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Interbike 2012

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Interbike…..the big dance….the rosebowl. Call it what you will. Its the (an) industry tradeshow. Its a time for people to party and pretend they are working. Its a time for people to work and wish they were partying. Its a place where you can get things done….or a place where nothing gets done….all in the crystal city of Las Vegas.
Before writing this post, I referenced last years post HERE as well as 2010
Its enjoyable to see the consistency and professionalism in the effort we put into the show each year….hope you see it too.
So interbike 2012….no worrying about the dental office burning down or concerns about adding brands to our stable. No high pressure sales meetings or fights to demo every bike in Bootleg Canyon. Here is how it went down.
The Sunday and Monday of Interbike was actually spent taking care of some business that had nothing to do with bicycles. I had to pass a shooting qualification at the state and federal level and did so with flying colors….shooting a 350 out of 370 and rolling around all over Nevada to get educated, fingerprinted, photographed and officialized. Good for me. Mrs Dr E and I also settled into the Tuscany and prepared for an excellent show.

Bright and early Tuesday morning, it was time for the “Hangover Ride” now called the Tour of Lake Mead. My favorite event of Interbike.
At 8am sharp the group departs Boulder City to the shoreline of beautiful Lake Mead.

The Mavic support moto follows along and the guys always look at my 8 speed cluster with 35C tires and shake their heads….thats cool….I’ve never flatted on that ride. Rather than shuttle the road back up, the hard men and women of the day ride it. I ran into a french engineer who studied at Michigan….Since I went to school there for 8 years, we struck up a conversation.

I should also say that I saw the family who owns the bicycle shop where I apprenticed at all those years ago. Great to see the crew and great to hear the store is doing well and expanding into the neighboring space.
After climbing 4 miles, we get to Boulder City.

Where I immediately find Dan and Johnny drinking beer at 9am like the world is going to end.

Outdoor demo is fun. There are lots of bikes to try out and relationships to make and maintain. The only important meeting I had that day was with David Turner to ride a very fancy Turner Burner 650B bicycle. Here is David setting the bike up for your truly.

And it rode great. Bigger feeling than a 26er….and surprisingly smooth. Smaller and more nimble than a 29er. Really a supurb ride and of course, Turner quality. I’ve said it before, and I”ll say it again….it is the 650B bike to have.
Well, as the afternoon progressed, beers were broken out and I actually snuck out so as not to be tempted to drive back to LV with a level 7 buzz.
Wednesday was filled with technical seminars and walking the floor. Big thanks to SRAM, Shimano, Fox, Campagnolo, FSA and NBDA for putting on really great seminars. Its hard to sit in a class for an hour or two at a time, but 100% worth it. How else would you become an expert on Shadow plus derailleurs?

My favorite little thing….Shimano fabricated a set of their IceTech brakes out of acrylic (clear) so that you could see bubbles and how the pistons worked under pressure. Well played sirs.
Lots to see at the show on the floor. We became updated on products and saw what new vendors had to offer.
Once again, at around 3pm there was trouble making, but Kim and I snuck out to have dinner and turn in early….without attending Cross Vegas….which I hear was fun.
I like Las Vegas in the morning. I tend to go for little rides when its 75 and perfect. You see people going to work, people getting in from the night before, and DUI bars.

Thursday was a carbon copy of Wednesdays. Seminars, walking the floor and then drinking beer at 3pm. Dharma Wheels made a donation to Bikes Belong…which made them happy.

We got to see Steve Smith and drink beer with Paul Price and Sean Walling which made me happy.

It was funny, Scot Nichol came by and I suddenly realized that I had in front of me 2 people that I purchased bicycles from over 20 years ago and I still had the framesets. My how time flies.
Things began to deterioate rapidly and we made our way to the Surly booth for beer and whisky. (no e).

It was then time to hit the strip for an urban style ride…side by side with old Flagstaff friend Erik.

It was a fun group and a good ride.

It is exactly as the sun went down that the leaders and commanders of DWC made the command decision to go home and NOT attend the underbike party….not because it isn’t fun…but because I had an 8am seminar the next morning….are you surprised I was a good college/dental school student?
The following pictures are from the camera of Steve Smith…..
So the Underbike party was at the Double Down…my favorite bar in Las Vegas….yes, it was hard not to go.

Its the happiest place on earth.

Much to some people surprise, a wedding was held…..BWS and VS! Yippie!

I think Stevil was the ring bearer.

There was partying.

Hollywood wore a cool shirt

And the Captain even made an appearance.

When people stopped making memories, things like this happened.

