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Fruita from afar

Monday, April 27th, 2015

This past weekend was the Fruita Fat Tire festival….and due to the rain, we did not attend. The magic of the interwebs makes it seem like we were almost there, but the truth is that nothing ever replaces ACTUALLY attending the event in person. We’ll look forward to the next event and next years festival.
Lets start off with a wheelie on a cargo bike…and by the way, I’ve seen Willy Warren do this 1,000,000 times….it never gets old.

Speaking of videos, we’ve been receiving a lot of questions about wheel sizes and rear hub spacings…I’d like to pass on a fun video to you all.
embedding it looks dangerous, so the link is HERE.
I’ve been asked by more than 3 people to comment about and their pulling of the $1 off/mile ridden. Article

By the way, is bikeradar getting that Rolling Stone (magazine) feel?
So, people love to hear small shop owners bitch about mega online stores. I actually really don’t have an opinion other than to say that different businesses have different business models and that is that. Backcountry is huge and goes for volume and exposure. Small shops go for different things. Its like a bike race….sprinters and climbers. I could laugh and say “didn’t you jackasses see that coming?”…but then they could laugh at me and pick apart some of my business practices. Bottom line – drama is for theaters.
Lets move on to more real information. Here is an inside look at Turners new sultan 27.5 and cyclosys.
Because small batch bike are rad…right?

The Fabulous Don Walker has announced dates for the handbuild bike show.

And here is a pic of the Wounded Warrior ride through DC and the POTUS showing some love.

In closing, we sometimes get asked to specifically explain differences in the quality of frame construction…since most people can’t tell the difference between a tuned bike and an untuned one…..which is okay – I can’t tell the difference between a hard and soft landing in an airplane.
This, my friends is what happens when a shell becomes unbonded in a cheaply made frame.

Lets end on a happy note and a fun little movie.

Sea Otter Blotter

Monday, April 20th, 2015

Sea Otter, an event that I’ve never attended (believe it or not), is in the books. But through the holy power of the internets, we can experience it together.
I’d like to attend some time, but the main reason that I don’t is because 1. The weather in So. Utah is absolutely perfect this time of year. 2. The Fruita Fat Tire Festival is around that time. Are you going to Fruita this weekend? You should.
Stars of the show included anything with a 27.5″+ wheel sizing…like this from Turner

By the way, Turner also introduced their new cross bike…

One of the neatest things seen was butting 27.5″ wheels on your cross bike.

Photo brought to you by HurlTron5000, who rode to the event with the Blackburn crew from San Jose.

Big props to Kona, who had a kids bike demo…..pretty rad – right?
It looks like a great time was had at Sea Otter. Its true that you can gain a lot of insight by reading blogs and seeing photos, but I’m sure nothing replaces actually being there.
Lets move on to the heroic mechanic pic of the week.

Cutting off a crank arm is one of the most unpleasant things a mechanic can do at a shop – topped only by the rusted out purchased you get when trying to remove the bottom bracket. And no, this arm was not removed by me…..its got dremel marks….I’ve only ever used dental lab handpieces – which makes the process take 5 minutes.
As I mentioned earlier, so. utah is pretty nice right now.

And Sunday was the last day of skiing at Park City Mountain Resort. It may sound cliche, but big thanks to the snowmaking crew this season. Park City only had 150″ of snow this year….I think resorts on the east coast had more. For sure Brian Head had more….here is Brian Heads final day of the season last Sunday.

You never know what you are going to get – so go out and ride.

Desert Roadtrip

Monday, April 13th, 2015

It was time for a little desert road-trip….part business, part pleasure. Speaking of the desert, my camera is there, so until I retrieve it, stock images will tell the story.
It all began with a trip to Hurricane for the Fat tire festival, which you have seen around the internet and in the last blog. Here is a cool pic from the new trail system.

St. George news article HERE.
Big thanks to Over the Edge and DMBTA for a great system.
And let me remind all of you that in 2 weeks, the Fruita Fat Tire Festival happens. As always, its worth going.

link HERE.
From Hurricane Santa Clara, I chased the ghost of Gram Parsons through the Mojave desert and into the Sonoran. I had bike riding, social and musical plans in the greater Phoenix metroplex, and a great time was had. I did miss the squealer, which happened the day after I left.

But it was time to wind my way through Yuma and onto San Diego, where I met my dear wife to spend the Easter holiday with the inlaws.

In bicycle news, the smart people at Surly have THIS to announce.
Having a love of the deep custom bicycle things, I was happy to see one of Erik’s creations featured HERE.

Our friends at Turner bikes have now gone direct to consumers.

I’ve been asked by customers if this hurts my business. The answer is no. They want to reach out to places where no shop has the balls skill to offer bad ass custom bike brands like Turner, so they offer online purchasing. Guess what, I sell more high end bikes out of state than in state for the same reason. I’m guessing that a few people will want to go direct from my market – but they still have to come in for service – which has always been the backbone of our shop.
And Kona has some cool marketing that has come out from the 4 corners region.

Kona Four Corners – Teaser from Kona Bikes on Vimeo.

Very well done. Spring is in the air – time to ride.