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Interbike 2013

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

This is the 2013 Interbike report.
Interbike for the DWC is a wonderful thing. I would say it is true that the nuts and bolts of everything new in the bicycle industry can mostly be seen on bikerumor or pinkbike…..or somewhere on the internet, but what cannot be substituted are the business relationships and technical seminars that Interbike offers. Thats why I go for the full duration every year.
This year started out rough. The week before the big dance I worked on the Reservation and had to make a difficult personal decision. There was a very sick little girl that I decided to treat even though I felt that the risk of contamination was very high. So, what do people who lead from the front do….they say to the staff, clear out – I”m taking this one myself, you tie your mask on a little tighter…..and then you catch whatever this poor girl who is now out of pain had. Its a personal choice – do you risk yourself? Well, I’m a healthy guy, and rarely get sick – but let me tell you friends – this one got me right between the eyes. What do you want to do, live forever?

So we missed the first night and day of interbike because I was feeling very poor and wanted to get through any infectious period before exposing myself to the bicycle industry.
Monday at sundown we arrived in Las Vegas and checked in at Mandalay Bay. As far as thoughts on the new venue – its nice…..I like it just as much as the Sands. Vendors said that logistically it was easier at Mandalay Bay…and Interbike 2014 is booked there.
We stayed at the Tuscany again because the rooms are huge, they don’t mind bikes, and they are near good restaurants and grocery stores.
Tuesday morning I dragged myself out of bed with a full head of snot and partial level of disorientation to execute the Ride 2 Recovery.
Its an event I enjoy supporting. Our shop has done adaptive bicycles for vets and everybody thinks its cute having a PHS Dentist along for the ride.
Participants can be DOD or not….you can ride with the group or be left alone to be a part of the ride in your own way if thats best.
Here we are with a police escort on the strip.

Cycling superstar and all around good man Wayne Stetina is the coordinator for Shimano’s involvement. He’s not afraid to lend a hand either.

It was a nice ride. I remembered some people, and push a few handcycles until we got to Boulder City and the Dirt Demo.
Where I saw Jeff Thrasher.

And Gomez.

I decided that beer would not make me feel any worse….so after a few, it was time for the Moonlander Tug of War.

After some full throttle attempts, I decided to ruin it for everyone.

You know me…..I put the ass in Class.
Dan Cheever then came by and I said “look tough!”…..

Mark Gullo and Schmiddy! came by.

And Gene finished off the day with some rad skids on a classic cruiser.

On another personal note, I’d like to report that this year was the first year that I rode (my touring bike) to and from Boulder city. It IS possible….and fun.
Wed, thursday and Friday were mostly spent in seminars and in meetings. I mention this because in the bicycle industry, one of the things that sets shops apart is their relationship with vendors. I’m happy to say that last year we had NO warranty claims, but if we did – I’d have a direct number to the people who can fix the problem. Shimano, SRAM, FOX, any of our bicycle vendors….etc. Its something I”m rather proud of.
Feeling ever so slightly better each day, Kim and I hit the floor at the end of the day for happy hour.

But, I will confess that each night did end early and I did not make it to any dinners or parties.
Then, Friday, it was back to Santa Clara

And OTE sponsored “Afterbike”….where I finally rode Little Creek after a years hiatus.

Total blast. I’m already excited for next year.

The winding down of Summer in Park City

Friday, September 6th, 2013

Its that time of year again folks.
The winding down of summer in Northern Utah.
I hope you all had nice times with your families over the labor day weekend.

As usual, Jay put on the Park City point to point….won for the 5th time by Sir Alex Grant

Well done Son.
My favorite pic is of Bo during the race.

Also rad is Heath flying the colors.

Not so rad is the “burned out husk that is Princess Di” send it from the Captain.

In other non bike news, the F22 arrived in VA this week.

Lets get back to the bike stuff….here is one of my idols, Missy G.

Speaking of DH excellence, Willy Warren from Kona Bicycles came into town for a visit and a ride. Together we rode the Canyons bike park.

Very park-ish….and fun. Big thanks to Willy for actually turning wrenches in the shop and for making me proud to be a Kona dealer. Kona bikes, they are great people, they make great bikes, and they know their shops…..whats not to love?
With that, I”m off to do my job.