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Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

I’d like to start the entry today with a video for inspiration. At the shop, I’ve done bicycles for disabled veterans and its a beautiful thing. Sometimes, the soldiers talk about their injuries a lot, sometimes, just a little. CAPT Derek Herrera cannot feel or use his legs….the thing on his back is a battery pack and CPU for an exoskeleton kit designed for him. Each step that he takes has a certain amount on uncertainty, and each uncertain step took months to be able to generate. He might fall (he doesn’t), and if he does – I bet he’d tell you it’s okay. His fellow Marines would pick him up and he’d get right back to it.
In life doors close and doors open, I’m excited to see what is in this young mans future.

Hey, were you complaining about something?
The big news in Park City is that the slopes opened for Opening Day!

Thats a stock photo from PCMR’s files….but its highlights things. 2′ of new snow, rather cold, and a sunny Sunday.
Down south, Over the Edge is making people better one Saturday ride at a time.

Here is a beautiful image from Bryce at Crawling spider.

I’m asked from time to time if I like bikes with Gates Carbon Drives.
They are not my favorite.

Although Gene did get 3 years outta that belt with no service at all.
Speaking of excellent photos, Here is Zeke’s super commuter.

And here is a great shot sent in by Kevin.

You know that you live in utah when local papers do soda pop stop reviews instead of bar reviews. Sheesh.
My teeth hurt just thinking about that.
And lastly, a big shout out to the University of Utah, who had drummers and NDN dancers at the game on Saturday. Hoka Hey!

Turn that shit up!

Pretty rad huh?

Sunday, November 16th, 2014

Hey, get a load of this.
Yes, it certainly is unique in Utah. Here are some riding pics from down south.

Hope everybody is staying warm out there. Seems like the polar vortex has just nipped Santa Clara…..we put out the cover for the lime tree, wrapped up the palm trees and winterized the airstream just in case the temps drop under 30 this evening. And speaking of airstreams, check out this review of the facility at the “Mothership” in Jackson Ctr OH.
The weather in PC has been great… is a shot before the last storm.

And here is a shot (from Storm Cycles Rob Hibl) post storm.

As far as the bikes that are fat go, we are going to be sticking with Surly mainly this year. I should say that our friends at Kona have a very nice offering, but since we sell more Surly’s than Kona’s let’s talk about what people are buying.
If you’re in the market for a fat bike, buy an Ice Cream Truck.

Its modern, durable and a ripper. Its got modern spacing, you can run a suspension fork if you wish and the geometry is more evolved than the Moonlander or the Pugsley. Its meant to rip trail in the winter or summer. Plus, it comes murdered out.

100% sexy 100% of the time.

Monday, November 10th, 2014

Well its the start of a new week, Veterans week/month/DOD family month/Native appreciation month/etc….maybe I’ll start sorting through things with a quick look at my horoscope.

Yup, I’ll sleep better tonight knowing that.
In academic news, I’d like to show you what happens when you have your TA’s write your lectures.

Moving on to cycling news, let m recommend checking out Steve and D’s recent trip to Baja.

Around southern Utah, the weather and the riding has been excellent as well.

Around the country, bike shops are slowing down where it is getting cold. I’ve spoken to mechanic friends of mine who are looking for more work/winter jobs/etc. At the custom shop, the pace is usually consistent. We don’t over-schedule in the summer or sit around all day in the slower times. Its nice – and its all because of our excellent supporters of what we do – thanks everybody.

Speaking of thanks, let me give thanks to two Veterans out there who have both taken the final journey.
Bill Martin made it to 99 and then passed away last month. He has a nice family. He ran an air force base and after retirement, Aspen/Snowmass. My favorite thing is that he was one of those people who moved from Aspen to Park City (5 years before I got here) because he wanted to make the town a stronger and better place with his family. Anyway, he was one of those 90 year old’s I’d see on the slopes my first years in town kinda perma-tucked in that skier position as they went down hill. He loved skiing, loved the outdoors and loved being in the Air Force. Medals? I’m sure he’s got a rack full of them – but to see him out there on the slopes – this was a guy who led by example – and that my favorite way to do it.

Everybody has a favorite….and this year, my favorite Veteran died.
When I was working on the Navajo Reservation, I got to work on a lot of veterans. Historically, Native people have the highest percentage of people who go into military service. When I was in Winslow, I read the document that the Navajo Tribal Council sent the US government in 1942 stating that although they were being treated criminally bad, that they still wished to do whatever necessary to defend America. Think about that for a moment.
It was inspiring how humble and respectful that WWII and Vietnam Veterans were from the Rez. And as sometimes goes, the older Veterans tended to tell more stories. The time I spent hearing stories of the Code Talkers was incredible. First, having to create and master a code…many of them told me that the most fear they had was screwing up a translation on either end of the line. Those fellas were put out there in foxholes right next to the enemy to direct mortar fire….and they had to sprint from foxhole to foxhole. They couldn’t leave the foxhole to piss because of the danger of enemy fire. Did I mention the worry over the suicide/kamakazi foot soldiers? Since there were so few code talkers, the stop loss service extensions were brutal. Anyway, Chesters relatives from the AZ side said that as a boy, he watched his family’s goat herd be executed by our government and attended Indian School where he was beaten up by the teachers if he spoke Navajo. They also said that he always wore his Cap, shirt or service pin because he was 100% proud to be a Marine. I heard that when President Bush (43) stuck out his hand for a shake at the Code Talkers ceremony, Chester stood up and gave the Commander in Chief a salute…..”because thats what you do” he said.
This year I was doing dentistry on one of Chester’s relatives and we talked about the code talkers. She was going to NM in a few week and so after telling her my boring stories, I asked her to tell Chester that I was thinking about him and hoped he was doing well.
I saw her again after her trip and she said to me that Chester was doing well and asked her “Tell that Indian Doctor I hope he’s doing well, and I’m thinking about him too.”
Chester died this summer and he was the last of the 30 or so original code talkers….the ones who made up the code, used it, taught it to the next generation (I think it was used in the Korean war) and then, out of respect for the government, didn’t talk about his work until the the late 60′s – not even to their families. Chester lost both his legs to diabetes, but as the prayer goes, he’s walking in beauty now.

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

Winter has arrived in Park City.
And thats great, Hockey season is in full swing.

And, as you all know, Halloween was last weekend. Here is BRose in the bunny suit….at work.

Halloween is also the time of year to dress up your bike.

And of course, the Homie Falling Down Fest happened too.

Here is your scout leader, Eugene OverFiller.

I can only imagine the carnage.

Here is a friendly reminder to Vote!

It has been a bit wet down south. The 25 hrs of Frog Hollow ran Sat to Sunday…and it looks like there was some rain and some cold. Those people are tough.
Big props to those who endured to race a great event.
In family news, our shop cat, Chewey has come back to us. Some of you will know that there was a cat killed by a blowgun dart close to us and I was worried that it was Chewey. Not so. She is in excellent health.

Here is a shot of the trails from the week – not to shabby.

And here is a shot that is just rad. I’ll call that a Burtleman turn for sure. Don’t know what that is….look it up.