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Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

There will be many exciting things in todays post. Are you ready?

I can’t wait to get an email….”is that you and blackie on your motorcycle”. “No” I’d say….”is that cat black?”
This weekend my life partner had her wonderful parents in town for her mothers birthday. And what a lovely time it was.
I was also On Duty Saturday in Richfield which led to the conundrum of trying to figure out transportation. We solved the issue by me taking my first highway motorcycle trip on the VStrom. Let me say, just like anything….I learned a lot. Basically, when your going to be going 80 mph for 2.5 hrs, you need to check your bike and your gear. I checked my bike, but neglected my gear. I packed gloves….but not warm enough gloves. I had to stop a few times to warm up my hands….but that is better than not stopping and risking losing control of you vehicle. Overall the ride was beautiful, the VStrom performed wonderfully and powerfully, and I made it to the Reservation with no problems at all. After a lovely health fair, we took the crew to Dr. Bob’s and Freddie’s for the evening.

And let me tell you friends, a ride in the open air through Zion National Park is as close as you’ll get to Heaven on this earth….if you believe in that sort of thing.

Lets switch over to Bicycles.
As the summer draws near, MrsDrEvil and I are still trying to figure out travel plans…..we know this…..there will be a trip to the great midwest…..we just don’t know if we’ll be making to to MPLS to drink beer and light fires down by the river with people who should really shave twice a day.

Alas, we will be unavailable for both Dealer Camp (held in our very own town none the less) and this event, which I highly recommend attending.

RAGBRAI, the greatest event in cycling history, who’s course this year is exceptionally suited for my needs of flying in and out of major cities with direct flights, will also happen without me. But since Zeke moved to Iowa last month, you can bet your bippy that he’ll be there.

I am also 87% sure that Jeff Thrasher will be there too.

Also, for a very good time on your single speed type bikecycle, Let me recommend this event which we will also miss.

Note to Sov: I am still holding out hope for the dirtburger….
Lets move right on to very fancy bike pictures.
Its been great to see the Turner Czar getting so much excellent press. You know me….I don’t care for press…..I care about results. Want to see a truly excellent picture of a race bike with 10 times the durability of what is out there…..Here it is….with XX1.


The close to a busy 2 weeks is here.

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

First, lets start off with humor…
In Heaven…
the mechanics are German
the chefs are French
the police are British
the lovers are Italian
and everything is organized by the Swiss.

In Hell…
the mechanics are French
the police are German
the chefs are British
the lovers are Swiss
and everything is organized by the Italians.

Isn’t that nice…like the roses at the shop.
Yes dear friends, the Mucker Rose, from Old Town Park City.

The Henry Fonda Roses are almost ready to go.

The yucca’s are blooming.

And the Cholla’s are almost ready to pop.

At the shop, its been Konaworld.

Its time to talk cycling things.

Right now, the Fruita Fat Tire Festival is happening…and by happening, I mean hangovers are happening.
And people are getting ready for the Whisky in Prescott…..this is also happening in Prescott.

I bet some studs will be there.

Before I make you see ridiculous images, know that things are humming along at the shop. We’ve been placing orders with Ibis, Turner and Kona. The Custom Moots Bicycles ordered up a month ago are nearing completion. Enve wheels are about 4 weeks out. We’ve been doing a lot of shock and fork service (well done people) and the trails are going to be dry in Park City pretty soon.
Now, back to boobs.

I was told 420 happened….it just passed me by.

Alright, be safe out there.

And if your in Fruita, stop by Troys deck for a Dharma Wheels Shot Glass.

Sea Otter is over….it means it must be time for Fruita

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

An event I’ve never been to has happened….yet again….the Sea Otter Classic.
And I hear its good time. Its a trade show style event with racing and booths and guess what, its open to the public.
Feedback sports was there.

Microbreweries were there.

Bicycle people were there.

Some bicycle people were not there.

For some reason, that photo reminds me of this photo.

Look Tom Ritchey on a fat bike!

I”m sure they had music at the venue.

And Partying.

You may have even seen a creepy thing or two.

But hey…..

Well, before I pedal off into the sunset….

Let me remind you that the Fruita Fat Tire Festival is happening this weekend.

And just like Sea Otter….I won’t be there….not because I don’t like getting drunk and riding bikecycles…..but mainly because its been busy and its going to be 80 and Sunny in Santa Clara.
Look for me in spirit…and by spirit, I mean stickers and shot glasses at Troy’s house.

The Wait is over for a Turner Race Bike.

Friday, April 19th, 2013

I wold like to devote todays post to one thing and one thing only.
David Turner has created the best 29er race bike that you can buy.
But don’t take my word for it….take his.

