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Important and Non Important things.

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Well, I hope you had a lovely memorial day. It was the only nice day of the weekend here. One of the programs we support here is the Ride 2 Recovery program. Got your leg blown off in Iraq sir? No problem, lets get you on a bike and back in the mix.

Both legs, no problem either.

Well done to all who made the event happen and all who participated….veterans, families and supporters. I’d like to do that ride some day. What I don’t have a picture of are the poles on the handcycles that people took turns pushing to help the fellow riders up the hills. Thats what you do friends…..thats what you do.
So here are a couple of pictures from when I lived in Tucson.
These guys are “ammo”. As in the ammunition department people…and any pilot will tell you…if you ain’t ammo, you ain’t shit.

I have no idea what kind of helicopter this is….but it made an impressive landing, and I just bought a new digital camera from the PX (postal exchange – or general store – or place to buy beer and cigarettes).

And this is what it looks like in the dental clinic.

I can feel your excitement, so lets move on to bikes!
Because if your in the dirty T, you know the Grey Wolf

Good luck and best wishes to Fixie Dave who is leaving real soon for the Tour Divide. He had a nice party on Sunday to celebrate with lots of good food, drink, and special notes.

In other Bike news, the “meet your maker” ride in NORCAL happened, and our own Steve Smith was there.

Wait, there is something not quite right here…..

Whats funny is that I was provided with both pictures, since I would have no idea how to photoshop anything into a picture if my life depended on it.
Hey, its Prom season!

I”ll be too busy training.

Alright, time to go to work…I’ll leave you with this, because I often get asked this question.

Motivated to ride for the weekend.

Friday, May 25th, 2012

I’m motivated to ride for the weekend. The shop is mostly caught up and I’m ready to roll. It is Memorial Day weekend so take a few moments and remember those who serve, and those who have sacrificed.
This picture comes to me from the old AFB I was stationed at. This is the inside of a plane that took wounded soldiers from Iraq to Germany. Note the sharpie notes on the wall….these are notes to friends, family and units by people who were not sure if they’d live to see that cargo door open.

With that, I’ll balance out the blog with a picture sent to me from our Airborne forces….who are apparently so efficient that they can spend the time creating “motivational posters”….

Alright, on to bikes.

First and foremost, there are some bikecycle events happening.
This would be at the top of my list if I still lived in Flagstaff

Where the air is nice…

And the town accepts different schools of thought.

Detroit is certainly more than a street in Cleveland (Rocks)….but this is where I’d be if I lived in the great midwest….

But alas, I’m here in Utah…maybe I’ll go down this weekend and do some Mule Riding and hang out with Dr. Bob?

Maybe we’ll bring Blackie?

Oh, and if I was in SF, I’d go to this and give Sean a hi five.

Alright, on that note, I’d like to commend the members of the Wed night Park City world championships who had another rager this week. Big thanks to Mike Kracht for this picture.

Get out there and do some ridin’

Whiskey for the Weekend

Friday, May 18th, 2012

I just can’t get enough of The Whiskey…..check out Geoff’s salute at the end…if that doesn’t make you want to win races….nothing will.

The only other thing I have funny is this…

I”m goin’ ridin’

I’ll get there…

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Man the weather has been nice here in the northern Utah area. I hear that the mountain bike trails are dry up to 8000 feet…I wouldn’t know because I have yet to do a road or off road ride in Park City this year….but I’ve been busy rehearsing for my new band.

We’re going to be called “Fuck Your Yankee Blue Jeans” or “Steely Dan II”. I haven’t decided.

On to bike news….the Catalina Off Road Gran Fondo happened, and my man Hollywood was there.

We did a quick Q and A:
Dr. J: Jeffrey, can you describe the Catalina Gran Fondo?
Hollywood: “Its a chance to get out of the big city and ride. The ferry ride over was beautiful”
Dr. J: Thats Gay as shit man, is there any DH action or whiskey shot stations?
HW: No….we did have a steep hill competition inland where many of us stopped to see who could get up a pretty tall pitch…then we looked out at the sailboats in the harbor once the group got to the top.
Dr. J: Sweet, did anybody break out a splif when you got to the top of your pansy hill?
HW: Um no. We completed the ride and then all had a cocktail at the beach.
Dr. J: Beer Bongs and shit?
HW: What?
Dr. J: Nothing man, thanks again for keeping the country safe… might see me there next year.

Well, in all seriousness, that would be a fun ride to do…and I would be all in next year if the stars aligned themselves. And by stars, I mean MONEY and TIME.

Speaking of time, there is a handbuilt bike event coming up.

I’m sure it’ll be a nice family event.

I’d like to thank Jordan Rarick for this…

And I’d like to give Props to Capt Andy, who’s teeth are now even shiny-er than before after his visit yesterday. He had the quote of the day “I’m not really training for anything, so what the fuck?” I agree man….I just want to get out there and ride…especially on your new Moots.

In all honesty, I had a hard time posting that pic…I do have the deepest respect for LOTOJA….all 206 miles of it…all 13 hrs of it.
I also have the deepest respect for anybody who would want to be buried in a bacon coffin. If it was not my desire to be cremated and spread among the Mojave…I’d pick this.

And because its bad indian luck to end with a death reference….I’ll end with Loudass.

If it ain’t Moto, its worthless…

Monday, May 14th, 2012

You know who used to say that? Ross Shafer….the guy QBP bought Salsa from. He’s rad. Just so you think I’m cool, I have a frame that Ross and Sean made…
But its true….Bicycling has/and does/prolly always will trickle its technology down from motorcycles….forks, shocks, brakes, drivetrains (a little bit). Handling, performance, soul….its all there. So MrsDrEvil and I decided to take a motorcycle class to get our endorsement. It was a blast.

