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A few changes to the weekend plans.

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Based on the cold and possibly wet weather in Southern Utah, there will be a few changes to this weekends “race weekend”.
As in NO PLANS at all on Friday (since many people will be driving down Friday rather than spinning out at 11pm on Thursday night).
Well, there will still be cocktail hour at the shop Friday at 7:30. The weather has no bearing on that….
Saturday – Pancakes at 8:30, race at 10….and by race I mean attend and then go ride Zen. Then do the race course and pick up gel wrappers.
Sun – Barrel Roll at 11….and then cry as the temp hits 66 as your driving home.
Thats the gameplan son.

BTW, happy birthday Gene. Your more of a roll model to me than you’ll ever know…and its funny that JMac puked on your birthday.

Here is a great picture of a Fat Tired Bike not in the snow….just in case you thought they were gay.

Whats the term the kiddies use today? Epic. Not sure what the aero bars are all about, but with tires that big…you run what you want brother.
Steve sent me an idea for my next halloween costume….

Back to Bicycle news, many of you know that I absolutely love EVT.
Let me give you a picture of Bretts work bench…just in case you thought mine was the best in the world….

100% impressive.
Also impressive are the KC sprints that happened last weekend. Here is Zeke (officiating) in my favorite picture.

Alright, off to work I go…but let me leave you with this….

Going back to finish the vacation.

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Its been an odd couple of weeks. As you know from this blog, last week, we took a well deserved vacation to relax…and work on the Santa Clara shop

….and to ride bikes.

….and to look at cactus’

When we had our “time off”, our trip down south was punctuated with tasks….we had to do a bit of yardwork to compensate for the entire years worth of rainfall that fell in Washington Co. the day after our landscaping was completed….but to be honest, the timing was great. The only problem is that it didn’t feel like a vacation…and as we left, the spirits told me that there was still a little water leak on the outside of the house.
As always, they’re right. So after working Thursday of last week saving the world from tooth decay and gum disease, we pointed the Dharma Wheels Team vehicle southward and went back to finish our vacation….proper. And it was rather satisfying…
Got the leak fixed..

Got the vineyard planted…

Finally went to the firehouse bar (closest “bar” to the shop), where I witnessed a handshake drug exchange (meth I assume – the payoff was only a five spot) – sad –

On the way to red cliffs, I found the biggest yucca spike I’ve seen in St. George.

Big props to my better half, who could outpace an amigo with yard work…

So the weekend was productive with projects an even taking in a movie…

Classic, I know.
So in real bike news, our vendors are working hard to get bikes in their warehouses…so get your orders in before the spring when everybody else does. There is a race on Saturday in St. George and then again on the 17th (True Grit). Also, the North American Handbuilt Bike Show [sic] is this weekend in Sacramento.

Bike Stuff….but more importantly, The Kingston Trio

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Its been a hard couple of week on the good ship Dharma Wheels/Silver Creek Dental.
We’re still recovering from schedule-wise from me being too sick to work a few weeks ago. Big thanks to customers and patients and especially the staff for hanging tough.
Its hard work….but we’re strong…like this guy.

Here is a cool video that will get you in the biking mood.

Good luck to everybody going down to Bootleg Canyon for DH Mike’s race.

Okay, lets get down to the nitty gritty. Since this is my site, I’m going to take a moment and tell you all about Folk Music….which I love. Don’t worry, I can scream along to every Germs song they’ve ever done and own on VHS The Decline of Western Civilization Part I and II (which I can recite by heart better than Caddyshack while drinking beer like the fucking world is going to end).
Folk music is America’s gift to the world…like Jazz and mountain biking. It has influenced popular music, including super groups down to some of my favorite bands. Take a look at Gram Parsons here and tell me that you don’t want to be dresses up in a Nudie suit so that you can rock and rape and roll.

