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Sunday, September 27th, 2015

Its the end of summer. Its busy. Here is what is going on.
As you can tell by the title, Interbike is in the books- the annual trade show and gathering has come in and gone like a shower in the desert. It was a chance to look at the state of the industry, and the state of retail. And that is good, because retail, my friends, is dead.
That is why we are small, agile, adaptive….and focus on service….because lets face it, you can buy your parts for less than I pay on Amazon or Backcountry.
Woah, and if that bums you out, check out THIS.
Welp, as I said before, stay flexible my friends.
In good news, there is THIS from UDOT south.
But lets get to the big dance.
By the way, my favorite part of Interbike is the fact that some people go in costume.

Impressive, right?
So, first and foremost, the brains behind Interbike (Read Pat Hus) had registration available at Dirt Demo….meaning that we didn’t have to register at Mandalay Bay or drive to and from Bootleg Canyon just to get the show started. Great idea.
At the show, attendance was moderate……both by vendors and attendees. Many young mechanics come to the show to get free stuff and to shop for their next bike. That cool, they’ll grow out of it – or not.
At dirt demo, the only bicycle I rode was the Turner RFX. Its beautiful, it rides great, and it will help you shred if you are fast.

Another part of Interbike was the Ride 2 Recovery….which went from Bootleg Canyon to Lake Mead….the course formally known as the Hangover Ride.
While I prefer riding from downtown Vegas, this is also a great route – 12 miles down, 12 miles up.

Its super fun, and worth it…because of people like Chris.

Fancy handcycle, wouldn’t you say?
Well, after seeing friends and colleagues at the show, it was time to depart and get back to work.
Here is a great shot from Adam. He’s riding the backside of Bowhunter in upper Deer Valley.

And here is another great costume….”Radical RicK”

Pictures from the end of Summer

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

Lets get down to brass tacks here.
Much has happened in the world since the last post….a month ago.
Lots always happens.
Here is a great pic that was sent in that really reminds me of late summer bikepacking trips.

Speaking of late Summer, here is some late Summer snow seen at the lift service DH runs in Montana.

Montana is where people go if Utah is too populated for them….and there are more people in the county where Detroit is located than the entire state of Utah…at least there was in 2001.
Speaking of states, some customers in Colorado sent this in….evidently people are stealing the “Colorado 420″ sign… now there’s this.

Back to Utah, here is one of our own getting rather rad.

Here is a great shot of Jim from Vecchio‘s, which is now my favorite shop in Denver [sic], because Salvagetti is going down.

Its a tough world out there in retail. The solution is to stay flexible and to provide services your customers need. For example, we’ve been really curbing our sales….not that we had huge numbers in the past….but focusing on service is where we started, and what we’re most comfortable doing.
Plus, as Jim will tell you, people that order handbuilt wheels are some of the most fun customers you’ll have.
Captain Dave got married…and how hungover do you have to be to not be able to get off the lawn for the ceremony?
This hungover.

Getting on to the most professional of news, Turner has unveiled their RFX, which of course looks sweet!

And rides nicely as well…..They will be at the big dance, known to all as Interbike….and I’m sure that their booth will be packed with shop rats who want to ride a bike they have no intention of purchasing unless they can get it at 65% off (like a Giant, Cannondale, Specialized, Trek, Santa Cruz, Niner, Insert your housebrand bike here, et. al). Anyway, thats cool and its part of the biz, so it is what it is. Most people go to Outdoor Demo to ride bikes….I go to hear people who have never picked up a torch tell frame manufacturers how their bikes should be designed……Its pure magic.
One of those people so has their nose to the grindstone every day is Steve of Coconino…and here is one of his bikes that he makes with his own two hands.

And when you think custom fab, you should think of these bits and pieces from Hoss Rogers.

Alright, thats all I have, see you at Interbike.

And don’t forget…