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Lots to say

Monday, December 15th, 2014

So much to recap this past week.
Did you all watch the Army Navy game on Saturday? Its the only one I catch every year and this year I had the pleasure of watching the game at our local Bar with an Active Duty, USNA 09′ grad….and a friend of mine who served in the Army in Vietnam. Good times. Its great seeing the Cadets and the Middies out there….they are highly motivated and looking like a million bucks. Commitment….do you remember what that means?

How about Courage….as in the courage to make the world a better place?

And the Honor to do the right thing in a pinch?

Hoorah….and on to bike stuff.
In SW Utah, there are miles of new trails being built…here are the Zion Cycles folks modeling their new ribbon of trail.

Speaking of modeling, here is Hoss, the official spokesperson for the PHX “Friday Ride” in his official team kit. Great fun and a great bunch of people.

Hank sent this in…and I’m sure this exactly what people see when they “go toward the light”.

On to Ski news….Vail just announced that its going to merge PCMR and The Canyons. And so of course, we get ironic images.

Last week I worked at the PHC, and I mostly see Amigos. I was sent a link that shows the possessions of several deceased people who died trying to cross the Mexican/US boarder. Let me remind you that this country is mostly made up of immigrants, so be thankful when you see what these people were carrying when they were trying to get across….no microfiber sleeping bag, no north face jacket…..just all they had in the world.
Here is my favorite image….if you can, read the letter. Link HERE.

And so there are still a few shopping days left until Christmas….let me show you an excellent, and inexpensive gift.

Then there is the gift of time….as in time to hit the open road….photo by Belvis.

Monday, December 8th, 2014

So much to reflect on in the past week.
First, and quite sad, was the death of Steve Hed. Steve founded a wheel company and was always the guy in the bike industry who was smart and highly motivated. A lot of that ethic rubbed off on me. He’d be at the CABDA show setting up his own booth and then be the last one there breaking it down. He loved cycling and was a positive influence on the industry.

Speaking of influence, in case there are any questions, this is how you do it.

I hope you all took a moment to think about Pearl Harbor Day yesterday.

I had the good fortune to be able to wish a ninety-something vet a Happy Pearl Harbor day at the grocery store in St. George. I wonder if thats the last time that I’ll get to do that?
“Thanks for remembering” he said slowly. In the course of my career, I’ve scrubbed out diabetic ulcers and have done extensive crown and bridge work on WWII vets and have always enjoyed their spirit. The Vietnam fellas remind me of the WWII vets when I first came into contact with them, and the Iraq/Afghanistan vets now kinda remind me of the Vietnam people from when I was younger. The common thread – when the going gets tough, put on your war bonnet.

Lets move on to bicycle things. The weather has been 20 degrees above normal here in Utah. Here is a shot from Porcupine Rim in Moab, just after the storm.

Here is Gooseberry Mesa, closer to home.

And one last photo to show solidarity for brick and mortar, local shops….don’t forget…

The Ballad of Broken Mesa

Monday, December 1st, 2014

Before we start the ballad, lets warm up with a few things.
From the land of shock tech people, I was sent this.

And from the land where people sleep in yurts at Gooseberry, I was sent this.

Nothing quite like Southern Utah when the light angles are low and the daylight short.
And short days are natural ones for the fat biking. Here is Fixie on his newly color coordinated bikecycle.

Hope everybody out there had a lovely Thanksgiving – or Turkey Day as we call it around here.
The Flight of the Pigs happened as usual. And as usual Hoss had his daughter design custom one day only tattoos for his pistons.

Good times had by all at Hunts tomb.

Big thanks to Kim and Jim for the event, hopefully I’ll make it next year.

And with that, we can talk about Broken Mesa, the Moore Fun (Fruita) of St. George. I rode this trail 10 years ago because it looked like it was in a cool area. My impression was that it was a crappy trail that was really a long walk – because so much of it was unride-able. But over the years, the bad memories faded away and I wondered how the trail was. This past weekend was rather crowded here in SW Utah and I figured that on Saturday, nobody in their right mind would do Broken Mesa. So I did….Oh yeah, and I rode there. Not because I like riding 16 miles each way on a mountain bike – but because there is something inside me that likes to ride to the trail rather than drive. Its a free country, right?

The ride to the trail was lovely and I passed some baby boomer hikers who asked if I needed a beer handup….If I were on a shorter ride – I would have taken it…but since this was a 5 hr tour, I held off. What do you think about on a 5 hr tough guy ride?

Graphic brought to you by Big Al, who I used to work with.

Anyway, the trail was difficult, and there was much walking involved….including a long ruck down a sandstone staircase. But the view was beautiful, Zion and Kolob were visible in the same panorama, and there is something very cool about riding a trail that few people do. There was a lot of erosion from the rains of the fall and much of the trail followed wash – which was turned into rock collection areas….but the experience was good. I hit the sandy Powerline trail and huffed it to the water tanks…..then it was back on pavement to get home and finish the leftovers.
Alright, go out and get your own adventure.