So I heard that the Kingston Trio was playing Park City and I simply had to re-arrange my schedule to allow Mrs.Dr.Evil and I to see the concert.
I have loved the Kingston Trio since I was a child. When I got my first guitar as an adolescent – I would hide myself away in my parents basement and practice Van Halen riffs, and folk songs…many of the songs on Kingston Trio albums. As a young man, I felt that Folk Music was rivaled in power ONLY by punk rock music. Many years later, after playing out a bunch both with professional musicians and less-than professional musicians, I’ve found the subtle intensity of other genre’s. Its like cycling. You don’t hop on a downhill bike and rage. There are a thousand ways to get to where you want to go. Its funny, I thought there might be a remote possibility that folk music might get me laid in high school – especially because the Indigo Girls were becoming so popular – its not true….only weird girls who don’t put out like folk music. The sluts still like punk.
So back to the Kingston Trio at the historic Egyptian Theater on Main Street! Big thanks to Chris and Amber for taking us to the show by the way! We arrive and I’d say we’re not the youngest in the crowd…but close. I don’t care. I’m ready to sing along with every fucking song on the playlist and slam dance in the isles if they play Tijuana Jail in two step. The Kingston Trio has been around for 55 years and the lineup is not original. The band is however 100% authentic and the shows are real. Dave Guard and Nick Reynolds are both dead, and Bobby Shane is retired (I think he had a heart attack years ago). The show opened with John Stewart’s (former Trio member, RIP) “New Frontier”. Man it was good. The version of “I wanna go home/Sloop John B” after the fucking week, or two..or three I”ve had left me in stitches. I wanted to shove beer bottles in my eyes and mosh the crowd into a frenzy at the front of the stage.

The Trio played “Greenback Dollar” better than I ever have.

Then a smokin’ version of “Mariah”. The hits were endless. After intermission, the band played “MTA”. “Tom Dooley” next….are you kidding me? The group won the first ever Grammy for Country and Western for that song back in 1835 and guess what….it still rocks.

I don’t have long hair because it cool, I have long hair because Bobby Shane has long hair.
Bill Zorn then performs simiply the greatest version of “Scotch and Soda” that I’ve heard outside of Bobby doing it.
By the way, I also love Bobby Shane because he’s an Indian (from HI). The Kingston trio still tells stories, jokes and asides during the show…better than Tom Waits.
A favorite song of mine,and of the crowd’s was “All of the Hard Days are Gone”…which I’m going to learn this weekend.

Play that one on your stereo cranked up to 11 when you need your blues taken away.
The show marched on, the hits kept coming and the clock passed my bedtime. Then, they did Pete Seger’s “Where Have All The Flowers Gone” and I realized that I’ve never wanted to be in a rock band, I’ve want to be in the Kingston Trio…since I was 5.

The Kingston Trio put on the best folk music show I”ve ever seen. They are still the best. The group is tight, rehearsed, comfortable and dialed in. I hope they play Park City or St. George….I’ll be in the front row next time. The band even stuck around after the show to shake hands and meet the crowd. 100% authentic.

Happy Valentines Day.

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

First lets start with images….

There should also be boobs.

You all find this funny right?

Be thankful out there. If you are involved with somebody great. If not, great. If your going to get crushed at work today, great…if you have the day/week/month/year off great. Bottom line is that if your reading this blog, your about 10,0000 x more fortunate than others who inhabit this earth.
Its a beautiful fucking day in the neighborhood.

The Surprise Storm Shows Up.

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

A surprise storm showed up today. More than a foot of snow in the driveway. Its nice. Got out there and got my nordic on yesterday….yes friends, day #2…..The first day of downhill skiing might be tomorrow. At least I found my DV pass….
I’ve also ridden the rollers exactly once this season…I plan to again after this weblog entry…so that will make two. With my improved health, I’ve also shot poorly at the range all weekend….but thats cool

I’d like to thank our former Moots Rep, David, for this pic from Steamboat’s Winter Carnival.

In MN, the Coaster Brake Catastrophe happened. All I can tell you is that Hurl and Gene were there.

I am also suspicious that Pugsley World Championships happened. I’m waiting for naked pictures of Sov running through the fire.
Until then I”ll have to suffice with intelligent stuff like this.

In Shop news, orders flowing in like the salmon of San Juan Capistrano. Ibis SLR’s are in stock. Turners are In Stock. I’m taking orders for Moots MX Divide’s. Yes.
The Landscaping crew has finished the work on the outside of the shop….and here is how it looks….

Enjoy the pictures…and if you are a local person, think about the St. George weekend March 3rd.

Getting back on track

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

After a little time being “less than ideal”

Feels like I”m getting back on the right track around here.

And by back on track I mean awesome.

No, more awesome.

Perhaps you didn’t hear me, I mean more awesome.

Thats what I’m talking about.
In bicycle news, fat is the new black.

And thats cool. I can attest to riding my pugsley this summer on dirt for the first time and it was wonderful. I know it may seem hard to believe, but producing any level of production is difficult for any bicycle fabricator – so seeing fat tire bikes stretched to 4 seasons of riding gives me hope that more will be sold. And as a shop owner, I’m hoping to see more forecasting done by the consumer for these specialty bikes. One of the goals that I have for my customers is to forcast when they will need their next new bike….gone are the days when fabricating a bike was simple and you could go to the shop (or online store if you live in Park City) and just buy one off the shelf. For complex items, lead time is a must.
Did you wrap your head around that or do you need another stupid cartoon?

