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You should see this.

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

For about two, or six weeks, I”ve had pictures and links saved to things that you simply must see.
First, check out this link HERE from Lucas…..he knows So. Utah and at least 85% of its secrets.
You should also read about this years Dirtburger HERE.
Isn’t that nice?
Speaking of SoUt people, big props to Fixie Dave Nice….can you believe that he really is almost all the way to Canada?….from the Mexican Border?

Really, top notch Dave. Kim and I are really, really proud of you….and I will buy you a beer…..or 10.
Speaking of Tour Divide, this is a photo of the winner…who did the +2000 mile trip in 16 days…..DAMN.

I”d also like to share some of my favorite Wizzard Staff Day Photos…..Note: most of the people in these photos had 2 day hangovers…

That would be the artist formally known as Steve Smith.


More Zeke

And one of the Amigo’s.

Most impressive, hanging the staffs from trees at the conclusion of the night…….well done sorcerers.
In Flagstaff AZ framebuilding pics, here is a great shot of a Coco on Gooseberry Mesa…..Oh, how I love the Goose.

Lastly, good luck to basically the entire state of Colorado… what a shitstorm this fire season has been so far.

Old Friends

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Its been rather busy at the shop and the office with lots to show and tell.

We had an original Grateful Dead bike in the shop. Do you know how I know that its real….because I have sold one back in 1990 (or so). And its the same vintage as the gary fisher Clunker I have at the shop. So anyway, my buddy who is a rock and roll art collector/broker/dealer has the bike. Really, its a Hoo Koo E Koo with a very limited run of stickers put on it…but the stickers were licensed to Gary Fisher by GDM (grateful dead merchandizing). And thats cool.
So, here it is.

And here it is after the Brooks saddle was installed.

And here is the old poster we had at the shop I used to work at 1000 years ago.

Is nestled dead center of your field of view if your in dental chair #3.

Well, that my friends is the coolest cruiser to ever leave my shop. Really, 1 in 1000 as far as rarity and 10/10 on the cool factor.
In PBS news….or Personal Bike Shit news, I finished my restoration of the Instigator.
What is an Instigator you may ask?
Well, its this…

Back in the 90′s, befor 29ers, Surly bicycles produced the Instigator. It was supposed to be a trail hardtail that you could kinda dirt jump with, especially if you bought it a size down. As with all Surly products, it was well made, made of 4130 steel, painted conservately, and built for a long life of service. Oh yeah, and it was not expensive. But, I never had the money to buy a frameset. So time passed and they were discontinuted – right at about the time I scraped together $420 to spend on said instigator. So, last year I purchased a complete bike instigator from a shop mechanic in WA. My friend among friends Eric Sovern dug around his desk at QBP and located for me a decal and headbadge sheet. And last weekend provided the time to build up said dream bike. Thats right, you heard me, dream bike. Yes, I know its not a Moots/IF/Ibis/Turner/Ventana/Knolly…..but it means a lot to me…..and it wasn’t that expensive to outfit…..and it gave me a reason to overhaul the PIKE that I’ve had sitting around forever.
The bike is not light.

Yeah, thats ugly friends. Mojo HD’s I build with huge tires weigh 30 lbs. But I don’t care. I’ve always wanted an instigator, it didn’t break the bank to build up, and it makes me happy. If only all of life could be that simple….right?
Another simple thing that I did on the PBS front was to outfit the tandem bikecycle that MRS DR E and I purchased from Ventana.

Let me tell you, Sherwood makes a damn fine bicycle, and knows exactly 8 times the things I do about bicycles…..and trust me…I think I know a lot.

Sorry about the wizzard staff, more on that in a moment.
Man the tandem is a nice bicycle. A quick overhaul on the (ancient) Code 5 brake calipers and fresh hydrolic lines from Jagwire, and it was trail ready.

Hey, the lifts were running and the DH trails were outstanding this weekend.
I took the time to figure out how to get a DH bike to the trail, because honestly, a 63 deg seat tube’d bike is no fun to pedal on flat land.

The system worked great. DH bikes weigh between 35-45 lbs, and it is a little heavy on the xtracycle, but the front wheel counterbalances a it and its doable. It took me about 20 min to get to deer valley from prospector….and I was fresh as a spring daisy when I got there.
Last and by far Least, MRS D Evil and I celebrated a holiday that our friend Steve created. Wizzard Staff Across the Universe Day….or something like that.
Our plan was simple because we knew that we were playing in the big leagues. 1. Use Utah 3.2% beer. 2. Goal = a 12 pack 3. Don’t be afraid to pour out beer. 4. Have fun.
I believe we did accomplish the goals, or at least 85% of them.
We used 12 3.2% cans between us…

Since some beer did get lost, we made up for it in Whiskey.

And had fun…

All for $7.

