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Monday, October 29th, 2012

Let me start todays post with a link to an incredible motorcycle journey. Chris Braun is a fellow V Strom owner, my go to person all things moto with the Strom, and does incredible trips like this.

See the full story HERE.
Before I forget, allow me to post Jason Jones getting rad at Powder Mountain last week.

Here is a cute little cartoon that sums up what I’ve been saying for years.

In fun event news, the Homie Fall Fest celebrated its 469th straight year of dirtbags getting drunk in the forest. As always, I was not there.

Yes, there was fire.

Yes, there was drinking.

And yes, there was drinking and then riding through the fire.

And, here in utah, there was cyclocross action.

You could just tell Halloween was in the air.

Dialing in Di2….and R2R

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

It takes time to dial in a new product. I say it often but its true. Let me give you an example. In the last post you read about how nice the Di2 was on the Moots. Guess what, this week its even nicer. Bicycle components are complex, and gone are the days where you just bolt it on and it makes your ride 100% better….well maybe thats the case with ENVE wheels….but you get the point. Dial in your gear people….it’ll make your rides even sweeter.
Since I forgot my camera down south, and since I’ve been sent some wonderful pics from R2R, lets go with that.
The Ride 2 Recovery is a great organization. Obviously I’m partial to it because I serve in the PHS, am a dentist, and help design solutions for people to ride bicycle….but enough about me – lets talk about the program.

We all know bicycles are fun. They can be therapeutic too. I see it many times a year because I sell a lot of expensive bikes to people with stressful jobs and they tell me how a long or short bicycle ride changes their day. And I would have to agree.

R2R has Shimano as a title sponsor. Its great. I love seeing Di2 bike rigged up for shifting with prosthetic hands. Its super cool – and there is nothing like telling a person whos activities of daily life have been altered that they are back in the saddle.

One thing that is super about the participants is that they reach out to everybody about the situation that they are in. “Hey, I got my leg blown off by an attack, but thats cool, check out this replacement that slides right on”.

“And yeah,go ahead and touch it…..its cool. Bummer to lose the leg, but it does not mean that you have to loose hope or let your disability define you.”

“Thats right kids, and even if you get both of your legs shot off, you can still go out there and have a good time.” I like the hand holds that full able body riders use to assist the handcyclists up the hills. I asked one of the veterans if they were ever scared to bomb down the hills…. “Shit” they say, “I’ve already had my legs blown off – do you think going down a little hill scares me at all?”.

And hey, those who have cognitive or motor disorders from battle can rock. This is one of my favorite photos because this person was 100% certain that they would never in a million years ride a bicycle….and boom, here it is.

So hey, support Ride 2 Recovery. Or any charity that you choose. You’ll be a better person for it.

In other fun news, I had the opportunity to talk with Don Walker the other day. His CX frames look especially nice this season – especially mid air.

Many people have asked me over the past few weeks if I have an opinion on the whole “Lance Armstrong thing?”. The answer is simple….no. I do think that the cancer foundation will suffer and that is unfortunate.

In somewhat ironic and sad news, somebody spraypainted the “bicycles get 3 feet” sign off of the HWY 18 sign in St. George….Bryce from Red Rock sent it in. Sad that a person spent so much time on such a negative thing.

And to close, I will show you the coolest Xtracycle photo I’ve ever been sent.

First St. George Road Ride.

Friday, October 19th, 2012

Well friends, after years and years of visiting and living in southern Utah, it was finally time to go on a road ride. Can you believe it? I’ve never been on a road ride in Washington County….just mountain bicycling. Its true.
Mountain biking is beautiful.

And so is road riding.
And since I have just outfitted my 15 year old Moots Vamoots with Di2, it was time to put it through the wringer.
Yes indeed, I may have a Campagnolo belt buckle, but I also have 50 units of Shimano S Tec, and my shop sells 100 to 1 Shimano vs Campagnolo, so it was time to join the crowd.
And it was also time to go from my trusted triple up front to a compact double.
So off I rode, through Ivins and the Red Mountains….where they have a spa.

The shifting was crisp and accurate…..and FAST.
Around Gunlock, there were a couple of steep pitches.

One of the improvements that Shimano made to their Di2 line is the ability to run a 28 tooth cassette in the rear….which allows you to really dig in and crawl up hills….like I do. A triple gives you more gears (that why I really do recommend them on mountain bikes unless you are a racer).
The ride took about 3 hrs and was marvelous. The bike handled perfectly….I did well too.

Is electric shifting the way to go…..yes it is. It stays in adjustment and the overall quality of the shift is the best that I’ve seen in my entire life in the bicycle industry.
Alrightly, in other news, the North American Hand Built Bicycle Show will be in Denver this year and registration just opened. HERE.

Best Monday Ever.

Monday, October 15th, 2012

Mondays have not always held the highest position in the “favorite days of the week” category.
I’m not here to be a crybaby, but there have been some rough ones. This is how I usually felt when the buzzer went off at 0600J every monday.