In Single Speed Off Road Bicycle news, SSAZ happened.

And Chewy was there…

I’d also like to show off the stuporbowl winners bag.

Speaking of Race News, the Old Pueblo is in two weeks. I’ll be in the Mojave getting drunk and looking for Gram Parsons’ ashes.

For those of you keeping track of the shop, here is a picture of the progress on Dharma Wheels South…

Getting there.

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Well, it was a beautiful weekend in Park City (and down south) and as luck would have it, I stayed indoors to put the finishing touches on my recovery.
It was difficult to stay indoors, but, there was no shortage of bike work to do….and let me tell you, its never an unwanted thing to go in to build up an RSL.

It was exciting, our stickers came in….what a strange feeling it was to order another 500 stickers…..500 bikes in 7 years….man, when I placed the first order, I didn’t know if I’d be in business to sell through the 500 stickers.

By the way, if you took delivery of a bike around Christmas time till last month and I didn’t sticker up your downtube, please let me know where to send a sticker to….thanks.
In funny opinionated news, I’d like to offer a racers rant about cross bikes with disc brakes….which I love by the way…..but can since I don’t race.

I can’t even start a rant about disc brakes on cross bikes because it’s so stupid I don’t even know where to begin
1. The bike will be heavier regardless. Light bikes accelerate quicker.
2. The extra weight will be in the rotor which adds to rotating mass which is even worse.
3. It won’t help with mud clearance because the last time I checked the bike still has a bunch crap around the bottom bracket.
4. Most cross courses are generally flat so the amount of time you actually spend on the brakes is minimal.
5. You can bomb whatever descent you want with disc or rim brakes but you still on have 33mm of rubber keeping the bike upright.
6.You’ll always be limited by traction.
6a. Do you (can you) late brake a file tread?
6b. I’d rather be fast on 90% of the track than fast on 10% of it.
7. People can’t bleed their mtb brakes. Let’s try to do it around bar tape and lever hoods
8. I’ll throw you a bone here. Pad wear.
I think I’m tapped out. It’s just getting stupid, like disc brakes.
After hearing an individual from Gates touting the benefits of a belt drive choose ‘and you don’t even have to lube it’ as one of their main supporting arguments of their ‘technology’, nothing the bicycle industry comes with in order to make money off of suckers will surprise me.
Stuporbowl happened….I’m still waiting for the “proper” race report…until then, look at this.

Still a bit pinned down.

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Still a bit pinned down today with a bad cold…

I do feel a little better…and I”ll actually be able to perhaps work on the website, plan the March trip and do some build kit estimates from home today.
It would certainly be more fun to be out there in the snow…

And truth be told, I wouldn’t mind going into the shop today to work (especially if I had a lacing station)

Maybe I’ll pen a little note…

Jesus, that soldier looks like he’s 12 years old…
Or perhaps I’ll ponder my very existence…

Hey, the landscaping crew is working hard at Dharma Wheels South…check it out….

Weather…..under it.

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

I can count on no hands the number of sick days I have taken at the office and shop since it opened 7 years ago…..This is one of them. Big thanks to the staff and the Notorius K.I.M for pulling through the day without my presence. As I stare down from the high point of middle age I realize “you gotta know when to hold em’, know when to fold em’.” I expect I’ll be back at the helm tomorrow and fully recovered by the weekend for some bike service and skiing….hopefully not in that order.
Before further adue, here is by far the best picture from the cross world championships…

Also, the best TP dispenser I’ve ever seen….at casa DD.

Also, a cute cat.

I’m not sure what I’ll be up to this weekend as far as socialness…

Maybe I’ll watch some TV?

Maybe it’ll snow?


I guess your right….maybe I”ll work on some projects?

Or get another mustache tattoo?

Because you know what they say about the location of a tattoo don’t you?

Its kinda what they say about beards and bike mechanics.

And back to bicycle news, there are a few VERY important things that I simply must share with you.
1. The RAGBRAI route has been announced. Holy Fucking Jesus! It has…

As far as my own participation goes….I’m right smack dab in the middle on the fence. The start city IS near an airport…but not Omaha.
2. I will tell you what IS near Omaha and happening this weekend with Zeke (in the above picture)….

3. In MN, of course, it is Stuporbowl weekend. And the weather looks downright balmy.

Go there….race….or get drunk….Say hi to Gene and Hurl…or not.
4. Lastly, Dan (campagnolo tech man and believe it or not, DH suspension extraordinaire), is leaking campagnolos new electric gruppo. I”ll bet its nice.

Thats it for me…its time to shave, shower and go back to bed.