You should also take my word because David is better at designing boutique bicycles than selling them.

First of all, Turner has not really had a full tilt race bike is a while. Yes, the Flux is a bike that you can race…but you’ll never see it ridden by a pro level rider – you’ll see it it ridden by a person who wants many benefits from the race environment, but also the durability and quality of a Turner.
The Czar combines the two. The philosophy of the Czar is to take the durability and features found only on a turner (zirc fittings, DW link) and combine them with 100 percent trickle down things from the race circuit. Press bit BB, 44/56 headtube, light weight, Toray Carbon, aggressive geometry. Finally, for the XC racer who can afford a Turner, they have a bike that you can ride all day, race all day, and have last for years.
Congrats to Turner for filling a niche that larger companies have overlooked for years. That niche is durable race bikes if you didn’t know.

Boutique bikes win again.

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Lots of busy things happening all around these parts. I’d like to start off by sharing an event that happened last weekend. Scot Nicol gave a talk at Mission workshop about everybody’s favorite bike brand, Ibis.
Let me just dive right into a video….

And if you liked that, you will very much like Steve’s write up HERE
Ibis, like every small brand out there in any business competes with their world. They do it on their own terms. And they also do it better than the larger companies out there. People ask me all the time why a boutique bike is better? I’m well aware that the budget for Trek or Cannondale is over 10 times what the Ibis or Turner budget is. And Treks and Cannondale’s are great, and ride well. The VIP room that these larger companies will never get into however, is the soul that you acquire when you take the resources you have, and make something beautiful out of it. Everybody expects greatness from a pop stars next album, but isn’t those early years recording that always seem to have more character? Mark Knopfler may be the exception, but you get the idea.
I’ve said it before, but it is a privilege to offer boutique brands that offer more durability and style than the largest of bike companies can push out.
Lets talk about riding. Today I got out on a rather nice road ride to the Gunlock reservoir.

And last week, or Kona Bicycles rep, Willy Warren came by for a shop visit. I could sing you a long song about Willy, but it wold be just so much better if I showed you this…

Visiting Shwilly from Marc Prinzivalli on Vimeo.

Willy is a great rep. We talk business, he knows his stuff, and he’s great to hang out with.
Look, we even rode a little…

By the way, I should take this time to let you all know that Kona and Dharma Wheels will be at Outerbike 2013. Let me recommend making your reservations TODAY, as the town completely sells out with out of town guests. If you live in Utah or CO, this is a must go to event.
Guaranteed available demo bikes (that means they cap the number of participants), skills clinics, shuttles, MOAB….whats not to like.

The season is upon us and Paris – Roubaix is behind us

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Busy week here in custom bike land. An early spring has brought many preseason sales to the shop. Thanks to all who are helping our paychecks cash.
Looks like ski season will officially be over on Sunday with me having for the first time in 20 years, 0 downhill days.
Don’t be sad, I wouldn’t say I was “missing” anything…

The weather was nice this weekend and Kim and I participated in race support at the Cactus Hugger. We brought flamingos.

You know me, I’m one wild and crazy guy.
We also got our new stem caps in, which are very nice.

And in very fun news, MrsDrE has been riding around using the shops’ RideKick electrical assist to help her haul our various and sundries to and from the grocery and liquor stores.
I”ll have a complete product review on this item, but let me just sum up by saying that we’ve looked at a lot of Ebikes and electric assists over the years, and this one takes the cake. Durable, and best of all – you can switch it between multiple bicycles.

Last but not least, I’ll leave you with a picture of one of our shop cats, Chewey, who is recovering beautifully from her spaying.

Happy Birthday Dharma Wheels!

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Yup, its that time again. Happy 2nd Birthday to our So. Utah Shop.
I actually had to look at last years post HERE to find out if it was 2 or 3……or a million.
How did we celebrate? Not as wild as you might think. I actually had to work on the Reservation on Friday and Saturday and thankfully, there are a lot of orders that have flooded in – but there was time for a little celebration.
We partied with our cat.

Drank Whiskey out of our Dharma Wheels shot glasses.

We toasted our new stem caps.

I went for a ride in Kayenta.

I took my custom made touring bike. Funny, it reminded me of LOTOJA a little.

Anyway, I’m happy to report the first Henry Fonda Rose has bloomed at the shop.

Big thanks to everybody who supports the shop. It is by your support that we stay in business. Thank you.
Since it is April fools day (or Clown Day in Park City), be sure to think about other business founded on this day. Perhaps my two favorite might be Ibis and Phil Wood. I think Apple was also founded on this day. Anyway, Happy Birthday.