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Trails are drying out

Sunday, May 31st, 2015

Its been wet in the Utah area for the past couple of weeks….This weekend seems to be a lot drier. Here is a view from the Crest trail today.

Moving along to Salt Lake trails, here is the fabulous Ali G digging in the dirt on a SLC trail.

This is from about the Mid Mountain area.

Down south, the conditions are perfect.

Speaking of perfect, it was a perfect day last weekend for the Ride 2 Recovery ride in DC, and our SECDEF Dr. Carter was out there to give high fives to the riders. One of the reasons why it takes so long to get your bike done at our shop is because we do adaptive and non-adaptive projects for R2R. Those riders have always received command seating at our shop….and as a long as I’m in charge – that will not change.

Summer time is the right time for bicycle touring, and many of our customers are out there putting miles in.

On the national events calandar, Outerbike Whistler is next weekend, and I highly recommend attending.
Website HERE.
National Trails day is also on Saturday.

Get out there and support the trails you ride. Nothing is more satisfying than riding the trails that you have put hard work into forming. They will be there long after you are gone with your stamp on it.

Are you Free today?

Sunday, May 24th, 2015

Its Memorial day weekend and yes, you are free. You are free because of the sacrifices of others. Celebrate that. I don’t get bent when people confuse Veterans Day and Memorial day – I say celebrate it all.
I’ll always remember the code talkers….and having the privilege to work on some of them in Winslow – they will always be my favorites.

Here is a pic from Camp Pendleton.

Lets throw a modern Navy pic in there.

Lets get on to some bike pics. We’ve had some rain in Utah, and kudos to the trail crews for fixing up some blown up lines.

Here is a picture of a Czar on the Park City trails.

And speaking custom bike, look at this custom Moots 650B

And the Yendrabuilt Bootlegger carrying cargo “more precious than beer”.

I think custom frame builder Dario Pegoretti would approve.

Have a fun a safe Memorial Day out there. Go clean the grave of a Veteran…..or thank a Veteran if you choose.

The Beauty of the Small Business

Monday, May 4th, 2015

May and June are always busy months in the cycling world. While out riding yesterday, I thought about the current state of retail. There were lots of people out there on the trail – and lots of different kinds of cyclists. As I do when the trails are busy – I stop and talk to people. I ask where they got their bike, if they are into it, I ask about how their suspension in riding….or their wheels….perhaps their cycling plans for the season. I enjoy hearing what people think about brands, trends and different bike shops.
Its a changing landscape and there are many things to be happy and sad about in terms of retail. I felt a little sad that bike shops are no longer the go to place for cycling information, but I also felt happy that more people have easy access to cycling information and culture. Its hard to have your cake and eat it too.
Well, I love small, stylish bicycle shops (no surprise, right?) and am glad to see our friends at Over the Edge are getting ready to hoist up their sign in South Lake Tahoe.

The festivals and riding experiences that OTE puts on are incredible – and something that you cannot experience fully experience through the internet. We’ve been tight with the OTE crew for many years and its great to see them expand and grow in an industry where we tend to hear so much about large big box companies.
I’m glad that so many festivals are popping up in new places.
Our friends at GroPromotions helped set up a festival in Southern Nevada this past weekend and it looked like a blast. Here is part of the tent city.

Now doesn’t that look beautiful…
The SW desert of Utah has been nice as well….one of our giant Yucca’s is in bloom.

Also very beautiful.
Greg LeMond had a ride this past weekend in San Fransisco. LeMond is another company that sells both through shops and independently. They can control pricing, not force shops to carry large inventories, and I think its great. In this wild world of internet competition/information – they are flexible – and allow independent bicycle dealers to be flexible.

In the great Midwest, there were RABGRAI prep rides that involved some heavy lifting.

Alright, we’ve talked about small bike shops, we’ve talked about festivals, we’ve talked about riding….lets talk about custom bicycles. As you all know, there are now electric assist motors that can be attached in various ways to bicycles. The end result for each is to make the hills easier. Here is an excellent example of a custom from Peacock Groove that is both beautiful and functional.

We live in a world where so many times we shop price – I do it too. Its great to see it when people shop function and create a budget for their purchase.
Its great to see when people choose to support a local business and a talented craftsman.
For those of you who follow this blog weekly, I’ll be traveling a bunch the next 5 weeks or so…I’ll get back to it when I can.