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Can You Believe These Pictures

Thursday, October 15th, 2015

We are the kind of shop that people who ride bikes shop at. It shows in the pictures that flood my inbox every week and more importantly the stories and experiences that people have on the bicycle and equipment we outfit them with.
Lets just get right down to it.
This is fall at Deer Valley. And the new trail, Tidal Wave. And its awesome!

Big thanks to Doug G for the pic.
Matt M sent this one in of PCMR.

Isn’t that just beautiful….make you want to get out there, huh?
And in Park City, you never know who you’ll see on the trail.

Lets keep it in Utah, but move to a Moab photo.

Recently, Outerbike was held. Its the premiere place to demo a bike, from one of the companies that we represent, or to just try something new. They have excellent food, beer, bands, nightlife, excellent ridining….and great people……with great hair.
In the high desert of SW Utah is Gooseberry Mesa, where Otto M (famous Park City Bar Owner from times ago) took this picture.

Another So. Utah pic, this one of Stucki Spring road….and the backside of Stucki Springs trail. By Cim C……owner of Gro Races. Cross registration and Frog Hollow registration are open people…..and those events are cool my friends.

Here is another picture of Gooseberry Mesa (the point) sent in from a Hurricane resident.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you wouldn’t believe it if I told you, but Diamond Simon got hitched.

Here are Cheever and Gene O toasting MN or some shit like that.

I was sent a picture of former Surly employee Nick Fucking Sande riding in the sand.

Check out the Wednesday…..its nice in the sand, snow….or God forbid…..the trail.
This is the obligatory Whistler photo…sent in by KC.

And lastly, Paul had this contribution of his most recent Soulcraft.

Sean at Soulcraft makes a rather fine bike…We’ve sold them for years and I actually own one from the 90′s. Remember the 90′s?

And so thats that. In shop news, customs are happening and bikes are about 8 weeks out right now. Enve wheels are 30 days out (for us, 60 not for us). Look for shock and fork service specials in the new year….as soon as we catch up with current orders. Ride and Smile!