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Everybody’s got thier own way to celebrate.

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

Well I hope thats the holidays have treated you all beautifully.
I’m glad to see that my friends celebrated responsibly. Like Hurl at the CC Club in MPLS.

Things were festive in Tucson.

And, of course, Flagstaff.

This came in from Phoenix.

From our friends at Enve Composites, I’d like to share a pic from their “end of the world/holiday party”. Which looks like almost every friday night business meeting at the Dharma Wheels Cyclery.

In terms of bicycles, I say it all the time, but think about your 2013 bike today…..Bicycles are so complex, and they are too expensive for a shop….or manufacturer to just stockpile in all sizes and colors waiting for your secret bike fund that your wife doesn’t know about to grow to the point that you can pull the trigger. Bicycles that perform super well take a while to design and fabricate….but I’ll tell you, my pic for a great ride for 2013 would be the Turner Burner….the only bike I rode at interbike….and outerbike…..really a great machine.
Read a review HERE.
In fun ride news, this event calls to me. Gravel, the Black Hills……what more is there? Find out HERE.

Great people, great places and my last at bat at my old office.

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

People tell me quite often that they see passion in my work….being dentistry or bicycles. While I’m flattered by their compliments, and its true that flattery will get you everywhere; passion is something that is within us all (be it at different levels – and for different things), and opportunity for excellence exists everywhere in our lives.
Here are a couple of stories of people worth remembering because their adventures define passion. You may think I’m neat-O, but my friends….these people are bad-asses.
First, Wendy Suart, who died this year.

Talk about a spirit…taking off with her traveling companion across the continent. Remarkable.
Read the story HERE.
And on the service side of things, Senator Dan Inouye, CMH recipient, has died in Bethesda.

Sir, you absolutely define what it means to honor your country and your Tribe.
Story HERE.
So lets move on to some bike stuff.
I’ve been informed by Fixie that it snowed in Hurricane Tuesday night.

Its rare, but it happens….I think it was 6 in Park City last night.
Christmas lists are still floating in…

And of course, they are well received.

And to close, I’d like to say its official….I’ve worked my last day as a dentist at my old office. I’d like to say big thanks to my staff (all staff members past and present) and Capt. Russell as well as the best wishes for continued success. Its a little eerie cleaning out the boxes and boxes of stuff from the office/shop. There is so much history there, both bikes and teeth. So many wheels built, old invoices, extractions, dentures….but its also exciting to start a new chapter. When I’m in Park City, besides doing bicycle sales and service full time, I”m going to see if the Peoples Health Clinic wants me to help out and expedite dental cases. Many dentists speak spanish in Park City and a huge hurdle is just plugging in cases to those offices. Other than that, my dental service will be in the private sector at our Santa Clara office and with the PHS on the res….where its always felt like home.

Sign Hung and Patient Zero

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Well ladies and gentlemen…after long last, hard effort and greenback dollars…..the sign is finally hung on the Dharma Wheels Cyclery Santa Clara.

And it was an excellent weekend to do it. Not a banner Southern Utah sunny weekend, but instead a weekend to test rain barrels and saturation levels of our back yard.
For the hard ones, there was racing in Hurricane….Here is a picture of Lukas doing just that…

We did attempt to make the event, but on Saturday the projects to be done at the shop seemed to multiply with each one that we checked off the list….so we didn’t make it. Same with the alley cat Sat night… 8pm and a full day of work, it was time to cash it in.
But thats how it goes, you’ve got to finish your dinner before you eat your dessert.

And I think you’ll agree, the shop looks clean, is organized, and is ready to go.

Up north it snowed, and Burke took this picture of he and his 9Zero7 snow bike.

That would be the top of emigration canyon, a place I have blown up many times on a road bikecycle.
In stark contrast, Zeke sent me some RAGBRAI photos…..of which this one is my favorite.

Thats what its really all about in terms of freedom. Out there, perhaps with a group…perhaps not. Going down a road or rail trail….nice weather, good temps…..dirty bagging it. You can ride, you can stop…..its freedom…..and there are too few times in our lives that we get just that.
Lets switch over to the dental side of things because I have equally big news.
After meeting with the city, the health department and lots of equipment distributors wanting to sell me expensive things, the dental office in Santa Clara is finished and Ms. Kim was patient zero….as in the first person to be seen and test out all the equipment on before we see paying people.

