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Command….and bike stuff.

Friday, November 30th, 2012

When last we met I forgot to tell you what I got to do Sunday night. You may find it inspirational….or boring.
So for the Dental Unit in Santa Clara, the Federal Government…..and I….2/3rds I….but still 1/3 Feds, purchased a bunch of portable dental equipment to be used for the Unit.
Well, it was packaged well….very well…but the element for the air compressor came out of its holder and rattled around like a bull in a china shop, breaking several switches, connectors and valves on the unit. After pulling my machine apart at 10pm on a Sunday, I had to face the music.
The bottom line, is my $6.660.00 unit did not work.
So what do you do? For Dental equipment, its like buying a bicycle. The fabricator of this unit is in the City of Industry….and the retailer is in FLA….I”m not supposed to contact the manufacturer….but I also have not used a dental supply house service center in my career as a private practice dentist because it is I who service and repair my dental office.
That flies with some dental equipment fabricators, but as the years roll, it is becoming increasingly harder and harder to get parts from the manufacturers….they want me to order through a supplier….and hope its the right part.
I don’t mean to whine too much….but there is no national certification for servicing dental equipment (much like being a bicycle mechanic), and to be honest, I’ve not been impressed by the caliber of persons in the dental equipment repair business. At my “old” office, I watched as the techs installed several pieces of equipment and was not impressed. One guy saw a leak in a dental handpiece and changed out the O Rings that had nothing to do with the water flow….I turned off the water to the unit..he felt the situation was solved…and I fixed it at the delivery unit after the crew left for the day.
For the addition of chair 3 to my office, my contactor, Verl, installed a dental cabinet faster, more secure, and more professional that I”ve ever seen it done. He’s a contractor by trade…who builds medical offices…..but has attention to detail.
Since I have that too, I decided to take matters into my own hands, and to make one of the first major financial decisions of my assignment, and fix that God Damn thing myself. That being said, I’d like give my respect to Dr. Bob Wilson, who apprenticed me for many years at my “old, old” office about dental equipment. My old partner, LT Kelley once told me “Dr. Bob can build a dental office out of Home Depot parts”. I think he said “Fucking Home Depot parts.” and that line has always stuck with me. So guess where I went? Yuppers….Home Depot. And guess what….they sell PE tubing and Watts plumbing products. Holy S. F! Through the magic of technology, the hosing diagrams for the blocks were available online…and before Lunch time on Monday, I had the hoses cut, coupled, valved and ready for re-install.
I think the only happier sound that I’ve heard in our shop other than the AC firing on when its 103 outside in the summer was the sound of my DTU firing up, and filling with air quickly….then humming quietly as the fans kept the compressor cool.
Handpieces tested…..water lines tested….tight as a drum.
I’ll be submitting my report for Officer of the Day.

Yeah, some of those hoses were so short, I don’t know how they assembled the unit.

Anyway, on to bikes…SSCXWC’s are going on….starting today at 13:00. Hollywood will be there….

Steve will be there…

The Colonel and Alice Cooper will be there….

Well, the Colonel may not make it…but hey, neither will I.
I’m a busy man….updating websites…looking at the facebooks….and calling people on the phone….
Like Gene.

In all seriousness, I’ve got a bike shop to move today…and it ain’t goin’ to move itself.

Staging for the Big Move Across Town.

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

The stars are aligning pumpkins….
I think this is going to be the week that I move the shop from its beloved home in the Silver Creek Business Park to the fray that is known as Kimball Junction.
I’m ready….are you?
Really, I”m excited. I’ve got a window in the service and dental schedule and I”m jumping on it.
Thanks to those who support the shop, or any local small business out there. This comes to me from south MN, a place that knows community.

Looking for something to do this weekend in LA? Why not SSCXWC’s? I’ll bet it’ll be fun…and Stevil will be there….which means it’ll be drunk and fun.
Me, I”ll be unloading boxes and setting up my Point Of Sale system.

And if your in Bend next weekend, you should attend this shindig….sponsored by our friends at Kona.

