh, I also heard that the winners of the “real” event chose NOT to get the tattoo’s symbolizing their domination? What the Fuck? It isn’t like the design is THAT bad?

Oh well, its their victory – but that is total bullshit.
So that was San Fransisco. Then came AZ.
So after a crushing, but short Thanksgiving week, the Dharma Wheels Honda Pilot pointed south for a night in Santa Clara. We arrived, did errands for the shop, and fell into bed. Thanksgiving day came too early, and we hit the road for a 7 hr drive to Goodyear, nestled in the Sonoran Desert. For the first time, we decided to drive through Las Vegas and not take the Flagstaff way. If I had more time, I’d do Flag, but its too depressing to drive through a town of my former residence and not see old friends. Plus the Vegas way is a little faster if you start from Santa Clara. So after a gracious Thanksgiving at my inlaw’s, I hit the sack for the Flight of the Pigs….in PHX.
Yes, 4:30am came rather early and I hit the road at 5. An accident on the 10 slowed me, as well as my error in typing in the destination to my Garmin. Needless to say, I arrived at Casa Wilcox at 6:45. Miss Kim was kind enough to let me use the bathroom and get me checked in while her dear husband, Jim gave the ride directions. Man, I’m always about 10 minutes late I thought. No time to air up my tires (they were at 30, which is too low for a 200 lb person), air up my shock and fork a little more (lower altitude means less spring rate). And, I had my wife’s helmet. Oh well, at least there were a few people sporting the colors for Drunkcyclist.

You’ll have to forgive me, my camera bounced out of my holder and is somewhere on South Mountain right now.
The ride was great. I was not in very good shape, the pace was faster than usual, and the crowd full of new, young people who were very friendly and nice. It really was a great day. Lunch was catered in downtown Phoenix, and the 2nd half of the ride was in the Phoenix mountains. The after party at Jim and Kims is the best part of the day. Its like heaven if you believe in that sort of thing. Its a BBQ, the chili is great, the beer is wonderful (even though I had only one since I had to drive 50 minutes back to Goodyear), the music rocks, and the people and stories can’t be beat. Big thanks to all who rode, all who helped make the event run, and especially Jim and Kim Wilcox. You make me want to earn my wings.

And yes, I got a new camera. Its funny, you know your getting old when you look for the simple camera, not the one with all the bells and whistles….I’ve become THAT guy.

Somewhat political.

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

I don’t have much to say about politics. I’m a Libertarian, and though Dr. Ron Paul is not perfect, he and John Huntsman seem like the only two candidates that resonate with me. I support the others right to campaign, but have no real comment about their platforms.
Also, because of being buried by work, I have not really understood or investigated the “occupy” movement. Maybe you also have been getting your snow bike ready…

seating crowns, taking implant impressions, traveling around, and running a custom bike shop? Well, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this.

Thats funny.
Alrighty, for those of you who know what the Montie V is…. I will be at the FOTP on Friday. 100%. See you there.

You never know who might show up….

Back to it.

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

When you think about the past weekend, and the fact that it was SSCXWC’s, you know it was a good time. Maybe you were there? MrsDrE and I were there. The more “professional” weblog writers already have posts up and such. They are great. I’m still waiting for my dirtbag friends to send me pictures so that I can create my own version of what happened in San Fransisco. So, let me leave you with LoudAss “helping” Stevil at the race…because I have to go to work.

There will be more….later.


Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Lots to report from custom bike land these days.
Big thanks to our Shimano man Josh, who came by the shop to reaffirm our belief in Shimano. As with all of the manufactures this year, if you want something… Di2 Ultegra….order it now…it’ll be sold out at the manufacturer level by Feb.

Thanks to Stevil, for the wonderful Bandit jersey. Here is a picture that Hurl took of some guy named Gene.