But those days are gone and this is how I’ve been feeling as of lately…

And thats pretty rad…..on the radness scale.
So the Hurricane Mountain Bike Festival presented by Over The Edge, Hurricane happened this weekend.
And it was a blast….I hear. After signing up, Mrs Dr E was afflicted by a bit of a stomach bug, and we decided to not attend the festival to aid with her healing. And I’m happy to report that it looks like all systems are go. So, I will provide you a couple pics from Fixie Dave Nice about this years events…
We’ll start off with a pic of Squeak, the shop cat.

Then we’ll move on to a real, live snake.

Next a pic from one of the mesas.

And more fun on the Mesas.

Back in Hurricane, there was music, a beer garden, and vendors.

All good clean fun, as cycling should be.

All reports indicated that good times were had by all and lots of riding was done. We’ll be there next year, barring any unforeseen ailments.
I”d like to now post a pic from Guy, of his beautiful Moots in the SouthEastern Utah Desert.

And last but not least, this is what happens when Captain Dave has too much time on his hands.

Alright, time to ride.

Headed for Hurricane

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Thats right muffins, after saving the world from tooth decay and gingivitis, the DWC family truckster points south for a weekend of fun and riding.
And I will give a full report on the new dropper seatpost from Fox…the D.O.S.S
this is what is looks like on the inside.

And THIS is what pinkbike says about it….on their slammed Yeti.
You know how I feel about dropper seatposts….I love them. I think all bikes (maybe not road bikes) should have them. When they work, they make you a safer rider….when they don’t they leave you very angry. If the Doss fails, it will allow you to get the post up (or in the middle or down) by manually activating the switch.
I came across this tidbit that reminded me about how much bad information there is out there and the validity of our Guru’s

Then, I got this out of MN.

Hope to see some of you down south this weekend.

Outerbike 2012

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

There were many things that happened last weekend. Let me start with the RedBull Rampage in Virgin UT.
As always, it was big.

For everybody else not able to nail a 50 ft gap jump, Outerbike happened in Moab.

Outerbike is an excellent event. It is mainly for the consumers….you pay $175, fly or drive in (which is rather convenient if you live in Utah), and get to demo a bunch of bicycles. Already have a bike, pay $100 and do a skills class. Just want to shuttle it, pay Western Spirit for shuttle runs until your teeth chatter out of your mouth. If you partake in the event, there is food, beer, bike companies and fun. Do big loops, do small loops, don’t do loops at all. There are afterparties, before-parties, and everything in between.
Alright, so in typical fashion, we got outta town a little late on Thursday, but arrived to a lovely room at the Gonzo Inn Thursday night.
I like the Gonzo….it used to be owned by Park City folks, and still has a comfortable style that is inviting. Friday, midmorning, I headed out to the demo where I met our Kona rep Willy Warren and the crew. It was at that moment that I introduced them to the Bon Scot Memorial Whiskey Bar….at 10 in the morning.

It was immediately that people began congregating around the blaring ACDC and the bar itself.

The day was spent helping to get people set up for demos and also bouncing around between our other friends’ booths, Turner, Ibis, Club Ride and Enve to help show attendees (both customers and industry people) the definition of awesome.
I even gave Kevin a beer.

As the sun set on the Friday of Interbike, we safely and non-intoxicated-ly rolled back into Moab for dinner and an early bed time. I did ride my own bike on the new Bar M-0-A-B trails that day and they were quite nice.
The Saturday of Outerbike was quite busy…and it was more of the same. It was fun to see many Park City people there and to ride the Bar trails once again.

Nic and Heather were kind enough to even take a picture of Kim and myself.

Not surprising at all, I demo’d the Rove, which I had ridden earlier at Kona’s Dealer Launch…but wanted to try in my home conditions.
It was excellent. I rode the 56 (I’m normally a 59), and the large 35C tires and straight up cross geometry served me well on the desert trail.

For an additional A+ review, you can see Stevils thought on the Rove HERE.
Kim rode the Kona Hei Hei, their 4″ 29er cross country bike. It was light, responsive and transferred power well. It was her favorite Kona of the day.
Back at Outerbike HQ, Willy was holding down the fort

and I was left to wonder how an outer plate got into the Kybo? (FYI Kybo is RAGBRAI for porta-potty).

After some doctor like thinking, I reminded myself that Moab, and Utah in general….but especially the desert, is incredibly hard on bicycles. Some poor soul must have had to replace a link…or links out there in the desert and the replaced plate fell out of his/her pocket.
Its also very beautiful.

Mr Troy Rarick was enjoying the BSMWB when our riding crew returned…

And Willy was pouring the finest from High West…

As the sun set once again, there was some sort of after party at a bar in town with a movie, etc….but let me tell you friends…after being out at the show all day, sleep comes easy….plus I had a 9am date with the White Pine Touring crew for a shuttle run.
Big thanks to Scott House for arranging the shuttle to Kokopelli.

