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Watch this Today.

Monday, May 27th, 2013

If your going to watch anything today…watch this…..especially at 2.

Whats goin’ on.

Saturday, May 25th, 2013

I”d like to start the post with my take on technology.

Then, a promo for this.

Rough Rider Promo from Wildfire Films on Vimeo.

And you thought there was tension in my shop when some dipshit racer asks me to fix stuff for free….sheesh.

In 180 degree happy news, Please read and listen to this interview about STEVE.
Which also reminds me of the article about THIS.
I’ve been asked my opinion about the matter and it is this….The area is private. They have the right to keep cyclists out. No, I don’t think its unsafe…..but its their land. End of story.
On a much happier note, please read THIS about the first amputee to complete AAS. IT is Memorial Day weekend…isn’t it?
And since its Memorial Enjoy some Wine. And enjoy this…because ever since the somewhat enjoyable movie Sideways….white trash style people in the United States of the Americas have been frowning on Merlot Wines…my personal favorite. Don’t believe me, open a bottle of the raven, after you watch this.

Big props to Tim who got to take his picture by the Canibal’s team car is Belgium.

My friend Paul is in Ireland.

Here is the bathroom at Matt and Molly’s wedding….Jim never looked so good.

Me, I’ve been having a lot of doctor meetings.

Stay outta trouble!

Eastbound and Down.

Monday, May 20th, 2013

Thats right friends, on this day many moons ago Smokey and the Bandit was released…..and I for one can tell you that the world is a better place.

And if your under 40, and don’t know who Jackie Gleason is, let me introduce you to one of his finest roles…..Buford T. Justice.

Alrighty, the TOC is in the books.
This photo by “hollywood”, with Van Garderen in the yellow.

It seems that my friend Levi has made his retirement official. I don’t follow doping scandals, and couldn’t care less either. If you want to win, you dope. If you want to race NeoPro and watch your family starve, do it your way. Anyway here is what Levi says…
“It’s not about professional cycling, it’s about sharing the love of the bike,” he said. “That’s what it’s always been about.”
I’d do a Levi Grand Fondo in Santa Rosa….you should too.

In Giro news, the Galibier was climbed….and in the snow.
Look at these ballers.

And here I was whining about a little cloudy raining weather this weekend.

I hope you all had a nice Armed Forces Day on Saturday.

In the mailbag from the weekend is what some might call the creepiest cycling basement around. I was mighty proud of the Santa Clara SPR/GHB room, but this, my friends take the cake.
I’m not even 100% sure they are posing for said picture.

Bouncing straight to news from Indian Country, it should be announced that Elijah Harper has died. A leader who had the courage to stand up and block the Keystone pipeline, Elijah is best remembered for voting in government chambers with his eagle feather…..standing tall and using it to draw strength from the spirit world as he swam against the tide of big business and resource mismanagement. You’ve honored your country and tribe sir.

Alright, off to work.

TOC and some riding.

Monday, May 13th, 2013

Busy week last week.
Its getting warm here in the southland (mid 90′s).
The Tour of California has begun and I bet it’ll be hot in Palm Springs tomorrow.
Anyway, here is the victory of the day.

For others, it was race day this weekend.
Take Opie for example…

Saturday was Armed Forced Day.
I’d like to give a big HOO RAH to the 355th for their Ruck. For those who don’t know, as a symbol of reverence, DOD staff load up a ton of gear and march to remember the effort of those who have come (and gone) before.
Good on yas.

I was also sent this from the dudes in ColoRADo who fly helo’s.

And here is a shot from Sand Land.

Bikes….a lot faster than walking.
Hey, check out this rockstar, Matt D and a very special outfitted Di2 bike.

Are you tough? Tough enough to bomb downhill with 2 prosthetic arms. I didn’t think so.
On to Utah mountain biking. Here is a shot of Thunder Mountain.

And here is my favorite rider in the Dana Point Crit.

Here are some photos I meant to post for Cinco de Mayo

Oh, I’ve got more.

That was from Steve Garro….happy 45th trip around the sun Son.

It is my understanding that Mothers Day was Yesterday.
Motherhood is Sacred.

One more.

It was a nice Sunday, got out there on the Touring bike to investigate more of Kayenta, Red Mountain Spa and Red Cliffs.

Got to ride with the good Dr. E last night.

Sunset on Gunlock Reservoir.

Pictures, Stories and Truths.

Monday, May 6th, 2013

May is always a special time.
The Giro is happening. And Sky looks rather strong. Must be the Rapha Jerseys.

And the Tour of the Gila also happens in May. The Gila, the only real pro road race I’ve ever done. Great course, great race.
I may not know what it feels like to win it…but I do know exactly what it feels like to cross the finish line….like this.

Lets move on to more local pics and things.
From the last post, people wanted to see pictures of my mule Sheeza… she is.

And yes, they do have a disco ball in their barn.

I have no idea how it got there.
May is also the month that the prickly pear cactus’ bloom in the desert….I know its cheesy, but I enjoy it very much.

Let me wind up with an interesting story that happened to me on the way to the zen trail….which by the way, has this large golden barrel that the local landscapers haven’t yet poached.

So I’m riding the shops new Kona Cadebra…..wait….let me put a picture of it in here.

Thats better. More on the bike after I finish dialing it in and such….but I’m riding to the trail and your typical Carbon Hardtail 29er-I’m down from Bountiful for the weekend – my wife gave me a hallpass to ride – and I have to put in 45 miles a day or its a failure – was pedaling figure eights at the crossroads of a trail.
“You look like you know where you are going” is what the cyclist said to me.
“Sometimes I do?” I replied.
Anyway, I rode with the man toward Moe’s Valley to get him back to his place of origin in Bloomington and we talked a little about bikes.
Its a lot of the same stuff. “I didn’t know there was a bike shop in Santa Clara?”.
“Yes, its very small. Its in a 113 year old pioneer house….we operate by appointment only”.
I was getting a lot of questions and trying to be polite until I saw the mans frameset and was reminded of an article I had read in the BRAIN just a day earlier talking about $350 carbon framesets available online straight from China.
And there right in front of my eyes was a full XTR, Rockshox SID tapered fork……on a bike who’s logo I could not even discern.
“What brand is your frame, buddy?”
“Its a no name brand from China I got online”.
I wonder how the market will go? Will there be failures….will people loose brand identity? Fake rolex watches can look beautiful, if they are $1000 fakes….is that as good or not as good as the real thing? Audience and purpose? Selling your soul?
Well, I support shops and the brands that are sold at shops. My feeling is that you should buy a bike from a dealer, not online, and ride what you can afford. I’ve sold bikes to independently wealthy people and people who have saved 2 years for a $2000 bike….and each one of those sales had the same love and commitment from our shop that goes into every transaction.