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A Real Weekend….with some bike stuff

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Last weekend was a real weekend. Not the kind that I am used to…but a real weekend. We worked all week, and then had the pleasure of having a nice weekend with the people who brought MrsDrE into this world. I was reminded by my better half that this is what people do….they have fun on the weekends. Not that I don’t ever have fun, its just that there is so much to do while so much is happening…

So, this past weekend was dedicated to seeing the sights of southern Utah…and by that I mean Zion National Park. Now I”m pretty picky about my national parks because of my time in Flagtopia. But let me tell you friends…Zion is where its at.
It takes about an hour to get to Zion from the shop, and even just the drive there is magnificent. You can laugh as we drive through Virgin…but then not laugh as I show you Josh Benders house and the shit he flies off of in his “backyard”……yeah.
The park is nice….and there are other tourist type people exploring the same things you are. Like Gila Monsters.

You will find good looking and fit people with rather expensive bicycles ready to embark on their adventures…

There is a nice bike trail that goes from the parking lot Zion Canyon Road.

When the trail ends, you may take your bike up the road to see the stopping points the bus drops people off at. Its 8 miles each way and the uphill grade is rather mild. You can ride up and stop at the Grotto, the Pariahs, the temple, etc. Its nice.

On this road, there is only bus traffic, so if you decide to ride the road, know that the busses will not pass you unless you are stopped with a foot on the ground. Its nice, but be aware that there is not a great shoulder….so keep an eye out for a good place to stop.

On the weekend, there was also time for a hike….another activity that I never do. And it was great. Here is my best picture from the Anasazi trail.

And with that, we sink into the bicycle related stuff.
First and most classy, Sean now has a production size run of steel custom 29er, for those of you who want a custom style steel steed for $3000. Link HERE.
Here are my two favorite pics from The Sea Otter….Once is Maurice making a young man look like he should.

And Scot, showing off “his” handjob.

Here is the best shot of the Whiskey off road bikecycle event 50 that happened in beautiful Prescott AZ this weekend, a place I would most surely live in if I could get a dental license in AZ without having to take another $5000 board exam…

Why yes, its cream of the crop Dharma Wheels team rider Lance Runyan….making it look easy.
And for all who may not have felt the earth move, the Fruita Fat Tire Festival happened this weekend.

Congrats Troy, never before has a bicycle festival and a “bear, ninja, cowboy world championship” been so artfully melded together.

Sea Otter, Blooms in the desert.

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

For anybody who opens a bicycle related magazine….or reads a weblog, you will know that last weekend was the Sea Otter experience in usually sunny NorCal.
Sea Otter to some may be serious…but to me it is not.

I do try to help out the racers…

It may shock many of you, but I have never been to the sea otter. There have always been a multitude of good reasons to go, but unfortunately more to stay. Before I lived in Utah, it was the distance. When I came to Utah, it was spring skiing, spring riding down south, the Fruita Fat Tire Festival (which is this weekend by the way) or just the business of work. Sea Otter is on the list…but it is pretty hard to get away from the Mojave in the spring.

I know that you know what I mean….its hard to pass this kind of stuff up.

Even for Hollywood on Craigs $20,000 tandem

The weekend was nice. There was much to do at the shop, many birds to watch out the window with our cat…

I’ll leave you with this business idea that I should have thought of….
Maybe I should have gotten my medical education at Duke.

More of what you expect…

Friday, April 20th, 2012

I hope your ready for an awesome post…

Oh no, I mean really awesome…

Because its time to party.

Big thanks to Hurl, for showing off his backyard living space..

Alright, its springtime, and cycling season is in full swing. Races are happening at both the pro and amateur level…and thats great. People are getting out there to train and ride and nothing could make me happier.
Unless maybe my biceps were bigger.

In shop news, things are very busy. Had to work 16hrs last fun. At least it was cold and rainy in Park City. This weekend 85 and sunny in Santa Clara.
Not bad to have the work…nice to see people picking up Kona bicycles.
There was even a little time at then end of the day to resurrect an old friend. In 1990 I had Ross Shaefer, founder of Salsa Cycles build me a frame. I wanted something that could do it all. The masters that I apprenticed under at the bike shop all had monster cross bikes and I fell in love instantly. Steve Smith had a little blurb on old school monster cross bikes recently…Read about it HERE. And just so you know, “Captain Sporty Pantaloons” is Sean, who used to work at Salsa…and now works at/owns Soulcraft. And I”m sure you know, years ago QBP purchased Salsa and Ross and Sean have absolutely nothing to do with Salsa….well, hopefully Ross gets some royalties or something….
Anyway, here is my ancient Salsa. I only wish I had two….like Hurl has.