This is also what took up a lot of our time this weekend…..getting the equipment set up, purged, sealed, sterilized and ready for action.
But in the end, it worked great. For those of you who don’t know, the equipment I have in my office is a collection of new and old stuff that I’ve accumulated over the years as well as some very expensive stuff I’ve recently purchased after selling the Park City office. The goal of the project was to have a dental office that didn’t cost $400,000 – like my last one, and could be highly functional and portable. Mission accomplished. From the operator side of things….the equipment felt powerful and effective. The suction strong and capable. Kim said that she could not tell (from the patient side of things) that the stuff was portable….except for the running of the suction machines compressor. The entire ride back Kim was saying how great her teeth felt – and thats great news, because next weekend, I”m sitting in the chair.
As far as dental adventures go, I wanted to mention that I had the pleasure of shining up my shoes, polishing up my uniform and touring the Paiute tribal center in beautiful Cedar City. The staff was unified, motivated and compassionate and the facility wonderful. I look forward to working with them in the future. It’s been a long time since I’ve walked onto an indian reservation with a PHS uniform on…and I still felt right at home.
I”ll leave you all with a glimpse of our enhanced security system at the shop/office.

Getting it together.

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Still getting the shop together.
Here is the latest pic.

Yup, the stereo system is up….after 30 min on the phone, the credit card machine works….and a tip in the form of high end booze has been bestowed upon the shop.

And thats great….because alcohol has healing properties.

As long as you do it right.

And it even comforts in the afterlife

Things are coming together for the St. George Cyclocross race this saturday…..this pic in from MN…perhaps we can equal the motivation.

This also in from Hurl…..who knows snow.

I heard it even snowed in LA this week.

Speaking of Snow, Chewy got out on his snow tandem. Bad Ass!

I mean, everybody likes the snow….

Alright, stay sharp out there.

Opening Day for the New Location, this Saturday.

Friday, December 7th, 2012

Without any further adieu,

Thats right, the shop has officially been moved over….there are still plenty of decorations and such at Capt Russ’ office as well as the bicycle sales area in the back…but yippie. The tools are hung, items are finding their way into somewhat organized locations, and the credit card system is up and running to take peoples money.
Our first repair bike hit the stand….I call it bike 0….kind of a test flight of sorts.
A+, and I don’t just mean the bike.

It feels good to be up and running.

Saturday is suppose to be ‘support you local bike shop day’ or something. Come on out. I say it every year, but now is the time to order your bike if you want it by the spring. Turner doesn’t have 100 650 B Burners that they are sitting on just waiting for you to pull the trigger on… bikes are made in small batches and preorders must be made. Even snow bikes…..pugsleys and moonlanders are almost sold out for the season. Its a good time to order parts and kits….this is the time that distributors and manufacturers put things on sale…and my shop can pass the savings on to you.

Lets talk about Dixie. My love for SouthWest Utah is strong. But I will say that in my humble opinion that I have never enjoyed the label of dixie and the comparison to the SouthEastern united states, or the Confederacy. To be 100% honest, its done out of cuteness. There used to be cotton fields in Washington Co, it doesn’t snow…Dixie makes you think of ‘the south’. Thats cute. And its cool that in the 80′s, Dixie State College put up a giant bronze statue of a confederate soldier charging into battle with the Confederate Flag proudly displayed. You know, that works for a while….There was a confederate flag on the General Lee…right? Yee Haw. But the Dukes of Hazzard is no more, and gone too is the statue.
Good on the City of St. George and Dixie State College…..the college has elected to remove its VERY expensive statue to make campus even more peaceful than it is.
Read the story HERE.
Speakin of Dixie Don’t forget the cross race next weekend….
Be Rad.

SSCX Winners….and the shop taking shape.

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Well, after a rather warm december weekend, and a deluge of rain complete with thunder and lightning….there is finally a blanket of snow outside…..I hope it sticks….I’m ready for a white christmas.

Really ready.

Alright, lets get down to work.

Thats David Johansen from one of my favorite bands, the New York Dolls. He was also in my favorite Christmas movie…Scrooged.
So the biggest news in my little world is that Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships happened… LA. I always promised myself that if it came to LA, that I would go…..and I didn’t.
All reports indicate that a good time was held, and winners this year did in fact get their tattoo’s.
Here is Adam Craig.

And the ladies winner who’m I don’t know.

She looks eastern european, and in my book, thats cool.
So congrats to the winners, the participants, and those who just showed up to take photos for their facebook pages.
And I’ve just been informed of the 2013 host city……Philly Phorever….get ready to run the steps and post with a statue of Rocky Balboa.

I”ve been informed that it rained “cats and dogs” in the northern of the californias this weekend.

And in my old place of living, Flagstaff, the trails were dry (down low) and the air cool and crisp.

And finally, on to the big news…

The new location for the shop is coming together nicely. I”ll leave you with these pics to enjoy. Stay tuned for hours of operations, etc.