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RAGBRAI in the books

Sunday, July 26th, 2015

Its Sunday evening, and the RAGBRAI is over.
With the advent of social media, its been fun to follow. But let me tell you friends….its more fun to do…..even the hot steaming porta-potty baking in the Iowa sun…..its really the best. Click on the galleries…..and feel the love.

Here are some pictures from around the Wasatch range.
Here is the top of Baldy…

And just downhill from Baldy is Deer Valley’s newest and biggest berm, Tital Wave.

Closer to Old Town, Matt sent in this pic.

Its hot in southern Utah, but here is a pic from the Southwest.

Outside of the great state of Utah, here is Kevin rocking the trails of my birth state, Michigan.

As we get into August, the nights will get cooler and we’ll start to be thinking of snow bikes and ski season.
I’ll leave you all with this nice pic I was sent about riding with “buddy”.

One of the good ones.

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

The past little bit has had a great deal of happiness and sadness in it.
Its not what I want to report, but its the truth – Andy Wright was killed in a motorcycle crash last week.

Let me tell you about Andy. He and his business partner started up BTI, which is a wholesaler of bicycle parts for bicycle shops. Andy and Preston started their business out of a garage. And they were the first distributor that the Dharma Wheels Cyclery had an account with back when the shop was operating out of a health club spin bike room. Andy was the kind of guy that believed in the small business side of the bicycle industry. He valued his employees, he valued the bicycle shops that had accounts, and he loved people who rode bicycles. Anyway, go out there and have a ride for Andy. Then go and support your local bike shop.

In other sad news, I’m sure that you’ve heard about the shooting at the recruiting station in TN. Very sad once again.

On happier topics, there is much new in the bicycle world.
The greatest tour in the world is happening right this very second. RAGBRAI is going down. I’ve said it before, and I”ll say it again…..if you do one tour in your lifetime, do RAGBRAI….its the best and there is absolutely nothing like it.

In bicycle news, new 2016 products are starting to come around.
Turner Bicycles has launched a new version of the Czar.

Kona has unveiled their 2016 lineup.
My favorite….today….is the Roadhouse

Let me tell you what is great about Kona. Its that they are a great bike company. Not too small….not too big…..great riding bikes, durable, stylish, well appointed. Timeless. In the years that we’ve carried them, they have NEVER let us down……never…..and I’m a picky person. All 2015 enduro bikes that they produced have sold….no closeouts and no “racing to the bottom” (read Santa Cruz, and did you hear Marzocchi is going to shut down?).
Great job Kona people….you really are a great company and I”m proud to be a dealer.

On the boutique side of things, Moots has released their 2016 Psyclo X…..the finest cross racing bike that money can buy.

And in other fabrication news, it was fun to see,hear.view the Sycip brothers along with Chris King himself visiting Curt in Napa for a Cielo frame building session.
You know that when those people get together, there is good food, good wine, good friends, and good times.

I got a pic of this beautiful mountain cruiser built by Steve Garro at Coconino.

And I simply must share this from Jim at Vecchio‘s entitled “Voiding warranties since 1998″

Funny, right? just like this…

Summertime…and the livin’ is easy.

Sunday, July 12th, 2015

In Park City, there are two seasons….Winter, and July.
Its summertime, and the livin’ is easy.

I’d like to start off with the heavy music news that fellow musician and person I’ve shared the stage with, Eddie Spaghetti has been diagnosed with Cancer. Rather than go into details, let me say this…the Supersuckers are a fun band and sharing the stage with them has always been a pleasure. Eddie knows music and he’s one of the best at picking just the right song for the right moment. Click on the link, support the band, and rock on.
Lets move on to bicycle riding and events.
Here is Kevin rocking the trails of lower Michigan….like a boss.

Along with aliens, there have also been rogue Igleheart frame sightings.

That is a long way from Portland….which is just a street in MPLS.
St George, Utah is also a long way from the land of 10,000 lakes, but it does have palm trees, which Bryce has photographed here.

Closer to home, Adam sent this in from a trail recon sesh.

Can you believe I just typed sesh. Well, what I can believe is that Cris broke his plastacular Cannondale.

What do you think….if you were Cannondale, would you warranty it? A trail CRUSHER who beats the shit out of their bike EVERY time they ride? Speaking of Crushing, the Crusher in the Tusher was this past weekend. Only video postings were available, so I have no pics.
Thats okay, because I have pics of Bear and Capt. Dave.

Yes indeed, RAGBRAI is approaching (its the last full week of July) and it will be glorious.
And with that, get out there, support your local shop in some way, and get rad.


Sunday, July 5th, 2015

The start of July has so much associated with it. On my mind because of Independence Day is the Ride to Recovery European edition.
Here is a quote to begin the motivation…
“I don’t want to be who I was, I want to be better. Stop taking your pain and giving up, stop taking your pain and saying, this is why I can’t do what I want to do… have your pain push you to greatness. Make it help you. Actually succeed through your struggle, don’t give up because of it.”
R2R is a non profit that gets wounded Service Persons on bicycles. For many of these people, bicycles have never been on their radar and being on one puts them outside of their comfort zone. Riding a handcycle is a royal pain in the ass – but you work with what you got….and you rely on your friends.

One day, when I win the lottery, I”m going to buy push bars for every handcycle and recumbant.

I’d like to show you an example of the kind of adaptive bicycle our shop does. When you have your left arm blown off, an adaptive way to ride a bike is to have all shifting and braking done with the right hand and to put a stabilizer attachment to the shoulder with the missing arm. Its pretty comfortable for about 30 miles or so.

And here is a dialed in double lower setup.

And speaking of adaptive bicycles, here is a BEAUTIFUL custom by the one and only Don Walker.

In local news, my favorite event has come and gone, the Savor the Summit – where they line up a long dinner table down mainstreet Park City. Here is Randy dancing on the tables.

Its hot as ballz in Phoenix right now, but that doesn’t stop the dress up for the Friday Ride. Well done Hoss.

And last and least, RAGBRAI is the last full week of this month.