Off to riding I go….but I will leave you with this.


Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Tom Boonen, you occupy a place in my heart, once only reserved for Mario Cipollini.

And your even better Tom, because your Flemish. Well done on your 4th victory at Paris-Roubaix.

So the Queen of the classics has come and gone….and I can’t wait to get home to watch it on Tivo. Not that I was completely out of the action….

Big Props to DeJay Birtch, who won the Squealer in AZ last weekend. I’d post the results, but I don’t know how to convert a PDF to a JPG…..or can’t.

I do know how to post pics of the shop, which is still coming along nicely….at about 1mm/hr.
Big thanks to Santa Clara City and Vital Image signs. We actually might have a sign up in the next 60 days….but I will say how funny it is that not having a sign doesn’t stop people from buying stuff….for which we say thanks. The quote of the day this weekend/partial weekday trip was “Once you put your sign up, people are going to bug you all the time”.

I know. Anyway, enjoy the pics and get ready to ride.

I know, your as bored seeing pictures of the shop as I am….but these are for my mother.

You want to see pictures like this.

Easter in the Santa Clara

Sunday, April 8th, 2012

Thanks to everybody for the Santa Clara shops birthday wishes.

Busy week this week. One of my favorite patients came in for some implant crowns.

Nice huh?

You’ll be proud of me that I finally figured out how to take pictures in the 500KB range, not the 6,000KB range so it does not take 3 minutes to upload each picture. After all, I am a doctor with a fancy education.
And I almost forgot to mention that this post is coming to you almost live from Santa Clara via our new interweb connection. Personally, I thank Al Gore.

I must apologize now, for not remembering to post the flyer for the Squealer…in Tempe. Its a great event, and big thanks to brother Jim and his darling wife Kim for making it happen. This is all I had in the inbox from last night…I believe the person who sent it to me was intoxicated.

In cycling news, the Paris-Roubaix is today. If it wasn’t going to be 80 and sunny out there, I’d be on my second pack of cigarettes, my 2nd round of waffles, and a 12er into it, watching Boom Boom Boonen do what he does best.

For those of you who may not know, that “King” Sean Kelly, the pride of the Emerald Isle, deep in the pain cave on the cobbles.

Busy at the shop. The Kona’s are selling like crazy. Great bikes and the right price for a lot of people.
At the Santa Clara shop, we’ve “adopted” Mika.

More later, Its time to shoot guns in the desert.

Happy Birthday Dharma Wheels Cyclery, Santa Clara.

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

Yup, its true….its been a year…exactly one year today. Happy Birthday Dharma Wheels South…

Its funny to think back to the first night here. We closed on the property, and then came back to a rainy, soggy old house that was so full of dust that at breakfast the next morning, MRSDRE and I were coughing the entire time….tasting what the air smelled like in the musty, dusty house with every hack. We wondered about the “vehicles” out back….and the 100 gallons of paint – I’m sorry – 1/2 used up and dried up paint on the back part of the property. Then there were the cockroaches and scorpions….And by scorpions, I do not mean this at all…

You should just let that clip play over and over while you read this post.
So time passes and you put work into what you do….it doesn’t matter if its a bicycle shop, a dental office, or your family. And it grows if you are honest and consistently good.
Sometimes you take chances…

And the outcome is good. I must say its been a busy year. All the projects of the new shop with the already present tasks of our main shop and dental office have really taken some late nights and focused energy.

Last year we had a large dumpster of trash hauled away. Big thanks to all the Dharma Wheels Team people, especially Ric and Polly for helping us with all the trash around the place. We added HVAC to the place – since the old swamp cooler wasn’t really going to cut it….it had dead mice in the bottom anyway floating in a science project.
Look, I even got a Joshua Tree planted when the landscaping was done.

If you look at the numbers, the shop down south is still way in the red, but the course is pointed upward. You can’t get a return without an investment.

So it was time to celebrate last night….just the owners. We thought back on the year and were happy. Its been a lot of work, but we truly feel the place is worth it.

We’d like to thank our brands/fabricators/distributors. Honestly, we couldn’t do this without your support. Big thanks to Hi Caliber construction – Steve, you are the man. Big thanks to my industry friends and famliy – your support and advice keeps me from doing stupid things….and sometimes just watching you guys mess up keeps me from doing stupid things…

Things are blooming in the desert….

By the way, happy birthday to other bicycle endeavors who share this day as a birthday…..Phil Wood and Ibis seem to be on my mind today.