That was the last image on the camera friends……………..
So, the Friday came and went and it was back to Santa Clara and to work at the shop. Our Friends at Over the Edge put on a fun little event called Afterbike…which helps purge the demons of Las Vegas with bicycle riding and weak Utah beer. I’ve wanted to attend for years and this year, I finally did.
Troy, Nick from IMBA and Jordan rode Guacamole trail….believe it or not, it was my first time.

The new, and illegal section, called tequila sunrise, is amazing.

After the longest ride I’ve been on all year, it was back to camp to relax.

And then finally back to the shop, where we painted our cow for Santa Clara’s Swiss Days (happening this weekend).

So that was the show. Professional, tight, informative, fun and warm….like it always is.

What I did for my summer vacation (part 1) – Motorcycle trip.

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

So now that the dust has settled from the office sale

it was time for a little vacation before the bicycle trade show.
Me being me, and my shop being my shop, it was necessary to get all the service done before I split….and lo and behold, after more than 20 years, I have finally worn out a park 6-8 speed chain tool….how many of your mechanics out there can say that?

Yes, I can hear your thunderous applause from near and far.
So two thursdays ago, I headed out for a motorcycle trip from Park City to Antimony Utah….googlemap it if you will. Rather than take the I 15 superhighway down as we do when we cage it (term used for automobile travel), it was time to take Old HWY 89 throught the small towns of Utah.
And it was magnificent….I can see why people do motorcycle tours.
In Springville, there were large dump trucks going to the Copper mine.

The weather was perfect, the bike handled great, and in about 4 hrs time, I was in Antimony.

After dinner and drinks with Dr. Bob, and checking on Sheeza, it was time to turn in for the night.

Then, after breakfast at the Mercantile store, time to fuel up….

And hit the trail. Black Canyon to Bryce to Red Canyon – amazing. And finally, after a dozen years, I got to ride Cedar Canyon.

A quick bite to eat in Cedar City and then SW through Enterprise and Beryl Jct to Gunlock and Veyo.

Then into the Paiute Rez, the edge of the Mojave and finally…..beautiful Santa Clara.
4 hrs once again and fun. The bike hums along and really has a great feel at 4000, 5500 and 6500 rpm….and with the windshield, I love wearing the “brain bucket” helmet….the ride is super quiet, even at 80 mph that you can still hear the fuel injector. Hwy 89 is best seen between 55 and 65 mph and that was my average on the highway for that trip. 56 miles a gallon friends. So part one was fun. My darling wife and small black cat arrived in Santa Clara as well Friday night and we spent the entire day Saturday cutting and filling from the rainfall that drenched SW Utah the week before. No damage at the house/shop….just a lot of labor that needed to be done to fill in the canyons around the driveway and the retaining wall. “Lake Colon” was as full as I’ve ever seen it and will need to be addressed this weekend when things dry out. So that is part one…part two will be Interbike, which we left for last Sunday. I did get fingerprinted and my picture taken….but I’ll explain why later.

Sighting it in.

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Taking a look at the old calendar these days surprises me with how much stuff is on it.
And thats great…I love cool stuff.

I’m still trying to make an appropriate email/weblog to showcase all the awesomeness that will be unfolding.
For your entertainment, let me show you this, about NoSpeeding.

nospeeding from Erik Lobeck on Vimeo.

Its the next big thing. like this…

I was recently sent this by a fabricator friend of mine….clearly I”m a “Faggot”….I guess.

In ‘racing’ news, SSCXWC’s 2012 have been finalized….and by finalized I mean moving from Santa Cruz to East LA.
Love it, hate it, bitch about it… what you will..but find the info HERE.
Interbike is just around the corner….and so is this.

As the mornings grow colder, I”m reminded that cyclocross season draws near…

Alright friends, its time for me to fly…

For the next post I”ll have a few fun events to put on your calandar…and even links to get you to register for said events….until then.

And Back to Bicycles.

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Because you know me, always moving forward.
The weekend started out getting Shins King Kahuna to him for its break in ride.

There was also symbolic work to do at the shop….moving my cap to chair 3 and putting Capt Russ’ at the helm.

He’s more than just an excellent dentist, he puts his hats on skulls.
It would be appropriate to thank the Egyptian Theater for having Country Joe McDonald, who gave his Woodie Guthrie tribute show on Saturday. It was great, it was the only other time I’ve ever heard “This land is your land” on Main St. other than me singing it. Who is Country Joe you ask?

Yup, that guy. Great show – really dug it.
It is bicycle trade show season and as far as I can tell Eurobike happened.

