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Events and Announcements

Monday, January 26th, 2015

Its time for some announcements..

I know you all saw that coming….how about this?

Or maybe saddle up for this?

On a serious note, it brings me great joy to announce that the fine people at RAGBRAI have announced the route for 2015
Interactive map HERE.
You’ve heard me say it before – RAGBRAI is the greatest cycling event in the world. If you have not done it – you should.
Really, it is worth it 100%

And hey, they have a gravel loop too! And for you performance oriented people, there is a century day as always.
In top secret news, Bike Dance is happening. I’ve been asked to not post about it officially, but if you want to go and you are in town, meet at the shop at 6:30 on Thursday and we will bike to the meeting place where there will be shenanigans.

And Music (I assume)

And lastly, I hope everybody had fun at the fat bike summit in Jackson Hole…looks like it was rad.

Yup, thats our SRAM man, Double D!

Sundance and Cycling

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

Well, its that Sundance time of the year once again.
So Party Hearty Marty!

Thats right. Sundance is here and the town is busy – and there are a lot of people walking around looking at their smartphones.
So guess what I do when its this time of year….I go skiing….and guess who I skied with? Thats right, JWW.

If you’re a local person who has needed excavation, you know JW. I remember when I first moved here. JW was so nice to me. He had been in town since the 80′s and had a cool house in Old Town. Lots of my friends worked for him. He always paid his dental bill and actually always left a tip. He moved here because he loved skiing….and it was a pleasure to catch up with him and go for a ski last week. On the slopes, he’s fast, he knows everybody in the lift lines….he can crush moguls. Anyway, his love for skiing and the outdoors is the kind of thing that brought me to Park City. Its that passion that we have at our shop….and its passionate people like JW, that are our favorite customers.
Hey, here is a Sundog pic from old town.

Its been nice down south as well. Here is a pic I took from last week on the JEM trail.

Here is Troy R standing on a bluff in Sedona.

And here is Troy L in Vernal.

Since we’re on pics, here is a great selfe from Ali in SW Utah.

And here is another in SW Utah….the Guacamole trail.

And here is what I have for you all in event nooze.
1. Mountain Trails Foundation is having a snow bike race and we will be there.
link is HERE.
2. I am waiting to hear back on if there will be a BikeDance this year….my advice is to check the White Pine Touring facebook page….HERE.
3. In exciting Southern Utah news, the True Grit will be based in Santa Clara this year! There is a chance that I will be out of town for it…..but for anybody considering it, let me tell you its a fun day and totally worth it.

And with that, let me get back Sundance prepping.

A little rain never hurt no one.

Monday, January 12th, 2015

Another week is upon us.

And biggest of news in the cycling world is the rain delay of cyclocross nats.

Hey its just a little rain…

I was asked to make a statement by more then 2 people on the subject…..and mine is this. “For every complex situation, there is always an answer that is simple, concise….and wrong.”
My gut feeling is that I would have like to have seen the racing continue… mind tells me that there are rules, obligations and standards that should be followed and to trust the experts when its time to pull the plug.
It isn’t like I”ve seen anybody make poor decisions with their teeth just because some dentist said that something could be done.

And let me say this….I truly believe that when you sign up for a race, you take into account mother nature…..if the course is bad enough – you don’t race and you loose your money…..its along the same lines of being hurt in a racing event/getting killed in an automobile accident on the way to/from the race….getting food poisoning. In racing (and life) there are obvious factors to think about and overcome…and there are unseen, unintended concequences.
And sometimes its just not a problem, until its a problem.

But lets get to bikes.
Hot on the list for people is the Ibis Mojo HD3.

Come spring time we’ll have a large and medium to demo. Orders are being taken for March ship dates….People who ordered in November are getting their bikes at the end of this month.
The weather has been nice in SW Utah, here is Bryce eating up the sunshine.

Gullo sent this from the Flagstaff Nordic Center – where fat bikes are available for your riding pleasure.

Here is Fixie, who we missed by a day in So. Utah.

And….Here’s Hollywood.

Happy New Year from DWC

Monday, January 5th, 2015

Happy New Year everybody. Kim and I sincerely wish everybody health and happiness this year.
So, 2015 marks our 10th year in business. What a journey.

As the odometer ticks over each year, we have to renew many things….and by renew, I mean cut checks…and its fun to sit back to remember where you’ve come from….and to plan for where you want to go.
Our vision is simple and consistent: Be the small shop that offers the highest knowledge and support of any of our towns 16 bike shops. Offer the finest brands that can be attained, better brands that can be found at competing shops, and only carry brands that we believe in 100%. Support customers who want a relationship, not a deal – and focus on the retail that is not a “race to the bottom”.
A bike like this sums it up pretty well.

Well, enough with the philosophy…here are some pics and stories from the past month.
Its snow bike season in Park City and its been great to see people out on fatties.

From very early last month, here is a pic of a desert tortise outside of Santa Clara.

And for all you people out there who find yourselves in different zipcodes on a regular basis, let me once again recommend airline legal travel bikes….This one is my ancient Travelers Check from Surly and its been with me a long time. Its been built up geared, as a mountain bike, single speed, and is now back in its natural cyclocross form….liner pull brakes and all. Mrs Dr. E and I took the big bird to visit her family for the Christmas season and the bike went too. Compared to Utah, the trails around Laguna Beach are okay….and there are a few fun little downhill runs, but in general, the number of miles possible is small compared to what I’m used to in the beehive state. Doing those trails on a 35C set of tires really narrows in the focus and the enjoyment factor. Trails that you could roll over in your sleep on your 29 x 2.4′s become a bomb diffusing experiment with the negative outcome being a tire change with sideways glances off the trail for that rattlesnake you know is a bit too curious about just what it is you are doing.

Anyway, the Top of the World loop is my standard, and its been 2 years since I’ve had the pleasure of riding it. What a blast.
Here is a rad picture sent in by the good people at Turner. Yes it is a King Kahn.

Since it is the new year, I’ll leave you with Woodie Guthries resolution list….just in case you need inspiration.