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The Classics.

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Gent-Wevelgem is in the books.
Wow, what a terrible weather season for the classics. Rain, snow, freezing cold. In my younger years as a cyclingist I used to treasure the classics. I would search the TV set for any glimpse of coverage, and read Velonews back to back in its paper version just to get a feel for how the pro’s were doing. All this while bundling up for my wintery rides around the Ann Arbor Metro area in March and April. Now I am soft. I wait around for the temp to hit 60 in Santa Clara before I think about getting out of my fuzzy bunny slippers and bathrobe….well maybe thats not true – The OTE group and I did ride a few Saturdays when it was 40 and windy…..and guess what……it was awesome.

In Birthday news, I’d like to wish a happy birthday to Harry Houdini.

If asked who I’d like to have lunch with (any person, any time, any place), I might pick Harry. An american success story… immigrant with incredible drive. He worked his way up from being a street performer to being THE authority on magic AND disproving charlatans and spiritualists. Harry once said that if you did a trick 3 times in front of him and he couldn’t figure it out, he’d pay you $1000 on the spot. Harry was the best as what he did. He had the truthful answers to mysteries. Harry and his wife Bess worked out signs and code from the world beyond to see if they could verify the afterlife. After 10 years of looking for signs after Harry’s death in Detroit on halloween night (from not going to the doctor soon enough for an appendicitis because of a performance), Bess said “10 years is long enough”. Straight up Baller.
Back to Bicycle news….I forgot to post that the Slick 50 was going to happen on Saturday last. It did happen, and I bet it was fun. And I mean, whats not fun about Mr. Hurly after 3 hrs of sleep?

Just so I don’t feel too bad, I’ll post the flyer anyway.

I’ll sing Kumbaya with Hurl next time I see him.

Goodnight Harry.

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

More than year ago I was told that one of the people who made Park City what it is was dying. It was Harry Reems. You might know him from Porn movies (I’ve actually never seen Deepthroat, or any of his movies), but to me, he and his wife Jeanne were people who made Park City special. When I moved here I met Harry at the Alamo, and over the years, we’d joke at cocktail parties about having a label and a profession. I was the biker-dentist [sic] and he was the porno star realtor. Good guy. Thank you for serving our country in Vietnam Harry, and Goodnight.
By the way, Harry predicted that Kim and I would sell our condo’s and move to Prospector….which we did.

Before we get to bike news, you should read THIS.
I love that kind of stuff.

And since I haven’t even come close to anything bicycle, lets go with this….a wonderful video of a Down’s Syndrome Hockey player and the love that makes the world go round.

On to bike news.
As I’m sure you all know, the Ripley is available for order for delivery in late June.

Is it worth it. Yes indeed. Why, because it rides like a dream and it says IBIS.

True Grit in the books, Taking orders for Ripley….believe it or not.

Monday, March 18th, 2013

A very nice race weekend.
Well done to event organizers and participants in the True Grit.

In other racing news, MSR happened. You can watch it here.

Bad weather it seems….maybe like this?

Thats cool, they’re used to that in the D. It’ll be 80 I”m sure in a week.
Jay Burke, race director for the Park City Point to Point (which is sold out or I’d link it), sent me THIS.
In larger than life news, click HERE, its time to order your Ripley.
Here’s how the countdown clock started.
And Here is a video about said bicycle.
I heard a great quote from the Niner rep recently that Niner was the only bike company that had their suspension design formulated exclusively for 29 inch wheeled bicycles. Well, thats wrong. Each company designs a platform to meet the standards that they wish to put out. If your in a hurry, cheap, or wish to limit the top end of your performance, you move quickly. Ibis, on the other hand, paid Dave Weagle to design this link specifically for the Ripley.
Anyway, it is going to be the bike of the year for at least two years straight, and if you’d like one – let me encourage you to order one up, as there are not really that many total that are going to be made this year.
In local trail news, this is happening.

And in closing news, Big Ron now makes these….

It does this!

Warmer than Average.

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

Temps a little warmer than average around here……75 – not too shabby.
There will be racing this weekend…as in the True Grit.

Be inspired by this….

Vive le tour! from Bear Thunder on Vimeo.

Another great event that is happening is the Squealer
Squealer – Directions to start from Pima Canyon Parking Lot
Big props to Jim and Kim for putting on such cool events. You make AZ great.
If your in the area, do the event….I’ve got my wings.

With a little help from my friends.

Sunday, March 10th, 2013

Alright, nice busy week at the Park City shop.
Lo and Behold, a Turner Burner was sold this week….and A Moots Rigor in 650B. Are you surprised? Is it time to stock up on 650B forks like .22LR ammo? Its not….Don’t be surprised…..its the right bike for the right person.

