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The Fruita Adventure

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

I’m sure that you can tell from the past dozen or so posts – my darling wife and I were excited about going to Fruita. It had been a long time….mainly because things are always busy in the spring. I mean, things are always busy….but the spring time is always the high point in activity.
So we loaded up the Airstream and headed East.

We had the absolute pleasure of staying at the Monument RV park in Fruita. It was in fact our first time not “boondocking”.
And it was luxurious. Mainly because we could cook whatever we wanted for breakfast.

The weather was spectacular on Friday, we we headed to the Loma trails for some Radness.

Here is MrsDrE

And your fearless leader

Boy Howdy thats a Turner fest huh?…….yes…..yes it is.
And so it was a nice day on the trail.
We headed back to the “Trailer” and cleaned up to enjoy the festivities that only the Fat Tire Festival can offer.
With some discretion, we set up the Bon Scott bar at the Kona booth and hunkered down to see what could be seen.
Williys better half was forging friendships with locals….like Gypsy.

While Willy talked to the local youth about Jesus.

I”ll jump ahead to a photo of Saturday night with the Limbo Contest

After turning in we listened to the howling wind and heard the rain on the coach as front after front passed us. Saturday was rather windy and unsettled and we resigned ourselves to just hanging out.

Saturday night was a repeat – nobody was arrested or convicted…and we decided to split a day early and head toward the warmer weather of SW Utah.

photo credit to Bryce of Crawlingspider photography
So we bid farewell to Fruita and made our way back across the great basin.

A nice trip…..and now back to work.

Well, Happy Easter….and happy birthday DWC

Monday, April 21st, 2014

Spring seems like it is moving right into summer here on the edge of the Mojave.
April is the month where the furnace no longer needs to run – but the AC does not need to fire up. Todays high is going to be 90…..don’t know if the adobe can insulate. April 1st is also the official birthday of Dharma Wheels South….its been a bit on the busy side….so hey, happy birthday shop. Get out there and wear your team kit.

But hey, did you all have a lovely easter season?

That is dandy.
Easter means that the Squealer happens in PHX. Here are some photos.

Yup, classin’ up Hunts Tomb.

600 miles north in Park City, here is a glamor shot of Adams new ride.

Seems like the trails are drying out nicely.
In Classics news, the Amstel Gold race has been fought, and once again, I could not find it on the interwebs.
I know I’m not that smart with the computers…and smartiephones….another one of mine just crapped out….this time the shop phone with the nice speakers.
Here is a pic from the battle in Holland.

Lots of work this week, but then Thursday we shut the whole thing down for a few days and go to Fruita. Look for us at the Kona demo tent – we’ll have whiskey as well as dirty jokes that would make a sailor blush. Come on out! This is a good chance to ride demo bikes and take a look at those new Enve wheels.

The Queen has come

Monday, April 14th, 2014

Yes dear friends, today was Paris Roubaix.
The queen of the spring classics.
Here is Sean Kelly to remind you of hard men.

I’ll bet he watched this years Roubaix while eating a bag of 10 penny nails and drinking gasoline.
Me, I couldn’t find it on TV or the Interwebs.

Our winner, Niki Terpstra, shown here with alloys on #19 MO and #30 O, came out on top even though I was yelling and swearing in Flemish for Tom “cocaine is my ally” Boonen.

Before we get to local cycling issues, let me bring up the cattle grazing/land issue that has raised national media attention……this is my opinion…

As far as shop news goes, things have been busy. Here is a great shot of Josh on his new Krampus.

And I’m happy to report that our transplanted Mucker Rose is blooming down south.

Though the carpet rose did beat it to the punch by a week.

As many of you know, we do many kinds of bikes here at the shop. People seek us out for touring/commuting. Here is a Kona Rove that we did last week.

And last but certainly not least, let me remind you to go to Fruita in 2 weeks….because after all, what are you going to do now that Sea Otter is over?

Going long.

Monday, April 7th, 2014

Being Sunday….and with Ride the Rockies looming…in June…..and it being Tour of Flanders day… was time for a road ride.
By the way, congrats to Fabian on the win.

The plan was to ride 15 miles out to the town of Gunlock and then 15 miles back. Wind….from the west (headwind out) at 10-15. Got there and kept right on going. The Gunlock loop is not incredibly long, but it does take it out of you. So there….so often its time to turn around too soon….nice to just stay out there a little longer.
Zeke was out there today in IA.

In strange cycling photo news, I’d like to show you this…

and this…

And to reel it in, here’s the pro decals that Trek put on their riders’ bikes for the Ronde.

And then I can’t help but post this…

Well, and this, since it is Dirt Rags 666th anniversary.

We will be at the Park City shop this week…and I hear the snow is fading fast.

Right on cue for the Mojave to bloom (pic credit to Bryce Pratt).

Isn’t that nice? But on to spring time bike news……its time to drag out your bikes and gear if its been in storage. Go over you gear and update/replace anything that needs attention. Have your shock and fork serviced. Change out your tubes. Look at your riding gear. Make a cycling trip decision. Go to Fruita, Moab or St. George (before it gets too hot in late June). Is this the year to get a new road/cross/touring/adventure bike? How about a trail bike to go with that race bike that always beats you up? Some Club Ride apparel? SockGuy Socks? Sales have been consistent here and we’re for sure entering into our busier part of the season. Thanks to all those who support the shop. I talked to Willy Warren from Kona and he will be in Fruita. Also talked to Chris from ENVE….who will be there too.
Enjoy cycling culture – it brings together some really great people….and a few douchebags who need to be turned into great people.
Hey, erybody’s gotta start somewhere.