Oh, and just to round out the corners, if your in MN this weekend, attend this.

I”ll bet you Hurl will be there….I like that guy.

From the “didn’t think it through” box…comes this…..

The Same Rides.

Monday, November 26th, 2012

Hope that everybody had an enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend.
The theme of this entry is about the same old rides we all do and how in many ways they are wonderful. That is the thing about bicycling, you can chart new adventures, or get a thrill out of the same ride you’ve been doing for years.
Here are the highlights.
Perhaps we can start with Thanksgiving. For Thanksgiving, I decided to test the waters of the motorcycle/bicycle carrier and take my Surly Instigator, which now weighs 30.5 lbs out to Gooseberry Mesa.

I joined up with Lukas and Kathleen and rode bicycles.

As always, the scenery was excellent. Gooseberry is one of my favorite rides. Unfortunately, its on the other end of several valleys from the shop, but each trip out there is special.

On black friday, while Mrs Dr Evil and I were working at the shop, my classy friends in Phoenix attended/put on the Flight Of The Pigs. As in eat yourself silly on T Day and then its the FOTP’s.
Big thanks to Jim and Kim Wilcox for hosting the event. Its an 80 mile ride from South Mtn, through downtown Phoenix and then AZT 100, etc.

At the end of the epic day, the party at Casa Wilcox can’t be beat. Food, beer, friends….and fun. Really, its marvelous. The Flight Of The Pigs is the same course every year…but its a blast….great people, a great event and great hosts.

Scot Nicol sent over some pictures of a ride that he’s done for about 25 years….that about as old as two of the frames that he made me…..that I still have.

In colder news, the First Tracks festival happened at West Yellowstone.
Once again, same trails, epic conditions, and good people.
Like ChrisP and Isaac…

Back to So. Utah….Sunday it was time for a litle Zen/Barrel Trail loop. Once again, just a wonderful ride. Here is the crew.

And last but not least, the Christmas lights are up at the shop…..because its fun.

Getting ready for Turkey day

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Well, its been a nice week here in Custom Bike land. The office is humming along nicely and the bicycles are rolling out the door.
Hope all of you are ready for a nice Thanksgiving.

The Notorious K.I.M and I will be down south working on the shop and the DTU (Dental Treatment Unit).

Its going to be awesome….how awesome….this awesome.

There will be a Gooseberry Mesa ride sponsored by Lukas on Thanksgiving. I will be participating in the ride….but not the “cruelty free meal” to follow….my unit is not going to paint itself unfortunately.

Alright, get through the workday and enjoy Thanksgiving everyone.

More Moonlanders.

Monday, November 19th, 2012

In rather exciting news, Andy took his brand and new Surly Moonlander to a place I know well…Huntington Beach. Here it is rolling around in the sand.

Pretty nice huh?
This past weekend I also broke out my snow bike….the Pugsley, for its shakedown ride in the snow.

It is at this time that I’d like to encourage readers to buy a snow bike. There are two reasons really….
1. Its fun to ride in the snow and putting big tires on your mountain bike just doesn’t really do it….even if it is a 29er.
2. Supplies are dwindling fast.
I must say that I do enjoy the fat bike thing….its fun to see what is coming around the corner too.

In fun news, Senior Garro was out there in Mexico fixing bikes. Good on ya.

Mr Chuck Ibis himself sent me a round of photos of the “steeps of San Fransisco”….an event that The Notorious Kim and I would like to attend at some time. Especially because my better half is the proud owner of a RideKick.

I can recall climbing California St. last year at the SSCXWC’s and man, it was a pain in the ass.

Yup, just like that.
You can relive my memory of getting drunk with Dan Cheever HERE.
One last image of SF.

In news from the great midwest….the Iceman happened in Michigan…..
Its a great race. I did it hungover once and would certainly do it again…..

In “racing” news, “Hollywood” was out there keeping it real at Camp Pendleton….And by keeping it real I mean getting smoked by a fat bike.

And Chris King has decided to honor the Color of Royalty.

On the business side of things, the new shop space is coming along nicely…..

