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Love your bike shop!

Monday, November 25th, 2013

From time to time I get asked to comment on the state of retail in the bicycle industry.
And from time to time its fun to put a few thoughts down in the blog.

I was asked if I felt consumers were supporting shops more or less than 5 years ago.

I said less.

But let me explain….I feel like people are falling in love with brands and the shops are becoming secondary….They are a vehicle….a plane. I don’t care what kind of plane I fly in (although I do like the 757 a lot)….its fine. Takeoffs = Landings and we’re good.

Back in the day before the internet, consumers relied on magazines and their local shop for info. Now, the first order in the progression is ALWAYS the internet.
And with the large retailers (BackCountry, Amazon, etc) being open 24/7 – purchasing has changed over the years.
I tell people that I don’t expect them to buy everything from our shop. To be honest, I just bought a rocketbox from Amazon because it was $75 cheaper than I could find from my distributors. Thats fine….I tell people, you need a tires and you know the exact one….Amazon has them cheaper than I can get them Wholesale.

But for that complete bike, that frameset, that wheelset, that repair….you’ll need the shop. Plain and simple. You want a Moots – come see me.

Larger bike shops may want to go head to head with each other. They can – and they should use every strength that they have out there. Its just like a bike race or any sporting event. Use your advantages – defend your weaknesses. Survive and grow. Small shops should be efficient, nimble and personal. Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight – and don’t walk into a battle that you are sure to loose.

So, to the consumer, support your local shop, or the shop you identify as local as much as you can. I prefer the local farmers market down the street – but I’d be lying if I said that I never ever shop at big box stores.

Alright, speaking of stores…our friends at Red Rock Bicycles had a flood with all the rain we had Friday and

Seeing this image made my heart sink….I know exactly what its like to have a misadventure….Yikes. Red Rock is one of the shops that we refer out to a bunch in St. go on in and spend some money – they need it.

At our own shop, it was time to rip out the crappy deck out back and get started on the new one.

Note my cat supervisor “Chewy” on the job.
And with that I’m going to get back to work…because that daylight isn’t going to last all day.

So. Utah Cross Countdown.

Monday, November 18th, 2013

The weather in So.West Utah has been a little warmer than average…..and that means uber comfortable riding weather.

This is a picture of Saturdays trail companion….its a King snake…and its not poisonous….its just wanting me to go away I’m sure.

And here is our Sunday group ride….group.

Lets move on to the Cyclocross.
If you are in the local area….or don’t mind driving a little….let me recommend Southern Utah Cyclocross. The first race is Saturday….it looks like the weather may be sloppy…and we will be there to support it.
I also registered for it because I’m not a freeloader.
So, let me link the main page HERE.
And then let me show you a course map here.

Alright, see you out there.
Now, before I snow bike it in to work….enjoy this.

And this.

Happy Veterans Day

Monday, November 11th, 2013

A Happy Veterans Day from Dharma Wheels HQ. Remember those living and deceased who have served. Like this guy.

Save me a seat by the campfire buddy.

If you like the bicycles and the DOD… should either donate, or even better….ride….with RidetoRecovery!
I also recommend the Wounded Warrior Project

Frog Hollow in the Books

Friday, November 8th, 2013


So Frog Hollow is in the books….and I finally made it out there.

It was a nice event. Fantastic weather, not too cold at night, and they even let me produce “commentary” at the timing booth.

And you know me….I put the Ass in Class.
Big props to Bryce Pratt for the photos….he’s got more talent in his pinky finger than I have in my whole hand.
If you missed Frog Hollow…..fear not…you’ll have your chance at the SUXS.
Let me recommend racing in costume.

Or Piss drunk

Or, you know…..both.

By the way that is my inlaws neighbor, Brian Lopes atop Rocket and Crystal Cove Park…..And I can assure you that he is neither drunk, nor in costume at this point….just poised to be really really fast without any pads on.
In supermanly racing news Alex Grant finished on the podium again at this years La Ruta….

Let me leave you with this image….

because I have to get back to work.