New Bike Pics

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Greatings readers, and happy day after Solstace. I know many of you think I was out there riding my bike all day yesterday…but in fact I was working. Really, I wanted to take the day off, as I”ve done in the past, but it was not possible. Too busy. I ended the day with the fillings of the month….try filling the front of a MX 2nd molar (your last tooth up top) with a skyscraper PFM crown in front of what you want to see….if it was easy, they’d call it snowshoeing.
Big props to White Pine Touring for taking an active role in making a solstace ride happen yesterday.

But there are more important days ahead….as in tomorrow…which is Wizzard Staff Day.

Its a great holiday….all you need is beer and duct tape. You start drinking beer like the world is going to end and then duct tape your cans together.

You can enjoy the holiday solo….or with friends.

Lets move on to bicycle things. As you know, I sell bicycles both in state and out of state. Here is a recent sale from a little while ago that just warms the heart….this is, by the way…an orig Karate Monkey.

A little closer to home, here is Guy’s Vamoots.

And also Andy’s new Mooto X.

I had a few more things to post, but the lifts are calling so I”ll leave you with this.

Gathering Together.

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

Its been so long since I”ve posted that I had to read my last blog to see what I wrote about. Can you believe it? I bet you can. Allow me to gather together many topics.
I”ll begin by giving a shout out to Mountain Town Stages [sic] Music, for both providing Park City with lovely outdoor concerts and entertainment AND having a truly amazing paint job on their van.

Brian, this next one is for you.
What a Wookie
Part of what pulled me away from the computer is the attending of our Neighbor’s graduation party last weekend. Congratulations to Hannah who will be attending Northern Arizona University in my old hometown of Flagstaff Arizona. Along with some money I gave her the sage advice….”Most of the money I got from my high school graduation I spent on leather jackets and Ghetto blasters….the rest I just squandered.” Well, I told her that if she found the need to hang out with a bunch of 40 something “outdoorsey types”, I can provide her with the means….Somehow I don’t think my old crowd, the Pay and Take or the Monte V are going to be in her future….and its prolly better that way. Anyway, here is Dar with baby Hannah….and many old school Park City people in a photo of a photo.

Last weekend there was also local mountain bike type riding.

These lovely images were taken on the new Armstrong trail. I am asked frequently if I am a supporter of the one way trail systems that are being developed like Armstrong. And I am. It keeps the flow how it should be….that simple.
As always, its been busy at the shop. Check out this little number…

And check out this big number for our man Andy, who celebrated his 26th birthday this week!

In other exciting news, Deer Valley opened this weekend!

And man was it nice. Let me remind all of you DH people to please break in your rides and go easy the first few days of the season. Allow for things to settle and please inspect your bike after each run and at the end of each day.
Then, enjoy the views as you tear shit up.

Alright, that is all for now, its time to ride.

A Post with lots of infomation

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

Well its been a rather long time since I”ve posted, so I’ll make this one worth it. Its not that there has been any lack of information, just a lack of time due to work…and actually getting out to ride.
Lets start with a ride photo. Here is a touring bike meticulously fabricated by our friends at Independent Fabrication.…who have their own blog.

This photo is from the Peoa Cemetary on Memorial Day.
IF also has their own “ride”….if you are in the area…you should go.

I am very sure it will be a serious ride.

Speaking of racing, I’d like to show you all THIS from Hurl.
In birthday news, Captain Dave celebrated his day of birth recently….with a race and party….all at the same time I see.

When I think of racing and partying, I think of DD in Heber!

Its seems its river time for some of the Flagstaff Residents….

And Mr. Troy Rarick has informed me that the Melrose Over The Edge Fat Tire Festival is a hit….as always……This year, with a fat tire TT.

Speaking of Race news, July 14 will be this years Crusher in the Tushar’s….and I will not be there. Truly a legendary course…and really, not for the faint of heart.

As I mentioned before, its been busy at the shop.

And hey, the Santa Clara shop passed its fire inspection!

Ah yes, just in time for us to idle the shop for the hot months.
In other exciting shop news, our shed is complete! Big thanks to DJ for a job well done.

Big thanks to CAPT Tom for driving me down to Santa Clara to help be bring my new “bike” home.

Tom was also kind enough to change the password for our internets.

In all seriousness, it was nice to get down there and survey the damage from the Goulds Rim fire that occurred last month. This is what we found.

While we were down south, we participated in my kind of ally cat…brought to you by the MKCA.
Good people….all of them.
Speaking of good Southern Utah people, Fixie Dave is out there somewhere on Tour Divide.
Hey, its Les Paul’s birthday. Celebrate.

And in fun Hipster news, READ THIS.
Big thanks to Cris Fox for that one.
Last and greatest, MRS DR. Evil and I got out for a bikecycle related ride the other day.

I’m glad someone out there makes me look good.