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Positive Signs

Sunday, March 29th, 2015

There are a lot of good things out there in the past week.
Some Bald Eagles out there on the Rez.

Doesn’t that make you feel good? You know what else will make you feel good?
A pic from the honor ride in San Diego.

“If you don’t understand what freedom is… don’t deserve it”. WWII vet at the 70th Iwo Jima memorial. Here’s another clip.

AT the shop, signs of spring are in the air. Our century Yucca is blooming magnificently.

The Henry Fonda roses are starting to bloom.

Our ocotillo even is leafed out.

Hard not to notice the Airstream in the photo….just waiting for the next adventure.
Speaking of airstreams, there is new art on the wall. Big thanks to Chris McNally.

Lets get to cycling things. I was able to sneak down to attend the Hurricane Fat Tire festival. It was wonderful.
Had the pleasure of riding new trails off the JEM trailhead with Bryce and Cimarron of Gro Races.

The festival itself was great too. Wonderful to see vendors with demo bikes, food trucks and live music.
Troy was there.

And we got a sneak peak into the shop expansion.

2 sweet events in the same month – can you believe it?
The answer is always….yes.

Big thanks to Bob Wells

Monday, March 23rd, 2015

Bob Wells took the final chairlift ride recently. Cancer. I just wanted to take 10 seconds and give some words to thanks to Bob, who I believe has had more to do with shaping Park City than anyone to date. Helping create Deer Valley…..getting summer time DH lift service for mountain bikes at DV….most recently working with the Summit Land Conservancy. Anyway, bob was a gentle man full of good ideas, and he is one of the reasons why I call Park City home.

Speaking of good people, this time of year marks the 70th anniversary of the battle of Iwo Jima. I know this because I have had the absolute honor to have worked on 75 year old Marines who took part in the battle. Their stories were incredible and inspiring. Here is a segment done by the USMC. Enjoy and Semper Fi.

Welp, its looking like the end of ski season around these parts….the mountains have an April/May look to them.

Thats just as well. Let me remind everybody that the Hurricane Fat Tire Festival is this weekend.

Round these parts, Salt Lake trails looking rather open.

Me, just dialing in forks and shocks.

And let me tell you dear friends, home made tamales are still the best tip.

Utah – where we have cycling events.

Monday, March 16th, 2015

There was good weather and good cycling events here in Utah this past weekend.

First of all, I hope that anybody from the local state-wide area who wanted to demo a bike headed to Moab this weekend for Outerbike.
Yes, Outerbike is now a Spring, Summer and Fall event.
Here is a demo rider on an Ibis HD3.

Fantastic weather, good bike people, and of course, trails and bike companies.
Here is the Turner crew with a fleet of King Kahns

In Southwest Utah, the True Grit happened. And what a success it was. Starting and finishing the race in Santa Clara City was an excellent idea. People had excellent camping facilities and a perfect spot to hang out post race. And if you were in town waiting for a finisher, there was food, fun and good people.
Its also impressive to say that the race boasted Washington County’s first ever Beer Garden – which went off without a hitch….endurance racers are not known for throwing down large amounts of booze – but it was nice to have a cool one after the 50 mile course….or in some cases, 100.
Let me tell you about the race, because I participated in it.
Here is what it looked like at the start – with the police blocking traffic down Santa Clara Drive. Fun haviing the race go right by the shop.

The course itself could not have been better. Road, dirt road (Stucki Springs Rd), ATV doubletrack, then the green valley race course. It beats you up a little – then you have to endure the barrel rolls. That takes a little more outta ya. Zen comes next – and its difficult. What was nice was the elimination of a small and annoying part of the middle section – good choice. Then a climb up the bluff and the Bear Claw Poppy trail. From Bloomington, its a steady 4-5% climb up the backside of Stucki Springs trail….The temps were in the 80′s and out there in the Mojave – it was a little warm. That stretch of trail is not technically difficult, but mentally – its grueling. When you hit the road, you jump over to Rim Runner – which is one of my favorite trails. The miles flow by and you Cove Wash it into the home trail of Barrel Roll. Always fun – but tiring after 40 miles in the saddle.
Here is the crew at the Cove Wash trail head, complete with dirty jokes.