Alrighty, last and certainly the opposite of least, GroPromo’s is hosting the ST. George Cyclocross Series.

I think we will be in Las Vegas at the Ride 2 Recovery event on Feb 2nd….but we’ll keep you posted.

Back at it.

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Alright, back at it from a wonderful time in Michigan.
Back to the snow, which Ali raced in last weekend….good on ya.

Our friends at Ride 2 Recovery sent me some photos from their Veterans Day Las Vegas ride…and I wanted to share them with you.
Rollin’ down the strip.

Take a look at this soldier and his very fancy handcycle. That sucker costs about as much as the highest of the high end bikes that rolls outta my shop.

I really like these next few pictures because they show teamwork. You’ve had your legs and eyes blown up with some brain damage…no problem sir. Lets put you stoker on a tandem and give you a wing man because there is absolutely no fucking way that we’d leave you behind on a beautiful day like this.

Kim and I are trying to work it into our schedules to be at the January R2R ride…and I’ll bring my tandem…other than my wife, there is always an open saddle for anybody from the service.
Those guys are rockstars.

That is all.

Happy Veterans Day.

Sunday, November 11th, 2012

Happy Veterans Day everybody. Its a holiday I really like. Fun to see the ceremony at Arlington and all. The only thing that pains me a little to see is when they play Taps….the saddest 21 notes ever written. But hey, those are the breaks.
Alright, so MRS DR E and I flew to my home state of Michigan to interact with my family. The weekend included a visit to Ann Arbor, where I joined the bicycle industry. I must say I was impressed by the city’s inclusion of bicycle specific parking and encouragement.

And its good to see that there are cruisers still bombing around Ann Arbor….its something that I enjoyed back when I lived there.

Most readers know this, but for those who don’t, Kim also attended the University of Michigan. I took her to my favorite off campus housing during my time there. A funny place…the family that owned it sold the entire building sans the top floor to a property management/slum lord agency. The family had their various members live there over the months. My favorite tenant was a young man who was the singer in a punk rock band….who is one of the two people I’ve ever point a firearm at me….he was pretty fucked up and had no bad intentions…and as we all know alcohol/drugs and guns don’t mix. This place was great….it is on Washtenaw ave, and the porch is really close to the street. It reminds me of our shop in Santa Clara….I guess I’ve always been a fan of being part of the action. That place reminds me of being out there in the big world and taking charge of the situation. Having freedom and responsibility. Some things never change.

We walked from a lovely breakfast at the Campus Inn with my parents to the Grotto that is downtown. Its a place that I enjoy.

As you all know, the only sport worth following, other than classics, is pro hockey. And since the season is halfway over without resolution, we took the opportunity to see the 1st quarter of the Michigan football game. It was fun. The stadium is beautiful.

My parents, who are VERY generous, have spent $100,000 at the university of Michigan educating me. They also own a brick at Michigan Stadium….as well as 8 seats on the 50 yard line on the Michigan side. Whenever people thank me for my service, I feel like saying to them “thank my parents”.

We took a picture by pizza house, a place that when it was time for a splurge….I’d spend money at. They are a great success story…..they have fantastic food, and with hard work, they made a name for themselves, kept their reputation pure, and cornered the market by their outstanding service. My plan exactly.

And after we left Ann Arbor, it was time to check in with important people in Toledo. It was a privledge to walk a total of two university campus’ as we took a stroll on the campus of the University of Toledo. This is a shot of their signature bell tower.

And last but not least, this is the funniest post election photo I’ve come across.

Election day.

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Don’t forget to vote today…your future may just depend on it.

Good times down south. Big thanks to MRS DR Evil for her hard work on the homefront/shopfront projects…..what projects you may ask?
Well, we didn’t do this, but Hi Caliber construction got our wiring and floor done in the dental office….Here it is with the delivery unit.

We set a record for biggest scorpion in the house…mostly dead from the bug spray barrier….but Kim did redo the threshold of the outside door.