I’d also like to give you a quote from Hurl about just going for a ride….this is why I love the man…
“Boy-howdy, these past two weeks I’ve been doing a bang-up job losing any fitness I may have gained this year. Chalk it up to waning motivation, and the sleeping dragon. And now it’s already the beginning of the long winter as temps are expected to plummet to around freezing for the next three nights. Weren’t we just racing cx in 80° temps two weeks ago? Shit, it’s inevitable, just like every other year. That doesn’t mean I have to like it. That said, had another nice, mellow crooze today with Lincoln-expat Butch Johnson rolling around Mpls. Had to to dig deep and find the wind-proof vest, as well as the Rapha winter cap today, but no bother. Still better than being trapped behind the wheel of a fossil-fucker.”


The shop has a new look to it. MrsDrEvil and I added more soft goods to the “waiting room”. Bern hemets (with winter kits), brooks saddles/etc and our favorite Continental tires…among other selected things.

Nice huh? Well, its off to work. Look for an update….or not, from SSCXWC’s. Stay prepared.


Saturday, November 12th, 2011

I hope that all of you were thankful yesterday for Veterans day. Remember somebody. Be thankful. And know that this year, when hurricane force weather blew through DC, the guards at the Unknowns refused their orders to seek shelter for their personal safety….and kept on guarding the tomb. Whats the last tough thing you did?
For all the pilots I work on, you will know this plane I bet. I like the winged wheel.

Alright, from the top of the heap….to maybe, the bottom…

Thats mean…this kid will prolly end up being president some day…
I’d like to give a big high five to Halloween in South Minneapolis.

On to bike news. As you all know, SSCXWC’s are next weekend. Be there – your life might just depend on it.

And, I’m happy to report that MRSDRE and I will be in Tempe for the Flight of The Pigs…after thanksgiving.

It’ll be cool to hang out in the Sonoran Desert.

Hopefully it’ll be as much fun as hanging out in the Mohave…

So off we go to work….more to come this weekend. Snow, office work, and posts. Get ready.


Monday, November 7th, 2011

Well it looks like we are backs from Dharma Wheels South….and guess what….we actually sold some stuff down there! Yippie. $20,000 down, $800 back.
Wanna know how to make a million dollars in the bike industry….start with 2!

Just kidding…and to all the people supporting our shop down there and up here, we really appreciate it..and really…we couldn’t do it without you.

But the weekend was nice. A little windy, but ridable. MrsDrE and I concentrated on shop projects like making sure the heater was up to snuff (35 at night in the big city don’t you know). We painted, touched up, moved around electrical and POS (point of sale) equipment, met with our builder and installed part of our new security system at the shop.

The frog hollow race happened, I’m sure was epic, and alas, we did not even make it out to say hi. Thats what happens when work gets in the way…but cheering on your friends doesn’t pay the bills….
This from Troy…
Troy Lupcho
Finally the weather breaks to bring an end to 25 hours of hell! Rain, snow & wind couldn’t stop us. A repeat of last year once again brings a 1st place finish!!!!! I’m officially 40 hours without sleep, but all worth the pain knowing my 8 hour drive home wasn’t in vain. Congrats to my team & my son Tyler Jack for never giving up. “That which does not kill you, only makes you stronger!” Yip…

Nice. Hey, in two weeks, you should be on a single speed and in SF…

Oh, by the way Dar’s halloween party was epic….Too bad I had to work early the next day and was in bed by 9:30…

As most of you know, I dress up as a dentist and wear a coat and tie to the office that day…it freaks people out…..really.

Here are other halloween fun images…

thats all folks.

50 things.

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

I often say that at any given time I have 10 things that should have been done at any given moment in time. Its a hard way to go through life, but man you get a lot done when your under the gun.

It seems the ticker is up to about 50….which is not the direction that I want it to go. So here is a post for now…and there may be one later…

First off, if you want to head down south this weekend, consider attending/doing the Frog Hollow race.

Our friends at Surly have decided to stop selling their complete bikes direct to customers. This I feel is a good idea.
One of those many things I’m working on is a “review” of the used bike I recently purchased, and the commentary and price list of building it up properly. Stay tuned.