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Getting what you want.

Monday, July 28th, 2014

Many images have flooded my inbox this week – many of them powerful, so lets get on with it.

I was particularly moved by an image of respect in Japan, where there was an 11 year old boy dying of cancer. Children’s Cancer treatment centers are difficult and I can tell you first hand from being a Resident, that there are two basic roads that you can take – mask the truth and distract, or give it to the kid straight. The choice depends on the situation. So the 11 year old was faced with their end and he accepted it. His lasting request, approved by the parents, was to have his organs harvested so that he could help others. So the child expired and out of respect, the surgical team gave him a moment.

You can bow your head too and give thanks….its okay – it makes the world better.
Sad as it may be to see the image, you can be sure that the kid had his wishes fulfilled. And there is something in that.

Another loss that happened this week was frame builder Tom Teesdale (TET Cycles)…..and it happened on RAGBRAI.

I had the pleasure of riding with Tom a few years ago and all I can say is that he was a good man. Loved fabricating things and obviously loved the bicycle. It is sad to see him go (I don’t even know if he was 60), but I can honestly say that there would be no finer place to merge with the universe than RAGBRAI.

So enough with the sad stories, lets move into the pictures of RAGBRAI from this week.

Look, Lance even showed up…..and hey, no reason to be angry or spiteful….its RAGBRAI.

Not a shock at all that some people choose to tie that knot at RAGBRAI – seems like a great choice to me.

And look at the “sporting events” that locals think up….note the one handed-ness to maintain another hand for holding beer.

And of course, always a pleasure to see DOD people out there, especially from the “smartest” branch…..the Error Force.

I really think that that is one of my all time favorite RAGBRAI photos. It captures the spirit and makes me wish I was there…
Hangin’ with these people.

In other news, here is Hurl in the Holy Land.

And I’m happy to say that my usual RAGBRAI crew is having a ball in Maine.

Round these parts, the trails are in great shape, we’re just starting to get into fall tradeshow mode, and new products are peeking out from around the corner….like the 2015 Kona Lineup.

Sure wish I was at RAGBRAI…or single speed worlds….or 3 peaks.

Monday, July 21st, 2014

It is the last full week of July. It is time for Ragbrai.
Even though it didn’t happen this year for many of us, keep it on the calendar. It really is the best cycling event in the world.
Team Barfly is ready.

The baggers have made it on course.

From our shop to those out there, best wishes, be safe and have fun….because you never know what will happen out there.

Many of the good people I have toured with are in Maine doing their own tour.

Single Speed World Championships also happened this weekend. Here is our female winner to prove it.

As you should know, winners get tattoos. Looks like good times were had in AK, next year SSWC’s will be in Japan.
As far as new places, I’m proud to say that I rode a new trail in Utah. I had a meeting in Cedar City on Friday, so after working all week, I headed down and rode the 3 peaks rec area trails. What a great place. Its 6 miles west of Cedar as I”d say green circle/blue square. Lots of bridges going over sand washes and some very cool grippy granite rock areas. Big Hole trail, I assume named for the granite quarry hole on the back side, was my favorite. Not much cover, so try not to pick a 95 degree day to test it out. Let me give a big shout out to whomever designed, built and marked that trail system – really a gem. So when you’re going to Southern Utah, you now have another trail to try.

As for the DWC crew, my better half and I are going to be visiting Northern Utah and attending QBP’s Saddledrive.
For those of you who don’t know, QBP is a distributor and many times when I order parts for you, if there are here in 1 day, they came from the QBP Ogden warehouse. Saddledrive is an event for shop owners and employees. We talk business, ride bikes a little and learn about the brands that QBP has so that we can bring it to the consumer.
Pro Mechanic and Surly guy Ben looks like he’s hunkered down for the event.

Hallmarks of the Midseason

Sunday, July 13th, 2014

Many people have commented at the shop that they feel like we are at the midseason point. They might be right. Many folks are scheduling their fork and shock service as well as fresh cables and brake housing/pads to keep their rigs in tip top shape. The days are warm, all of our stock bikes are sold and in 15 days the large shops in town will be offering bikes at 30% off to make room for ski season.
Todays ride I was certainly not in tip top shape…had to stop 3 times going up powerline. But hey, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger – and it was a bitchin’ ride non-the-less.
And my official ride the rockies/DWC Pro Leisure Tour photo came….look at that.

I’m guessing that a jersey order may be in the near future – I’ll keep everyone posted.
In other shop news, I blew out a tire on our shop trailer and replaced it with – no surprise – custom wheels.

In other shop news, I”m excited to hear the reports of the Folsum Fist Fights Bikecycle race events held at One on One. Steve was there – what could go wrong?

I mean seriously?

Actually, here is a picture of this weekend’s activities…

100% rad.
And with that, I will leave you with a video that includes my favorite skater, Jay Adams.