Nice, and the road noise has also been reduced.
I planted more bushes, as our jushua tree in the corner could not handle the deep wetness of the Santa Clara mud layer…and died.
So I replaced it with a palm tree and added a blue dagger Yucca to the front yard.

Our Henry Fonda Roses and hanging strong, and the carpet roses look happy after being not – so – happy.

And, lastly, for the corner, I found this beautiful little yellow fella.

In other happy news, our downhill neighbors were quite happy that I installed rain barrels on the side of the house to keep our diamond wall from heaving over.

And Kim got the doors from our 1930′s kitchen cabinets to close….she informed me that they’d been painted over 97 times and I don’t think she’s lying.

And last but not least “Mika” has her three newest kittens (Charlie, Delta, Echo) on the right path.

So the trip was nice.
I snuck out to ride a little and also FINALLY after years of trying, made it over to the Frog Hollow course in Virgin.
Of course, the first thing I found was Lucas.

Big thanks to Gro Promotions for putting on the race, the weather and the venue were spectacular.

And yes, it was a blast taking the V Strom off road.
So back to work. The countdown to getting the shop moved from the old space to the new one is about 2 or 3 weeks.
I”ll keep you posted.

The Big News

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Its been leaking very slowly for about 2 weeks, but I’m here to confirm.
Dharma Wheels has decided on its new Park City location…and it is year round. 6300 Sagewood Drive, Suite F, PC, UT 84098
Yes indeed, the Santa Clara shop will remain “by appointment only”, and the Park City shop will have regular business hours and appointment hours.
This is how it went down…..
As MrsDrE and I were preparing to open up full time in Santa Clara with the idea of re-opening in Park City for the summer, the team of 1. Mountain Velo – the best and most professional bicycle fitting operation in the western US and 2. Dr. Max Testa – the cream of the crop in sports medicine physicians came to us and proposed an idea to combine the 3 businesses in the same physical business space.

Boom, there you have it. The highest end bicycle shop with the best brands and service – the best bicycle fitter – the best team doctor.
Its funny, we have all supported each other indirectly – and I could not be happier to see us all working together as a team.

And in fat bikecycle news….you may think you’ve seen fat….but behold….the Moonlander.

Alright, if your down south, stop by the Frog Hollow Race!

Happy Halloween

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Happy Halloween everybody.
Let me lead out today with a landmark event…
I love halloween….I really do. And not just the pimps and scantily clad ho’s or slutty catwoman costumes….although those are very o.k. in my book.
What I really like are excellent, well thought out, ironic costumes. Take my usual costume every year. I go as a dentist because…well….I can work all day in comfort, don’t have to change when I get home, I don’t usually wear a white coat or service uniform – so its nice to wear it more, I fell 100% comfortable in my outfit, people recognize me, they find the irony funny because I wear scrubs at work, and I can bundle up with said costume when I”m next door at Dar and Leslie’s party and its 35 degrees out…even though last night was rather warm. I thought I was a pretty funny halloween guy.
That is, until this year, when CAPT Russell came to work dressed as yours truly.

Those of you who have seen the good doctor know of his excellent skill as a dentist, you trust him because he’s the fella who took over my command of the office, and now you can see that he also possesses and excellent sense of style and humor. We even got Russ a little mustache tattoo on his finger for the night.
10/10 impressed. Oh, and for those of you who have never seen a public health officer…..boom,there you have it.
The only other person I know to have no fewer than 4 people (at different times) go as he for halloween is Steve Smith.

That would be “Axl Rose” and “Steve Smith”.
Here is Steve without the trademark blacked out i.d. eyes.

Other costume favorites are….
Art O’Connor as University of Michigan alumnus Ted Kaczynski

Go Blue.
This sent to me from our bike fitter Tim.

Which goes with this from Don Walker.

And I’d also like to give my top cyclocross costume (that you can actually ride a bike in) winner….

In bicycle news….fat bikes are rolling out the door.

The 25 hrs of Frog Hollow is happening this weekend. I believe we will be making a social appearance. Weather looks nice in Southern Utah….get down there if you can.