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College Road Racing

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

This Friday and Saturday the shop will be supporting the local College Road Race.

There are a few odds and ends that I want to show you from the Handbuilt Bike show. This from Fixie Dave Nice.

You know me, I love tandems….and I love Ti. Check out this from Black Sheep.

There is also news on the 2014 front….PLease see THIS and THIS from our friends at Kona.
Kona has been an absolutely superb brand to have as we near our 1 yr “anniversary”. The company is large enough to put out a carbon DH bike, small enough to retain its sense of style, smart enough to keep pricing consistent and bad ass enough to compete head with the big three (Cannondale/Trek/Specalized). My favorite way to compare is via the frame warranty. Kona offers lifetime limited warranties on their framesets, 5 yr on carbon. Durable and stylish – just like me.
Speaking Kona, check out these pic of our rep Willie Warren.

You’ll remember Willie from Outerbike….unless you were not able to make memories from all the booze you were being overserved.
In other local racing news, I have just received the flyer for the True Grit. You should do it…mainly because I will have beer at the 20 mile to go mark.

The Beauty of Bicycles

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Lots from the weekend.
The classics are upon us.

The Pugsley world championships are upon us.

Frostbike……complete with Hurly

Its all that I can do to stay collected.

One of these years I do want to attend the frostbikes.
I’ll bet it’ll be fun.

Its up to you to wonder if thats a good idea or not.

Well, after that Dan Cheever impression, lets move on to the Handbuilt bike show. At least he has his badge on and shit.
Big props to Moots, who won the audience award for their trail maintenance bike.

There are a lot of flickr photosets from the show, but let me give you a report that matters….from my friend, Chris King…..HERE.
You should also check out THIS.
And if that isn’t enough, you should see THIS about Shaun….my idol….except I have better looking teeth.
Yeah, the Palm…..his parties in Tahoe made the Hollywood Vampires look like romper room.

At the handbuilt bike show, my peoples actually rode their fancy ass bikes around Denver…and got snowed on – see, fancy bikes/boutique bikes are meant to be ridden.

And at Frostbike, Bobby Dahlberg (Salsa) talked about serious things….like tandems….

And big dummy trailer mounts.

And things that go to 11.

In local event news, next weekend is the Red Rock Rampage, but also a road event which on Saturday, has its start in Santa Clara. We’ll be there with bells on.

Last and not least, let me leave you with an image from where I used to be stationed…in the Painted Desert.

Ye Old Pueblo, NAHBS, Cutters Ball

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

The Old Pueblo is in the books. Again, I did not make it back to the dirty T for this one. Thats okay, because Dirty was there. How do I know?

Full account HERE.
I still get updates from the old base I exchanged at. Updates like this.

Those of you in the icebox of the midwest may laugh, but let me tell you people that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
Our Park CIty man Nate Miller was at The Old Pueblo.

In custom bicycle news, the North American Handbuilt Bike Show is happening as I type this in Denver ColoRADo.
There are lots of sites with photos of the goodness. Here are some of my favorites.
Check out THIS about Moots.

I also recommend THIS link about Erik’s builds.
Groove is in the Heart. And Erik Noren believed in my bike studio from the beginning. Thanks man.
One of these years I’d like to make it to a handbuilt bike show. Here is a picture of Chris King, who still helps set up the companies booth.

Paved Mag has some fun bike pics HERE.
And speaking of fun events, the Cutters Ball is happening this evening in MN.

You may find some info HERE.
Thats where I’d be this evening with this guy…

And if I was in the Evergreen State (that would be WA), I’d be here…..tomorrow.

But instead I’ll be at the shop in Santa Clara.

Write ups and Wrap ups.

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

As is usually the case, Stevil beat me to the punch with an article about creating a bicycle shop. He also has a fine story about the strip club next to it.
Read it HERE.
But just so I feel special, read about Huckleberry Bikes, HERE.
The story warmed my heart. I love seeing something from nothing.
In bicycle product news, our friends at ENVE have announced a lower price point set of wheels. In collaboration with DT Swiss, you can now get ENVE rims laced up to DT hubs without breaking the bank. I do still warn…if your going this far….why not go Chris King?

Many have asked, so here is a picture of the concrete that was laid down at the shop.

MrsDrEvil and I were even treated to a wee rain shower last Friday to test out the concrete. I’m happy to report no muddy boots on the way to and from the shed, and “truck”.
As springtime approaches, let me remind everybody to go through your cycling gear before you next ride. Here is a picture of my hydrapak tube….I”ll let you guess which one is old…and which one is new.

