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We can talk about the weather…and then we can remember Pete Seeger.

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

The news here in Utah is that Sundance happened without a storm. First time in a long time that its gone down like that.
Hey, big thanks to Scott House and DD for putting on the Ritz known as Bikedance 2014.
It was a nice event, and raised over a grand for our local trails organization – Mountain Trails Foundation.
And, of course, it gave the local Park City people a place to go and a movie to see without having to dress in black, take a taxi, or interact with celebrities.

Bikedance was held on the eve of my birthday – which was a nice touch – but rather than go out for a Sundance inspired “Champagne and Cocaine” bender – I decided to make an early night of it and get ready to head south, where its been 60 and sunny.
Callling homeward to the Detroit area, it seems like the Great Midwest is in the midst of a rather intense deep freeze. But those people are used to it and I”m sure it’ll be okay.

For those of you unaware, Hell MI is near the Potowatomi trail that I used to ride every week when I lived in the Great Lakes State….so I’ve ridden through Hell a bunch…..and it does freeze from about December to March.
And another place where it is cold is Alaska, where they are having Single Speed Worlds.

The facebook page is HERE.
In more domestic news, the RAGBRAI announcement party was the day after my birthday (same diff) and the towns are announced.

Better get the team ready.

The route this year looks great. You’ll notice a conflict in that SSWC and RAGBRAI overlap. This is our concern Dude. Decisions will have to be made…but there is plenty of time to act.
Lets take a minute to remember Pete Seeger.
Because at 94, Pete Seeger has merged with the Universe.
When I took music lessons as a boy, my music teacher taught me “This Land is Your Land”. And of course, when discovering Folk Music, Pete Seeger was a/the prominent figure. I always admired Pete consistency and love of music. He loved being on stage…..loved singing with the audience…..and loved all audiences. I played a show with Arlo Guthrie and instead of being the annoying guy who asked about Woodie – I asked him to tell me stores about Pete. Arlo said the same thing – that he had never met a person who loved music more than Pete Seeger. Arlo also told me that both Pete and Woodys’ favorite verse of This Land is Your Land is the last…..its mine too.
Nobody Living – will every stop me
As I go Walking – that endless highway
Nobody Living – will every make me turn around
This Land Was Made for You and Me

Annual New Years Blog – Your Yearly chance to tune in/turn on/drop out.

Monday, January 20th, 2014

Happy new year Everybody,

As we do every year, lets go through a bit of business to make us all happy and healthy. I’ve got a lot of information here – so stay with me on this.

First on the list is to update you on the State of the Union of the Shop. Kim and I are happy to announce that on the business side of things – we are still in business and our sales volume is almost exactly as it was last year. What has changed is our new shop location in Park City. We gave it the old college try at a larger location last Summer with our friends Mountain Velo and Max Testa Training and we found that a larger model didn’t take us in the right direction. So we are back to a small space that is open by appointment only. Lots of fork and shock service. Custom builds. Boutique and house-brand bikes, Snow Bikes, Di2, Disc Brake Service and, of course…upgrades.

Our Santa Clara location is still rather slow – but the quality of customers who shop there are high – and overall things are in the black.

Our shop believes in support right from the top. From the owner to the customer. Take a look here at Mike Sinyard (owner Specilaized Bike Co) working race support for Ned (The Lung, pride of Durango) Overend. Thats how we roll. At Dharma Wheels, our bicycle or ride never comes before our customers bicycle or ride….never.

So, your getting this newsletter because in some way, your connected with our shop – somewhere in the continuum of customer or acquaintance.
This is your opportunity to stay Tuned In or Drop Out if that is your fancy.
Our shop has a (approx) monthly newsletter that I administer. If you would like to be signed up or removed from our list, kindly email me
Our shop has a Facebook page that I will update more often. It is here.
If you like the page, it will auto update into your profile and tell the world. Most of our followers value their privacy and choose to just “check in”.
Our main source of advertising is word of mouth – so if you are a friend of the shop – feel free to share our information with other good people.

Lets talk about Organized Cycling. Because being part of something is special.

We are asked here many times what organizations we belong to. Let me link you to our local organizations so that you can support them.
Mountain Trails Foundation – Our Park City Trails leader.
Dixie Mountain Bike Trails Association – Our IMBA chapter in So. Utah
We’d also like to encourage you to support your local club or event. If you are an organized racer, support your team or group. If your a lone wolf, look at an organization with loose structure. All of us are stronger than any one of us.

Thats it for the SOU speech. Be safe out there, support your local businesses, keep your equipment up to speed……and have fun.
Dr. Jon and Kim – Owners, Dharma Wheels Cyclery