The course ran through Dixie State College and our instructor was Dave Jones. Now just to tell you how recommended the course was, the DMV people told us that this course was the best in the state….and they were right.
So we show up, with about 6 other people for the friday evening course and start learning about motorcycles. I seem to remember a few things from back in the day dirtbiking with my friends in Troy….but I’ve never been on a road, am awfully used to cycling controls, and couldn’t drive a stick shift car if my mothers life depended on it. So after learning about the basics, we showed back up Saturday Morning at 0800J (thats 8am local time) to hit the range. What a blast. Rocking and riding around using only the friction zone in the clutch….and man, what a piece of cake compared to an automobile! Zipping around the course and gaining skill was a ball. After lunch, we headed back to the classroom to learn more about the bikes. Sunday morning we were back for more range time and our final exams. I wore my Sunday Best….it was mothers day after all.

We worked on tight turning, swerving, cornering and braking to keep up safe and upright. Then we tested individually and all passed. Well done group and well done Professor Jones for an outstanding class.
Before I forget, here is the contact info for the course if you are in the area and want to take it.
Dixie College
225 South 700 East
St. George Utah 84770
(435) 652-7664
The course was really great. It was very similar to a concealed firearm permit class….you have a machine (be it a firearm or a motorcycle) that is designed to do tasks. You, as the controller, have to use judgment and skill to get the job done and stay safe. On a side note, riding a motorcycle (in the limited way we did on the range) was very fun, and pretty easy. The skills you learn make you a better car driver too. One last note, please don’t take the course and then do a 500 mile bike trip….the course prepares you to go out and practice. And thats what I’ll be doing a lot of in the near future.
I also am going to try an learn a thing or two about motorcycle repair.

Maybe there is a Sheldon Brown out there somewhere?

Alright, on to more serious bicycle news…

In Cycling news, the Giro is progressing in all its glory. Look! I will take credit for leading the charge to fatter tires. Fat Tires Save Lives.
On the domestic front, the Amgen Tour of California is happening. Props to Peter Sagan for winning stage 1.
I was talking about travel bikes over the weekend and felt like including this pic, which shows both what can be done, and WHO does it the way it should be.

Well done Mr. Inglis.
Fixie Dave is getting ready for the Tour Divide….and you thought your ride was “epic” this weekend. Sheesh!

7 days a week.

Monday, May 7th, 2012

Busy time in custom bike land….no riding this weekend…..but don’t be sad…..I’m still awesome.
Here is as great pic from the Mojave….the bearclaw poppies are out…actually, I bet their done by now…but the picture lives on.

I’d like to post this from my most sensitive friend, Cris Fox.

Speaking of sensitive people, this is from Eben.

And this from Carter

This, from me,

Lets get to some shop news…..
We’ve installed our new “water cooler”

And Hollywood says that the new “bicykillers” stickers are in…

And things are humming along. Lots of new bike sales, lots of fork and shock service, and lots of customs in the works….As bikes are finished, look for pics here or on the Book of Faces page.
On to racing news…
Let me give my heartfelt congratulations to the young Mr. Goulet for his first mid ride pee.

The Giro is full on. And thats exciting.
Closer to the home front, the Tour of the Gila has wrapped up. I have a special place in my heart for that race, as it is the only Professional Stage race that I have ever done…Yup, big old me….100 mile days with 10,000 feet of climbing….it was back when I was young…and strong. Here is a picture of the leaders jersey and the Gila National Forest.

Silver City NM, I do miss you.
Last but not least, I hope you all had a great Cinco de Mayo, which fell on Caturday of last week. I hope you all celebrated the victory of Puebla, and the fact that we are not speaking French right now…If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I recommend looking up the history of the holiday.

Whiskey Nate

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

I forgot if I wrote about the Whiskey….mostly because the only blog I ever read is Goathork.
Thats not entirely true, I read Horseshit too.

So for many years I’ve been wanting to do the Whiskey…in Prescott.
Prescott is cool….it has everything I like. Cowboys, Indians, Whiskey Bars all lined up in a row, bike trails, road riding, drunks, and good old fashioned peace and quiet… also has the Whiskey. Our friends at Epic Rides came up with the idea to have a “race” in town years ago…and its blossomed into a nice little flower. Yes, there is a pro division with a surprising amount of payout for the winners….but more importantly, there is a citizen class, a 25, a 50 and a single speed division. Remember those…they were popular before 29ers.
So the Whiskey happened last weekend…and that is great timing because all those knuckleheads attending the Sea Otter event needed a place to go before they crawled back into their respective holes.
I like AZ bicycling events. People show up, they have pride in their state and in the west, and they are festive.
I mean, take a look at dirty…who drove up from Tucson.

Dirty is the one in the gorilla suit…in case you didn’t know.
There are feeds at the whiskey….the whiskey kind.

Good on ya son….that’ll toughen you up.
Here is a little video about the Whiskey, complete with psudo hot blond girl with an Australian accent that just says, “I’m easy”.

Here are some real action shots. My man Lance Runyan.

Lance makes it look easy….because for him….it is.
And lets take a look at the mens singlespeed AND overall winner of the 50….Park City’s own Nathan Miller!
Just in case you didn’t know, Nate works at Endurance Cycle Service and a little at Dharma Wheels when I’m 6 feet over my head in shit to do.

Alright, go on out there and have some fun.