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Friends, conferences and bicycles

Monday, February 23rd, 2015

There is quite a bit of ground to cover so lets dive right in. There was no post last week because I had some friends in town to celebrate my birthday.

Photo credit, Mrs. Dr. E.
Temps were high and we enjoyed skiing at the Canyons – where I haven’t skied in years. The runs were great, staff friendly, and their kids program knocked it outta the ballpark.
I had the pleasure of attending the Wilderness Medical Society meeting since it was held at the Grand Summit. The courses were great and many topics were covered such as tactical medicine, hypothermia management, emergency evac and avalanche rescue. Not to be too much of a bummer, but it was a prime example of never knowing what life will throw at you when I got to find out, at one of the presentations, that an old friend of mine from Stein Erickson Sport days was killed in an avalanche the year I sold my big dental office. That past summer, I had just heard about Chris orchestrating the opening of the Stevens Pass Bike park.
Here is a video he made about cutting trail through rocky areas.

Sad, but that my friends is just how it goes for any and all of us. And I can tell you if there is a DH park on the otherside, CR is working on flow lines as we speak.
Here’s a pic of Chris – he was really a cool kid.

In other reverent news, this time of year marks the battle of Iwo Jima. The older I get, the more I cherish working on Veterans who served in the Pacific. In dental school, hearing about hand to hand combat from 70 year olds. On the Rez, talking to code talkers who worked battle pit to battle pit – close enough to enemy lines to have a constant worry of a suicide runner attack any time day or night. Their stories provide inspiration, and I could listen to them 24 hrs a day.

So lets move along to bicycle stuffs.
The internet is a humming with many comments about Fat Bike Nationals.
Here is Double D at Nats.

And here’s the guy who won, big Ned.

Whats funny is that I think we had that cover posted up in the service area of the shop I worked at in 1995.
Here is a pic I was sent to poke fun at the whole “enduro” thing.

And here is Troy L, riding in Vernal.

The riding has been cherry down south, even if it did snow last night.

And here is a pic from Steve G of an Owl in Mesa Verde.

Hey, thats some good luck there.
Speaking of good luck, the first Turner King Kahn rolled out of the shop this week.

And in terms of things going on in March, let me recommend this in Sedona.

And of course the True Grit, which I just signed up for as well.

So Much to Say on a Rainy Day

Monday, February 9th, 2015

Well, a big story on everybodys minds here in the intermountain west is the warm weather. Ever since the first week of January, its been warm…..and dry.
As a matter of fact, its raining right now. Well, the good news is that the resorts have a nice base of snow and there is plenty of snow to slide around on. The bad news is that the nordic center and round valley are not suitable for “Vinter Schports”…..and as a matter of fact, Mountain Trails Foundations Round Valley Roundup has been Cancelled.

I know thats a sad picture, so let me cheer you up with this one from higher up on Armstrong.

Well, keep your schedule free for the True Grit, Sedona MTB Festival, the Hurricane Fat Tire Festival and the Fruita Fat Tire Festival.
Good times to be had by all.
Speaking of good times, SSAZ happened this year….and here is a pic from PHX.

In Ft. Collins, the Yendrabuilt Bootlegger was put through the phases as a beverage delivery unit this past weekend.

Zach is a good man and a talented tradesman…..and he likes Airstreams.
In the town of Steamboat, where the fine people of Moots are located, the Winter Carnival happened. Here is a pic from Dave.

Good times over there. Let me remind you Moots owners to keep track of gravel events that Moots will be hosting this summer.
And speaking of Colorado, the Denver Posts Ride the Rockies course was announced on Saturday. Looks like a spectacular course and as always, great event to support. Page link HERE.
Moving Eastward – Hurl is stacking miles….because thats what he does.

Speaking of East of here, if you are in the area, show up and buy Zeke a beer as he presents this…

And as long as we’re talking about events, here is a recap of Stuporbowl 2015.
As BRose says, “do any real messengers still do the race?”
A DWC member in Montana sent in this LINK about mountain town people. Park City has a few of these….but they are dying/going to rehab by the month.
And Fixie Dave Nice sent in this, about working in the trenches.
Yeah, the article brought back memories. And I agree, its a VERY competative market in ways that I won’t ever get into on a public blog like this one. I will say this….the number one thing about being in business is staying in business. Not screwing people – but also not being screwed by people whether they mean it or not. By the way, I would like to say that I’m sad to see Radioshack go…..its where I used to buy all my adapters….I used to make guitar cabinets from the parts in their catalog…..its all gone the way of on-line now.
Hey, speaking of passing, Howard Hawkins has merged with the Universe. Let me tell you a little about Howard. I met him at CABDA when I worked as a mechanic at a family owned shop in Ann Arbor. I wanted to BE Howard. He was very nice, loved bicycles, owned a shop and founded Park Tools. We talked about Schwinn Paramounts and he owned several. He served our Country in the Navy. When you talked to Howard, you could see that he had genuine interest in you because of the bicycle and he led you to want to achieve more with it. Anyway, Howards Son Eric runs Park Tool and Howard has been retired for years. He was a great man and his qualities will live on in the lives of those he’s touched. Here he is at the Park Tool50th anniversary party.

One of our service members has sent me a link to a site that is heavy. Its a site where people sat for portraits and then were asked to say something about themselves and/or war. Understand that this is all editorial and personal – and everybody has a right to an opinion. I like the stories just the same as I’ve liked hearing stories from Veterans for the past 20 years. My favorite, Father Tim. That man’s strength defines the word Service.
And, to end on an upbeat note, lets close it out with Bob Mould.

Sundance is Over

Monday, February 2nd, 2015

Alrighty, Sundance is over.
I hope that everybody who came to town had a lovely time – and I hope for the locals, that you had a nice time as well and made a little extra money….to spend on bicycle things.
Speaking about local things – a small and festive group of friends met up to celebrate “Bikedance”….and to raise money for World Bicycle Relief.

It was a really nice event. In years past – the gathering was larger and more complicated….
Meanwhile, back East, the storms seem like they are lining up.

And in the great north midwest, the week was mild – mild enough for Hurl to attack his monthly century.

Here, we are looking for more snow – but if you go into the backcountry, like Adam here, you will find it.

Down south, the riding is excellent.

Which reminds me, the True Grit this year will start and end in Santa Clara – with an all day party at the city building.
If you’ve thought about this race – let me highly recommend it.
We are planning on being there, but unfortunately – I may have to be out of town….but either way – let me recommend it.

It is my understanding that the super bowl happened yesteray….I judge this by the facebook posts I get….me, I was trying to follow along with cyclocross world championships – but alas I couldn’t find a hyperlink that didn’t convince me that I’d have a new browser installed effortlessly on my computer and a whole array of spyware STD’s to deal with.

Plus, I’m more of a Stuporbowl fan anyway.

And we’ll close the post with sad news. Bill Thee has merged with the universe.

There is a lot that can be said about Bilthy…..I will remember that he loved being a messenger and loved people involved with bicycles.