In further PC shop news, big thanks to Tim, who continues to make our shared space shine.
Here is what the shop looks like as far as my area goes.

Any new space has its foreign-ness to it until you dial it in. The new DWC has seen fork overhauls, shock overhauls, bike overhauls and wheelbuilds….New bike assembly and parts change overs. It feels like home.
So the question of what to ride yesterday popped up, and Quentin from Over The Edge called about trail conditions in Santa Clara. As all of you should know, OTE does a Saturday ride that is consistently wonderful. And I always have a reason to not go….work, orders, distance, blah. Well, Quentin called up and said the crew was coming this way. I scrambled to get all my work done and actually met them out on the trail to ride the new Suicidal Tendencies trail. It was awesome.

Big Thanks to the OTE crew for doing the Saturday rides. And Thanks to Quentin for giving me the little tug I needed to get me out there on the trail. Suicidal is a great trail. It gets its name from the switchbacks that take you into the canyon. The first big right hand turn has 15 ft consequences if you fall off the edge. Plus, you can hum this while you ride.

I used to laugh when that song came out because I never really liked soda pop.
Alright, the True Grit is next weekend….and it looks like all the hotels and motels are booked. Imagine that?

Temps look like they will be in the 70′s with sunshine.

What Tom and Berry Say.

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

Kicking up dust these day is Tom Ritchey. Tom, the guy with the mustache, one of the fathers of mountain biking. That guy.
Read the article HERE.
There are a lot of things that Tom and I agree about – one thing is bicycle durability….and in particular (though not said in this interview directly), the position of the largest bicycle manufacturers in the industry throwing caution to the wind when it comes to durability.
Lets play a game….go to BUSTEDCARBON.COM and let me predict what you will find there…..Cannondale, Trek, Specialized, some shitball carbon road brand like Argon 18 or Kuota AND broken bars and seatposts. Maybe you’ll even find a brand that you think is fancy like Look or Pinerallo?
Will you find an Ibis on there, prolly not…..a Kona….well maybe some parts that go ON a Kona. Enve wheels, not likely.
At the shop, we have always been conscious of weight, and yes, I have built a 12 pound road bike for a customer….but I do feel that it has multi season durability and safety at 60 mph.
Like any relationship, Tom and I don’t see eye to eye on the business end of things. Just before you all go out a buy Ritchey Carbon wheels, know that Tom’s company licenses out his very popular name for components that get his stamp of approval. Thats how he affords to own a plane.
Anyway, Tom is full of ideas and vigor, and I’d still like to buy one of his tandems some day. Keep on Weldin’

In other fun news, Kona Race Team Director Barry Wicks has issued a commend that I’ve seen splattered around the interwebs.
I’d like to take this time to share one of my most favorite images of Barry – it was at Single Speed Worlds in Napa.

That pic reminds me of Jeff Thrasher, riding this year in Palm Springs.

Building bicycles yesterday, I was reminded of the latest and greatest technology in bottom brackets…..and then I saw this on Steve’s site.

And I”ll leave you this morning with images from the shop’s backyard garden.

Local Support

Monday, March 4th, 2013

Let me tell you about helping out at the college race this weekend.
It was nice.
The weekend was spectacular and here is how it went.
On Friday the course was moved to the old airport on the bluff which was really a superb venue.
It brought back memories of racing in college and how perfect the flat, 4 turn course would have been for a big engined guy like me.

So, the racers started signing in and it was time to take a look at some bikes.
Lots of the young people who raced had bicycles that mirrored their position. They were all riding basically the best bike they could get their hands on for the money.
One young man interned at ENVE, and had $3000 wheels, and a tire that I deemed unsafe because it was worn in a spot to the casing. “I’m just going to ride it until it blows up because I can’t afford a new tire”. Said the young man. I hear it – but also thought to myself, that the gas money coming down from Ogden is more than a new, inexpensive and safe tire. But these are the choices we all make. I ate Ramen Noodles many nights in college to afford a tire, pay race gas money, bunk with other racers spring break style, and such.
Lots of dirty bikes, and lots of out of tune bikes.
So it was nice to have the service station there, and those who’s bikes were in the stand really appreciated it.
Day two saw a start and finish in Santa Clara City. And we were there to tune bikes as well. There was a crash in the Womens field that halted traffic as broken boned racers were taken by ambulance to the hospital. All in all, a nice event that I look forward to seeing next year.
I keep on forgetting to post the fact that spring is in the air. This bud is from 3 weeks ago.

And Love is also in the air.

Lots of people this weekend down for the MTB race got to ride Suicidal Tendencies – the newest Santa Clara Trail.

Which reminds me, Two weeks until the True Grit. Race it…or volunteer…..or course marshal.