That can only mean that Interbike is next week…..
I’m sure we’ll talk about fat bikes.

There will be beer to drink…

And I”m sure I’ll see Bruce Gordon.

Big Props to 6-8 Nate for winning the Flagstaff Bearjaw Groove in the pines.

I’ve finally got the V Strom dialed in…and not a moment too soon, its Utah tour time on Thursday….thats right I said Thursday….as in the middle of the week….and rest assured, I’m not the type of person to say “look at me while you work”. I had to work all weekend peoples.

Yup, thats my 34 lb fully restored Surly Instgator on the back there.
And guess what, it rides awesome!

I even took it up DV for closing day!

“This one is for me.”

Friday, September 7th, 2012

That is what I say on stage sometimes at a performance when its time to do a song that I may love but is not necessarily a crowd pleaser.

But hey, its my shop and my website, so today’s post is about me and whats going on… if you need a bike post this morning, this ain’t it.
We’ve had a changing of command at the dental office.

(Some of you may find this funny, that is actually my dental squadrons’ Gideon at a change of command for the 355th)
The patients of the dental office received this letter yesterday.

Yes its true….to sum up. The office has been sold and Kim and I are going to focus on our Bicycle business. But fear not, I”m not leaving right away nor am I hanging up the handpiece. More on that later…for now, lets take a trip down memory lane.
Do you remember when I just got out of the service?
Thats okay, I don’t either.

Or finished residency?

And by finished, I mean changing how the University of Utah handles its consults…

I remember. It was about that time that LT (ret) Jeffrey Kelley brought me into his practice in Park City. What a great time. I got to practice with Dr. Bob and meet some of the most wonderful patients in the world.

There was time to hang out…

And ski…

There was time to bicycle…

And win races.

Then, it became time to do my own separate business with the dental office and bicycle shop occupying their very own brick and mortar location.
Remember the construction?

And the installations?

Its fun to think back on my shop. Look at this picture with damn near bare walls…and custom wheels.

As the years progressed, yearly gross sales improved and the shop expanded into the space.

Can you remember when operatory 3 was all retail?

I can. I can also remember starting to see my free time slipping away as both business grew and competed with each other.

And I distinctly remember the day moving the service area out of the back and into operatory 4′s area.

So, deciding to sell the office was a difficult decision. I wanted to put as much effort into finding a dentist as my loyal people put into my office. It took 7 months to find a match, and Dr. Russ is just that. A match. Not the person I could have squeezed the most money out of, not the person who showed up with the fanciest Ipad case, but the person who we trust will take our Guidon and continue to move our mission forward.
In the mean time, I couldn’t be more excited about having more time to devote to everything…..I actually bought concert tickets yesterday…..the first time in 5 years that I’ve done so. Its always seemed that there was never even time on the weekends to catch live music.
So be excited with me for my transition. I still have a dental chair in the Santa Clara shop, so don’t worry about me throwing in the towel just yet on dentistry – my back isn’t THAT sore yet. I’d like to thank the patients of the office and our staff for the journey. Its been great.

(This is my halloween costume – every year I go dressed as a dentist).
Tomorrow it will be back to bikes….and it feels so good.

P2P Photos.

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

For the first time in a long time, my ability to make a weblog entry was down earlier this week.
No matter.
I’d like to post a few of my favorite pictures from Park City Point 2 Point.
In no order of importance, but perhaps handsomeness…
Jessee Hoffman working on ChrisP’s bike.

Jay Burke, the organizer of said event.

Nate Miller, always on top.

ChrisP, who I had lunch with yesterday.

And your winner ladies and germs, Alex Grant.

Big props to the riders who slugged it out through the mud, and a special hoo rah to those who were pulled from the course and didn’t cry like babies when the thunderheads rolled in….the difference between gallantry and stupidity is fine, and I for one am happy that this event had no serious accidents or misadventures – but I did hear that people want to kick the Canyons squarely in the nuts for the logs on Holly’s.
In other cycling news, I hear SLOTOJA was a success. And thats great because LOTOJA is this weekend. My favorite LOTOJA quote from Bo Pitkin “Best part about doing lotoja is never having to do it again.”.
Its true….it was a hard ride. You can relive my memories HERE. Anyway, well done SoUtah crew on SLOTOJA, I’d like to do it some time.

If you are in Flagstaff, and know John Benson, you should go to this. Or even in you don’t know John Bon Benson, you should still go.

I don’t usually like a lot of political posters, but I do support my party on this one.

I do uphold the 2nd amendment.