As a matter of principle, I recommend changing out your bladder at least every year…this includes the hose. I myself waited until something went wrong…and in this case it was a leak at the valve. Of course, I did not discover this until my hydrapak drip system started upon me 3 miles into my 30 mile ride…..the lesson – stay ahead with the maintenance and replacement of your gear.
On a different ride, it was rather nice to take out the Surly Ogre on the Anasazi Trail on the Rez.

The 29er wheel was great for getting me down HWY 91 and for climbing the gentle slope to the petroglyphs. I did miss the big travel 26″er for the way down…but thats just me.
And in another nostalgic ride, I took my old trusty Instigator out for an “old school” day….an old school day with a 140 Revelation that is. It was fun. Barrel Roll was new and exciting without the cushion of rear suspension and super slack head tube angles.

Man I dig that bike. Oh, by the way, I hope you’ve read THIS from Surly.
Ha, my favorite is “your opinion is wrong”.
In service news, I’m sometimes asked how to handle home situation from our Men and Women in the field. For example, this is how to handle the tattoo of your your X wife who runs off with your friend while you are deployed.

Thats a bit of a bummer, so I”ll end with this.

Same old thing.

Monday, February 11th, 2013

A lot of times in the bicycle world, its the same old thing.

And thats cool, I’m here to guide you.

I’d like to further show you what happens in the Dirty T, where by the way, the 24 Hrs in the old Pueblo happens this weekend.

Stay Classy Tucson, stay classy.

Those zany mountain bikers…always on the lookout for fun.

In mega awesome news, the Ride The Rockies course has been announced. It looks awesome.

What kind of bike would be great for it? A Touring bike.

Speaking of ColoRADo, congrats to Steamboat, which had their 100th winter carnival this past weekend.

Snow tends to bring out the best in people.

In avoidance of personal injury news, I’d like to congratulate Dirty on NOT breaking anything as he went down hard in AZ. This is what happens people when you put cheap shit on your bikes and ride the piss out of it.

Alrighty, time to go to work….and for those of you who want to know exactly what its like to get a 1st molar pulled in prison….here it is.


Sunday, February 3rd, 2013

Lots of things happened this weekend in the bicycle world.
Firstly and most importantly, this happened.

And that, my friends, is impressive.
Just like this tall bike.

And hey, I finally got a pic of the piano guy who bikes his piano all around SLC. He was up at sundance.

Along with the person who thinks its a great idea to ride a Camel up and down Mainstreet.

I don’t get it….wouldn’t you rather take your fatbike to the bar?

I mean, I like crowds and activity…

In local events, the last cross race in Hurricane happened….and like always, we missed it. Too much to do around the shop. Congrats to Quentin, who won his catagory!

Have a drink on me.

In regional news, Single Speed Arizona Championships USA also happened…I can tell.

And just so you know, that is the one and only picture DeeJay sent me…..I think I can actually see the hangovers from here.
Which reminds me, the Hangover trail in Sedona finally got a sign….

And of course, Cross Worlds happened this weekend as well.

big props to Sven, the world champ.

Back to less professional endevors, I heard that the Stuperbowls have happened.
This is the flyer…

This is what happened.

Alright, its time to ride, I hear there is a game later.

How to spend a lot of money not at a strip club.

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Lots of exciting things at Dharma South HQ. Kim and I returned to find no frozen pipes and rather pleasant temps to boot in SW Utah.
To comply with city ordinances, we had to have installed a ramp leading to the business portion of our building.
If you’ve ever wondered what the sound of spending money sounds like….its not slot machines sucking in dollar bills, or strippers saying “hey honey, buy me and my twin sister two bottles of champagne”, its watching 3 cement trucks pull up to your house and pump their entire contents on to your property.

As much as I’d love to ride the motorcycle, it is going to stay entombed in the shed until at least a week from today….when the concrete has had a chance to fully set AND cure. I”m reminded of the good people who I sell bikes to who have to wait for their dream bike to be assembled when all the parts are just there waiting to be put on a beautiful frame…..or the feeling that you can’t get your ENVE wheels fast enough after you drop $3K on them. Patience people, its a virtue. And its good to practice.
In local riding news, tomorrow is the last HU cross race. I think Kim and I are going to head out, ride the trails (if they are dry) and then catch the end of the racing.
Of course, as some of you know, the World Champs of cross are this weekend in KY….and I’ve just learned that the Elite race has been moved from Sunday to Saturday. Way to go dickweeks – all the spectators who want to watch their friends/family/heros are going to miss the race if they planned on arriving “a day early”. Sweet, hopefully the UCI won’t ban the United States of the Americas for life. Anyway, if your in MN, you will be able to get drunk and watch things…..I assume on Saturday.

Come on down to ride if your up north…and if you want to stay and ride your snow bike, thats cool too. Paul Price sent me this from a rider in beautiful Montana.