As always, a wonderful ride with the crew…and they didn’t mind that I stopped every now and then to take pictures and collect Yucca seeds.
It was as this point that my camera battery ran out of gas or I would show you Amasa Back, which I rode on Monday morning. After a lunch at the Peace Tree, we found our friends, and said good bye until next time.
Outerbike was a blast. Scot Nichol said it best “This event is a slam dunk if your a Utah dealer”. It really is….we got to meet new people who buy custom bikes from across the country, got to ride with some of our local customers, hung out with some industry people, and even got to ride our bicycles.
I”d like to make Outerbike a regular part of our schedule….you should too.


Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Do you want to know what kinds of things my friends write on the Facebooks…..

Jim Oliver
Raise your hand if you want to see a photo of the chick Chuck Todd is fucking tonight.
Be honest.

Jim is an excellent man, knows more about scotch whisky than I ever will, and has a big ten education….and has a beautiful wife Clara….He cracks my shit up. That image above actually resembles Jim, who I once saw anchor a roman candle with his teeth while it spewed hellfire for 60 seconds…it was sweet.
Anyway, I”m changing over the name of the Angry Owner to The Owner – because I’m not angry anymore and I”m also going to a PG-13 rating because the site has actually gotten popular enough that I no longer think its appropriate to show pictures of dicks in shoes….and stuff.
So lets talk Outerbike…seems like there have been a lot of last minute entries and that is 100% cool Mrs Dr. E is now officially going and we’ll be arriving at the Gongo at around 7:30 today. High 70′s and low 40′s at night people. Then 80′s and 50′s for Santa Clara the next weekend.
Hey, Lets talk about Frog Hollow….there is a 6 hr race held over the weekend of the Fat Tire Festival….and the 25 hr race is Nov 3-4.
Details HERE.
And don’t forget the Tri States Gran Fondo, which goes right by our beautiful shop, the same date. As of right now, I”d like to to the Fondo during the day and then zip over to Virgin for Frog Hollow in the evening time. Details for the TSGF HERE.
I’ve gotta tell you, these people have some cool events. SEE.
In other event news, this is happening in Fruita.

To close, I’d like to leave you with a picture of a beautiful custom bicycle…internally cabled Di2 Moots Vamoots CR. Yup, its the complete package.

Swiss Days 2012

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Swiss Days 2012 is in the books.

And what a nice time is was. Time to celebrate the City of Santa Clara and good old fashioned small town livin’.
As you can see see, many businesses decorate Cows for Swiss Days. Its harder than it looks…ours took 16 hrs to fabricate…no joke. At the end of the day its worth it….people were taking pictures of our cow all weekend and that made Kim happy.
The parade was fun…and passed right by our front door.
There was an entry from an Optometrist
I thought that was rad. Also trains….

Mules….and horses

a four person bicycle…

And StarWars characters…..what a wookie.

Last, but not least, we finally picked up our business sign. The count down is on….looks like it will be mounted up in January.

As far as the riding goes, there was some this weekend and it was marvelous.
In the desert, these little white ghosts are all around the edge of the Mojave. I don’t know if these are a plant or Fungi..but they look like little ghosts coming up from the ground.

And speaking of Spirits, take a look at this beautiful desert tortoise who was enjoying Barrel Roll on Sunday.
Its a little hard to come across a very mature creature in the middle of the Indian reservation and not think of the old ones. I spent about 10 minutes helping this “old one” to realize that off trail was better than on trail….and it was a good thing too, 4 people came bombing down the trail 10 seconds after I hopped back on the bike.

Ok, now on to very important news….Here is what is happening over the next two weeks.
1. This weekend…..Outerbike. Outerbike is happening Oct 3-7th. For those who don’t know, outerbike is many components….Its a chance to demo expensive bikes (our brand that will be there are Turner, Ibis, Kona, Fox as well as Shimano, SRAM) and plenty of others. Really its turned into a nice event. There are skills classes and plenty of shuttled group rides to choose from. Its pay to play, so if you want to ride a Mojo HD or a Kona Process, it’ll cost you $170.00…..want to take a skills class, around $100….want to get a shuttle, $40. There are after parties, movies and music as well.
I’ll be there, but my role will be assisting the bicycle companies to do their thing. I will go out for a ride every day, but at this point, I”m unable to make plans. DWC HQ will be at the Gonzo Inn and yes, I”ll have the Bon Scot Memorial Whiskey Bar. Register Here and see me there.
2. The next weekend (Oct 12-14th) is the Hurricane Mountain Bike Festival. Register HERE.
Let me tell you why this is an event that we support….besides just loving to support OTE and Q and DJ, it really is a great festival. Bike expo and dinner on Friday, fun on Saturday and then a chilled out day on Sunday. Not a ton of people, but all super cool to hang out with. A great experience. Its looking like we’ll be down for Friday afternoons festivities and then Saturdays shenanigans as well. Register, its a blast.

I’ll have more later on this week regarding Frog Hollow and the Tri States Gran Fondo.