And finally Mrs Dr. Evil at the beer garden.

Really a great event.
As far as other events go, don’t forget the Hurricane Fat Tire Festival later this month.
The Fruita Fat Tire Festival later in April.
And just announced, the Moots Ranch Rally June 13th. LINK HERE.
In other fun news, Wick won “Best Lebowski” at Lwbowski Fest in LA.

And here is soon to be dad Zach rolling down Fort Collins for the St. Pattys day parade.

And a big shout out to Kevin, who is 10 weeks out from a CABG.

Lets end with some custom frame mitering and welding from Dario. Because that is some sexy shit right there.

For she’s a jolly good person.

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

For the Park City community….and for Utah in general, a battle is over. Deedee Corradini has merged with the Universe.

We all knew it was coming, Deedee was diagnosed with lung cancer – she’d want it to be known that she did not smoke – and the fight began.
I remember Deedee for a couple of reasons. First, she is the kind of person who made me want to move to Utah. She was the Mayor in 2000 when I interviewed here for residency. I liked her style. She helped bring the Olympics to Salt Lake. She also spearheaded the Trax light rail system in Salt Lake – a program that received much push back, but as they say – if you need to get a job done – give it to Deedee. Take a lesson in that. Finally, I enjoyed how Deedee pushed womens ski jumping as an Olympic sport. I’m not a person who sees gender, race or religion as a factor in anything….and neither did Deedee. She also had one of the best smiles in Park City.
Here is a song that always made me laugh and think of Deedee….because of the chorus.

And speaking of beautiful smiles, let me show you one from the Bicycle Industry…..
The Fabulous Sheila Moon met up with Flagstaffs own Steve and Denise Garro for some fishing and fun in Mexico.

Let me tell you that the Kimstress and I would attend any shindig thrown by any one of those fine individuals in the Mexico…..good times had by all.
And speaking of good times, the final vestiges of winter were upon the great midwest for several events.
In the land of Iowa, or maybe Minnesota, Pugsley World Championships were held.

You bet your sweet ass there were winners…..
In the Great Lakes State, there were fat tired bikes rolling around Poto.
In a similar effort, here is Wilson – escaping the almost 90 degree heat of PHX for the pines of Flagstaff.

In Sedona, this pat weekend, Over the Edge had a fat tire festival.
Here is Troy.

Let me take this time to plug the Hurricane Fat Tire Festival…..where there will also be Troy…..and bicycles….and beverages….and me.
The North American Handbuilt Bike Show happened in Louisville this past weekend.
Here is your winner, Curt…..Jeremy is pretty cool too.

From the Rocky Mountains, Moots represented impressively.

One of my favorite framebuilders, Erik Noren, had this little ditty to share.

You just know shit is getting outta hand when Don Walker starts signing your body parts.

People always ask about certain brands being there and certain brands not. Where was David Turner?
He was out testing 27.5+” prototypes…..not that it was any of your business.

And Scot Nicol was in Sedona…hangin’ with the NDN’s.

Alright, if your in Utah, head down south…..the True Grit race is this weekend.

Spring Snow and bike talk

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

We’ve had a few small storms here in the Wasatch. Always nice to catch a powder day or two….and thats all I can really handle at this stage in the game.

A fantastic image shot in Steamboat last month at the Tele world championships.
Here is another image, Washington Co. Sheriff and a BLM officer working a Search and Rescue mock up drill….with Mules.

And speaking of images that I love, here is a very sexy Argosy (made by Airstream) with painted caps and polished sides….very sexy.

In fun bike shop news, Over the Edge – Hurricane is expanding their building…well done!
Let me remind everybody that the Hurricane Fat Tire Festival is the last weekend of this month….and we are planning to be there.

So much to talk about in cycling this week….

Thats right, the classics are upon us.

This weekend is the Sedona Fat Tire Festival.
And the North American Handbuilt Bike Show…..Curtis has been getting ready I see.

Once again, let me plug the true Grit in our town of Santa Clara. A no brainer if you’re local, and a must if you live up north.
I mean,…you like to ride, right?