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Thats the way the world goes round

Sunday, August 9th, 2015

The cycling world was turned upside down recently with the untimely death of Will Olson.

Will was a Colorado mountain town guy. Actually worked for a living and rode a ton. He loved the mountains and loved snowboarding in the winter and trail riding in the summer. Will supported local enduro events and had a Strava alias. Anyway, he was one of the good ones and he perished doing exactly what he loved.
Lets move on to more uplifting topics…..shall we.
I was sent THIS link from my friend the Angry Asian about the custom bicycle world….since that is what we do.
I get asked this quesiton all the time and I can boil it down a little bit for you. There are many fine choices of house brand bicycles out there, and many are color coordinated and fancy looking….because those companies have project managers who are somewhat passionate. Thats cool. Tag Heuer makes watches and they are good.
Custom/Boutique bicycles are of higher quality and its really only the owner who can appreciate that. Yes, the frames are straighter and more durable….and that is a measurable difference but a custom paint job on a Turner is also sexy and unique….same with custom decals on a set of Enve wheels.
So really, the customer is at the center of the storm on this one. Do you want a Tag Heuer or do you want a Rolex?
The Tour of Utah is going down and what is going up is this group of Park City people climbing up to Guardsmans pass to see the Empire climb.

Also in Park City is this wall ride, sent in by pro rider and all around nice guy Eric Porter.

Also in cool Utah pictures was this shot captured by Nick Van Dine as he flew over Zion.

In other cool bike shot news, I’d like to show you this pic that Hoss Rogers sent me from PHX…..deep vintage custom.

For some reason this bike makes me think of BeetleJuice

This beautiful pic is from Opie, who hopped a train north to Canadia and then rode home to WA… can do that you know?

Here is Julian in the Specialized wind tunnel. I’d bet ten dollars that this is the first and last time they’ve ever had beer in that tunnel.

Well, let me leave you with more pictures of RAGBRAI and follow up tours….because they are so good.

Yes, that is Sturgis my friends.